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If I Make My Bed in Hell, Thou Art There

Having finished the series of posts on the Millennium, we are now going to visit a number–but only a fraction–of common deceptions within our current Laodicean Church. Please feel free to disagree with me. But I hope readers will search … Continue reading

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A Lost Israelite Comes Home

Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Yerushalem. So saith PSALM 122:2, the psalm given to me by Father in 1994 when I asked Him for one to pray daily over my children. My feet had already stood there in … Continue reading

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Juanita’s Revenge

Juanita, our German short-haired pointer, was the smartest dog I ever knew. In the intelligence stakes she left us all for dead. And looked after us like an angel into the bargain. One night in the Drummoyne house, Juan–we called her … Continue reading

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For the next year until I finished nursing training I’d fly standby to Sydney for four days every two months. Arriving at the airport I’d be personally escorted onto a flight by a stewardess just before the door of the plane … Continue reading

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And He Shall Rule over Thee

Having spoken in the last post about the Fall of Adam and Eve and our redemption from the effects of that, there is a curse about which it would be beneficial to discuss and finish with here. YHWH put a curse on … Continue reading

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Having Obtained Eternal Redemption for Us

As Christians we should always be healed and healthy. Let’s have a look at why this is seldom so. Redemption means to buy back something that once belonged to the buyer but was lost to them. Like the mutual transaction in a pawn … Continue reading

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Seals, Trumpets, Thunders, Vials

Having looked at the opening of the first four seals of the Book of REVELATION, and before further exploring that book, a brief explanation of the judgments therein will help us. As I was writing my book, In Spirit and … Continue reading

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Question Number Two

What will be the sign of Yahshua’s next coming? Few have either the wherewithal or will to study the Scriptures to the depth needed for true understanding. Many are content to believe the tripe served up in most churches about Yahshua’s next … Continue reading

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Count It All Joy

Have you noticed how the Bible is so objective? It seldom describes the feelings of its characters. And when it does the reader may find it difficult to imagine those emotions. Abraham, for instance, when told by YHWH to sacrifice … Continue reading

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