And He Shall Rule over Thee

Having spoken in the last post about the Fall of Adam and Eve and our redemption from the effects of that, there is a curse about which it would be beneficial to discuss and finish with here.

YHWH put a curse on Eve after her sin in the Garden. The first part of that curse relates to childbirth and has been covered in an earlier post. Then there was the part that went …thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee in GENESIS 3:16. Personally I don’t see this as a curse, but a blessing. Shouldn’t the desire of every wife be to her husband? And isn’t his authority over her also a protection? But there is more to it than the mere words.

Eve received a heftier penalty than Adam because he was not deceived, as was his wife. Adam followed Eve into sin because of the absolute unity that existed between them. In a perfect union, what one does the other does too. For instance, if a man loved his wife perfectly, he would choose to go with her even into Hell if he could, just to be with her and endeavour to protect her. Or he would even choose to go in her place to keep her from suffering. That of course is what Yahshua did for us, His beloved. It is not to say Adam’s curse of a life of sweaty toil was any light thing. He received this because he COULD have chosen to remain united to Father. If he had done so, between both of them, Eve could have been immediately led to repentance. Sad, isn’t it?

Despite the unity that led Adam to follow Eve, when they were found out–as if Father didn’t know even beforehand they would sin–instead of repenting, Adam pointed the finger at Eve in blame and launched into a verbal assault. Then Eve blamed the serpent. The man even tried to include YHWH in their blame session! Sadder still, huh? It’s in GENESIS 3 if you are not familiar with the story.

We cannot imagine the depths to which these two had fallen from their previous perfect state. YHWH had to do something, else how was He to get them to Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth… if they were separated and the human race died out before they’d even begun (to have sex)! So the Creator became a cursor. He substituted the beautiful unity that existed between the couple before their fall, with a desire in the wife for her husband.

While separation and divorce perpetuate this loss of unity, Father tried to help them and us by putting within a woman’s makeup her need for a man, and a desire for marriage and children.

This curse also was broken at the cross. Ladies, as Paul encourages, let your desire be for Yahshua alone. Desire to be single and married to Him at the supper of the Lamb. If it is YHWH’s will for you to be married, there is a correct Scriptural process to follow:

  1. First, there is NO DATING WHATSOEVER in the Bible. If you can find it, please tell me and I will make sugarless lemon biscuits with NO DATING written on them and eat them!
  2. Wait with excitement the man Father has for you to marry, and only for him.
  3. When you are pretty certain you have met THE ONE for you, he should ask your father for permission to court you.
  4. Both sets of parents should be involved with you and the man in the process of praying and seeking whether it is Father’s will for you both to be married. It is seldom that six people would be wrong. Even if the parents are not Christians, parents are usually very astute and intuitive about these matters. It goes without saying the woman and the man MUST both be Christians, or forget it from the outset.
  5. Only when everyone is in agreement are the couple free to become betrothed for a time then married. And no being alone, kissing, or holding hands beforehand. I’m not joking. I’ve been married twice and had I can’t remember how many boyfriends. I KNOW. Don’t do it. Makes the wedding night AND the marriage all the sweeter.

Await YHWH, His time, His will, and His man for you. Let go and let YaH-Way. The same goes for you gentlemen. While you are both waiting, work on becoming the best person, and spouse you can possibly be. Men, practice and become gentlemen of the highest order. One of my daughter’s home school subjects had the following question: If you are out on a date (hopefully with your betrothed), when it is time to alight from the car, what should you do if the man does not open your door for you? a. Open it yourself and jump out. b. Ask him to open it. c. Sit there and wait until he ‘gets it’ and opens it. What do you think, guys? Answer at the bottom of the page. (I don’t think I can write it upside down.) My strong suggestion for ladies: learn to be submissive and respectful towards men.

Too many have spent far too much time and too many prayers asking Father for a husband or a wife, so that when a likely looking Christian ‘candidate’ crosses their path, they think He has answered them.

If and when you are married, claim the restoration of and possess the absolute unity YHWH meant for every single-fleshed husband and wife. This unity is a reflection of the quality of the Kingdom of YHWH. As Yahshua intends coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle, let us insure He finds one. Let the satanic occupation of our inheritance be identified and recaptured. Let us drive Satan out and secure what is legally ours so we may possess the Kingdom.

One more suggestion. There will come a time in almost every marriage when you may not be able to stand the sight of your spouse, or feel any love for them at all. When and if this happens, be prepared for it. On your wedding day when you vow to love until death, or sometime before it, make a conscious decision to love the other no matter what, even through these times. For true unconditional love is a choice, not a feeling.

Nearly forgot: the answer is c. How many answered correctly? My husband used to moan and groan when I’d do that. But if he wanted to be with me, he had to open the door. I always took a book with me in case he left me there, but he never did. My boys have been trained since little to always open doors for me, my daughter, and any other women at a door they are opening. My step-daughter was quite shocked the first time I forbid her from opening a door when the boys were with us.


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