A Stumbling Block to YHWH’s Ancient People

There is an erroneous idea in apostate Christianity that Yahshua and the apostles preached two Gospels, one for the Jews and a different one for the Gentiles. Now where in the Bible does it say that? Galatians? Didn’t we look at that book and find it agreed with the Gospel of the Yerushalem Church? The error came about in the second or third centuries when the early Church abandoned her Hebrew roots. Dominated by Rome, the Church distanced itself from the Jewish believers, doing away with the traditional observances of Feasts according to the Law. The Church was of the belief it could Christianize pagan feasts such as the mid-winter solstice or rebirth of the sun, which became Christmas. The Passover became Easter, the feast of Ishtar, Babylonian fertility goddess.

Christians commemorate these pagan Roman feasts in complete ignorance of the many legal rights given to Satan ans his demonic forces to rule within the Church. From almost the beginning of the Church age Satan has ensured by this sinister rule the alienation of YHWH’s ancient people. To this day the Christian Church remains a major stumbling block to the Jewish people. By means of satanic deception, the Church has successfully blinded the Jews to a recognition of their Messiah and the Scriptures that will reveal Him to them. By annulling and discarding the Mosaic Law the Jews have been isolated, and we Christians have lost understanding and the greater part of our heritage.

We do well to remember the admonition of HOSHIYAH 4:6:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me; seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of YHWH thy Father, I will also reject thy children.

There is a school of thought that present day Christianity, since it was kidnapped by Rome from the Jews–if you like–is a masquerade founded by Simon Magus the sorcerer we first meet in Samaria (ACTS 8). Historians have shown that this Simon believed he became a Christian in Samaria when rebuked by Peter for wanting to buy the Holy Spirit. Thereafter, according to historical sources, Simon Magus went to Rome, became the first pope, and started the Babylonian mystery religion there: adulterated Christianity, pagan beliefs and practices, the Jewish faith mixed with Babylonian myths and Greek additions. In short, the Christianity we know today. Along with Roman Catholicism, the daughters of the Babylonian whore who rides the demonic beast into the last days of our history before the millennial reign of Messiah.

And that is why the vast majority of the Church will not be included in the Bride that is raptured to Heaven mid Seven-Year Tribulation. And furthermore why only the 144,000 children of Israel families comprise the True Church and WILL be miraculously air-lifted alive to Heaven at that time.

To close this chapter I quote the seventeenth century author, John Lightfoot, in his The Chronicle of the Events of the Old Testament:

The giving of the law is a foreshadowing of Pentecost, just as the Passover is a foreshadowing of Calvary. The interval of time was about the same but the correspondence lies in the fact that although the law came down from Heaven it could not make men submissive and obedient to (YHWH), and hence the Holy Spirit came down from Heaven to write the law on the hearts of (YHWH)’s new covenant people, so that ‘the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit’ (ROMANS 5:5, 8:4). The correspondence then is the law coming down from Heaven at the beginning of the dispensation of grace. The law of (YHWH) was the equipment of His people of Old for their service and testimony; the Spirit of (YHWH) is the equipment now.

and Cecil B. de Mille’s observation of the principles contained in his monumental movie, The Ten Commandments:

“It is impossible for us to break the Law. We can only break ourselves against the Law.”


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