Schizophrenia and the Double-Minded Man – Unstable in All His Ways

But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think he shall receive anything from YHWH. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways (JAMES 1:6-8).

It has been estimated that one in eight people have some degree of schizophrenia. If the truth be known about this mental illness, those statistics would not be so incredible. I remember a friend of mine in Cairns telling me once that he read something similar in Business Review Weekly. Most victims have not the least idea they are schizophrenic. This particular friend had been one of the Russian tank drivers who crushed people to death when he drove his tank over them in the Hungarian Uprising. He had sought me out in an effort to find peace from his demons.

Like other unholy emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, and bitterness, schizophrenia is not an illness at all. Consider for a moment that in the New Testament, Yahshua never healed a single soul of mental illness. He always cast out demons. Even some physical disabilities were correctly named as demons. The woman bent over who could in no wise lift up herself ofLUKE 13:11-13 had a spirit of infirmity cast out of her by Yahshua, after it had indwelt the woman eighteen years. He actually ‘loosed’ her from the demon rather than healed her from an illness.

Schizophrenia, according to a revelation given to Ida Mae Hammond, a deliverance minister who, with her husband, authored the book Pigs in the Parlour, is a nest of demons which usually come into a person when they are very young. Deliverance cannot follow the usual channels. Commonly a person can be delivered of demons by confessing and renouncing the sin that put the them there, asking Yahshua to wash them clean with His blood, and thereafter standing against that sin by having no part in it anymore. The demons in a schizophrenic, however, are so many and varied they take longer, with deliverance being more involved. Having been one of the one in eight victims of this insidious spirit, I can vouch for the truth of this.

My bad tempers were what Ida Mae terms hurricanes or schizophrenic storms. They were probably the last demons from the schizophrenic group I was delivered from. The split personality, for that is what schizophrenia is known to cause, often has among others a perfectionist spirit. If anything interferes with their carefully organized plans, the person ‘loses’ it, being unable to cope. Depending on the situation, they may become anything from simply angry to suicidal or murderous.

Coming into the person when very young, the demons interfere with the victims personality development. Each demon replaces, distorts, or causes the disintegration of a facet of the developing nature. So they and those around them have no idea the inner person before them is not the true person. For example, when I became angry as a child, I was considered to just have a bad temper. But in actual fact it was the demon that had taken over the YHWH-created calm, peaceful, and tolerant part of my personality.

Initially the demons start to enter such a child when they are rejected, usually by a one or both parents. I believe mine came from my mother. She was a very loving person, and a good mother. But when I was born, my father doted on me so much, my mother, having been an only child and rejected herself, grew jealous of me. All I ever knew was that my mother held me at arm’s length all my life. Until she got Alzheimer’s Disease. Then she seemed to forget she didn’t quite like me enough to let me close. I had five broken arms growing up and twice seriously injured it after I was a Christian, always the left one. Father showed me this was a curse of rejection put on me by my mother. Despite immediately breaking the curse, the last injury to my arm persisted. That night I was unable to sleep for the pain, so rose up to talk to Father. He showed me I had a spirit of inferiority as a result of the curse. Inferiority. How I had fought it, as a child and as an adult, never gaining headway against it. But I confessed it as sin and it too was cast out. The pain in my arm subsided within ten minutes. Thereafter I had to continue to stand against inferiority, but never with so much trouble as before.

Over time, with the demons of rejection come other evil spirits: fear of rejection, self-rejection, insecurity, inferiority, hopelessness, unworthiness, shame, perfectionism, withdrawal, talkativeness, self-pity, lust, harlotry, jealousy, and others. Of course, not every schizophrenic has all of these demons. It varies in its degree of severity. And not everyone with, say, a bad temper, is a schizophrenic.

Alongside rejection, spirits of rebellion set themselves up in the person where the personality should be submissive, obedient, trusting, giving, and loving. They do this in an effort to gain the love and attention a normal, valued child would receive. If a child is not given affection due to them, they will try to get attention by being naughty. And so into adulthood, with the personality stunted and stuck in childish immaturity. With rebellion comes demons mimicking love such as: control and possessiveness; and others: unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, judgmentalism, suspicion, distrust, fears, selfishness, self-deception, denial, blame of others, delusion, anger, violence, murder, revenge, and cowardice. Yes, they are all demons.

A severe root of schizophrenia is paranoia. Like me when I thought I could not trust YHWH against Philip’s demons, if a person cannot trust their parents, they believe no one can be trusted. And nobody is trusted by them. One of the most overridden parts of Anthony’s personality was in the area of trust, which drove him into paranoia. When we were first married, he forbid me to look into any of his drawers or cupboards, for to do so was ‘snooping’. Snooping was a very serious thing with Anthony. But how can a wife never open a cupboard in her home? When I eventually did open the forbidden cupboards to clean them, there was a bit of stuff from his past stashed away Anthony had forgotten about: some old porn videos and a couple of  photos which he promptly disposed of. Nothing really. The paranoia was based on air. These demons are powerful, making of something when there is nothing but fear.

What I found happening as a result of this paranoia though, is that I caught it. The demons roam about the house affecting others who are not fully sanctified or ‘shored up’ with perfect love and faith. Because we did not have true intimacy, I found myself constantly searching through Anthony’s secret little recesses, places I had access to as his wife anyway, to try to find things about him I didn’t know. I desperately desired to know this man I had married but was a closed book to me.

Before I lived on the street, Father gave me a revelation of schizophrenia in an effort to help a friend of mine. It went something like this: These people live according to their emotions. So the faculty that ‘loves’ is the same one that hates. Sometimes they will be so confused, having been brought up with rejection and even hatred, the person will actually believe they are loving someone when they are in reality hating them. Or vice versa, when someone is hating them, they will believe it is love. Or that lust is love, or some such thing.

From childhood each rejection and hurt turns into bitterness, anger, and hatred, which build up into a wall around the child’s heart. Each hurt is a demon accepted into the victim when they sinned by being hurt and refusing to forgive. (Ignorance is no excuse with YHWH, however, a child’s sins are on their parents’ account until they are aged twenty.) The true personality of the person is locked inside this wall. If they are a Christian, so is the indwelling Holy Spirit. Each brick in this wall is a sin, or demon. Their job is to protect the person from further hurt by any means possible, usually utilizing false demonic personality traits such as anger. This situation will continue while the bricks, or sins, are not dealt with. Most of what others see, feel, or hear from the schizophrenic will be the demons possessing and mimicking them. A person with spiritual discernment will realize the true situation. In Anthony’s case, it took me a while but I did discern his condition when his behaviour started to deteriorate.

Everything that comes to the schizophrenic personality will be treated like a ball. It bounces straight off the wall back on to the giver. If they give hatred or anger, for instance, it will bounce back as hatred and anger. And not necessarily onto the person who gave it. If the original one rejecting was the mother, no distinction will be made between different females: he will hate all women. This self-defence is a way of life to the split personality.


First of all this will take some time, possibly a year or more. Yahshua Messiah must be involved, for as demons lose their hold and are cast out, each area of personality must be replaced with that which was originally created in them but has been lost at some point. Only YHWH the loving Father knows where it is and who the person really is.

A schizophrenic must, therefore, go over back over their entire life and identify every instance in which someone hurt or rejected them. By name all these people must be forgiven. All lies of the enemy, sometimes called bitter root judgments, must also be dealt with and resisted by the person falling out of agreement with them. Then ask Father to take out all the false personality traits as they are identified. Ask Him also to forgive you (I’m talking to the schizophrenic here), and to forgive the people who hurt you. Relinquish all comfort activities such as drinking alcohol, watching pornography, and overeating that substituted for love previously denied, things which anesthetize or distract a person from the pain of rejection.

After a person has been delivered from the WALL, their conscience towards their own sins will be very sensitive. Towards others sins, where once was judgmentalism, there will be only mercy and compassion. Any hurts and rejections will from then be absorbed into their heart of love like a sponge absorbs many times its own weight of fluid. They will easily recognize pain and loneliness in others because they have suffered it themselves, and be able to minister in the Holy Spirit shining out of their heart like a beacon to ships foundering in darkness near a rocky shore.

*Names changed


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10 Responses to Schizophrenia and the Double-Minded Man – Unstable in All His Ways

  1. debramieth says:

    Dear Brodie
    First of all, thank you for reading my blog. Now I’d like to ask you, with respect, where have you been? Do you watch current movies or other programs about demonic creatures and aliens? Do you think these things are just imaginative fantasy? Go into any Christian bookshop and many secular ones today and you will find dozens of books on spiritual warfare, witchcraft, demons. Who is being fought in this warfare? EPHESIANS 5:12 ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ If we stopped fighting each other and instead fought against these wicked spirits with the weapons Yahshua (Jesus) has given us, history would change overnight. Finally, what in the Bible did Yahshua cast out? Mental illnesses? No, He cast out demons. One man who ran naked around the tombs had a legion of them in him. That’s 6000 demons. They asked to go into a herd of pigs. The pigs preferred to all jump off a cliff and die than have those demons in them.
    They like to hide behind things like the mockery you have shown me. Let me ask you another question. Do you think your Creator put mockery into you as a tiny baby in your mother’s womb? Actually He made you perfect. Those things come in later. They lose power significantly when exposed to the light of truth.
    Anyway, stay tuned. It gets better, or worse depending on your point of view. It may be helpful to remember: Just because we don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s not true. I’d encourage you to reread my posts. I’m not just writing about the one I love, but predominantly about my own weaknesses. And the many I love. Is it love to keep people in darkness?
    When I first learned about demons from Rebecca Brown’s (a popular Christian author) books, I was terrified of them. But hey, I’m still here. They didn’t ‘get’ me. Yahshua has won the victory. We have nothing to fear. Call out to Him in the day of trouble and He will rescue you. I’m praying for you, Brodie.
    Debra Mieth

  2. Brodie says:

    Where did my comment go? If you’re going to post stuff online you need to take both the good and bad. Haha Christian. Yeah right! Picky yes.

    • debramieth says:

      Dear Brodie
      I too noticed the mysterious disappearance of your comment! Well, at first I didn’t know. I’m new at this, as I have pointed out. I was not hardwired or wirelessly plugged into a computer at birth! However, I just this moment realised what happened. When I push APPROVE AND REPLY it only approves my reply, not, as I thought, your comment, which I must have deleted by accident. Why don’t you write me another one and I will look at it? However I’m thinking of not approving ANY comments, good or bad, that way no one can complain of discrimination, I’ll have more time to write posts, and I’ll get to bed earlier. Grace be with you always

  3. BC says:

    It feels great to know I’m not alone with this burden. I was rejected and abused as a child and I for some reason do not feel it’s all my fault why all these demons entered me. However I just wanted to know if you heard demons yelling in anguish throughout the day even after you were already through with your self-deliverence for the day…….

    • Hi, BC. No, I never have heard demons yelling in anguish in relation to myself. I was never severely schizophrenic, but there are still areas within myself that I work on daily. Depression has been a battle lately. I have to make definite choices every morning to take every thought captive. The demons start to attack me as I wake up. Prayer, praise music and having Scriptures around the house all help. I am seeing good results but it is a hard road. Don’t give up. I will pray for you.

      • bc says:

        I don’t see the post I left yesterday so I will say it again. Demons attack at night because obviously you’re not concious to cast them away in Jesus name. I’ve battled depression recently and my worst attacks were at night and when I woke up too. So I started praying everyday around 8:00pm over my family for Ab’ba to protect us from demons, evil spirit, evil people, fires , natural disasters, insects, and anything and everything that oppose harmful while we rest. Then I’ll bind and cast out the demon of nightmare and incubus. They are primary night stalkers. Ever since I started this, I had no nightmares and I wake up feeling better. To be safe, in the morning, I’ll bind up all demons that enter in my sleep and I cast away after I repent for any sins I may have dreamt. Believe me we sin in our dreams even though we don’t mean too. have been a huge help for spiritual warfare tips and fire power ministries with dr. Stella immanuel has helped me too in areas. Peace be with you sister……….we won the war already:-)

  4. BC says:

    Yes, demons actually enter you and attack like witches or wizards do when they want to sexually assault your body while you sleep. Which is why everyday at 8:00pm I ask Ab’ba to protect me from demons and sorcery and to burn all laylines and slivercords(a term witches use to disturb their spiritual road to your house or body) and I bind and cast out the demon of nightmare and incubus. Ever since I started this I have had less nightmares and been waking up feeling better. has taught me a lot of good prayer warfare tips and one of them was doing self-deliverence everyday until you finally cast out all demons. I believe that once you’re freed from all demons and sin the holy spirit can take full control and can issue out your spiritual gifts like healing, prophecy, etc……
    Peace be with you sister……we already won the war

    • Sounds serious, incubi and secubi. Check your house for doorways. Pray for a shield around you as you sleep. There’s a Scripture: When I lay down, though I am alone You keep me safe. Thanks for the encouragement. Some spiritual gifts are given from when we become Christians, though they may be overshadowed by inhabiting or harrassing demons.

  5. Calitron says:

    How do you know if a child’s sins are on the parents until they are 20? The reason I ask is that I have heard varying ages from 12 upwards.

    • It was a revelation I received from YHWH after seeking Him about it for many years. It may be wrong. However, according to the Law young people reached the age of adulthood and accountability at age 20 in ancient Israel when the men were allowed to go to war and fight as soldiers. Also, as a nurse I know that our bodies begin to age at 20. I could never accept that unsaved children go to Hell, and yet we are all born sinners and must pay the penalty. No one conceived is innocent. No one could ever offer me a Biblical answer to this before. This revelation made sense to me and sits right in my spirit. Many people say the age of accountability starts when we know right from wrong. But even very young children know right from wrong, so how would an age be determined in this case? Please seek YHWH yourself about this, and about everything I write and let me know what He tells you.

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