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Let Her Be Covered

The practice of Christian women covering their heads in church has become sadly neglected in the last few generations. Paul’s stern rebuke in I CORINTHIANS 11 must be one of the most disobeyed in the New Testament. And all due … Continue reading

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Obedient unto Death

Another friendship hits the dust. That’s three long-term friends I’ve lost since starting this blog. None of them at all in relation to the blog. All three former friends abused me as they went, one over the phone and two … Continue reading

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The Jews and the Ten Lost Tribes

Did you know there are three types of Jews? After the AD 70 destruction of Yerushalem the few Jews who survived were scattered through southern Europe–Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco in North Africa–becoming known as the Sephardim or Sephardic Jews, from the … Continue reading

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Wherever the Soul of Your Foot Shall Tread

Between our year on the street and my next trial, we were sent by YHWH around Australia. It started like this: my daughter, Ranyhyn, was learning dance and tambourine at a local church. One evening we attended a youth presentation there. … Continue reading

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Third Trial: Sell All You Have and Follow Me

I invite you, having read my previous posts, to pray for Philip as he undergoes his own fiery trial at present. And, though not new to trials, I am new to blogging so it may be helpful for my readers … Continue reading

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