Discerning of Spirits

This term is found in I CORINTHIANS 12:10 and is one of nine gifts given by the Spirit of YHWH. Obviously spirits refers for the most part to evil spirits, or demons. Though some very blessed people do receive visits from heavenly angels and need to use this gift to prove they are from Heaven. The word discern in a concordance means to separate thoroughly, discriminate, decide, judge. And in a dictionary discerning is undertaken, it says, with the eye and intellect or ‘mental vision’. In other words, it’s deciding if a spirit is a good one or a bad one.

But how exactly do we do this discerning? And wouldn’t it be a spiritual thing if the spirits themselves are, after all, spiritual? How do we see an evil spirit or angel with our physical eye or our mind?

In fact there are other Scriptures referring to the discerning of spirits. Two of them are: For everyone that uses milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use HAVE THEIR SENSES EXERCISED TO DISCERN BOTH GOOD AND EVIL (HEB. 5:13-14); Then shall ye return. And discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth YHWH and him that serveth Him not (MAL. 3:18).

Here it is stated we use our SENSES to discern. These senses are physical. And there are five of them in the human body. I’m sure you all know what they are: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. With our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin. We use our PHYSICAL SENSES to discern evil? That’s exactly right, and it’s a little, if not an all but unknown, fact. And so few Christians know or even care about this amazing gift of the Spirit.

HEBREWS 5:14 says discernment is strong meat, or for the spiritually mature. Well, I don’t know what happened to me, but I got a double whammy of discernment of spirits after I had been a committed Christian for only a year and a half. However I didn’t know then what it was, nor how to use it.

If you have followed my posts you may have noticed I have occasionally noted strange unpleasant odours emanating from certain people. One of these was my first husband, Philip, when his witchcraft demons started to act up. At the time I just thought he had very bad body odour, although it had never been so before. Because it was a couple of years before we even knew he had demons, it was some time before I related the smell to these entities at all. However when I did, I started smelling and discerning–or noticing–the presence of evil spirits quite a lot. It’s demons of fear that are the stinkiest ones. And they tend to hang around certain places.

Having smelt these things now for twenty years, it came as a surprise to me recently to learn that a friend who has a gift of prophecy did not know it is possible to smell demons. I guess I had assumed many Christians would have this gift, especially if they are prophetic. Then again, maybe some are like me and have it but are unaware of the fact. Because all Christians potentially have this gift, and definitely need it.

Smelling is not the only way to discern. Other ways are: our hair standing on end, getting goosebumps. having a queasy feeling in the stomach, drying of the mouth, or our heart suddenly beating more rapidly than usual. One sure way is when dogs start to growl or bark when there is no one around to agitate them.

Years ago when I was just starting to learn some of the revelations in this blog, I attended meetings at the home of a family in our small fellowship. These people lived out in the country where it would become very quiet at night. Because we were dealing with deep truths the spiritual enemy did not want us to know, we would often be surrounded by demons. The way we knew was that all the dogs on their mountain would start to howl in unison. One night my friend felt a demon touching her neck. Of course we would quickly bind them up and command them to leave, which they would promptly do at the Name above all names, Yahshua Messiah. At that time we still called Him Jesus Christ.

This is one of the reasons Paul the apostle commanded that foreign tongues be not spoken in public without being interpreted (I COR. 13:13). Demons speak in mutterings or foreign tongues too. And I can assure you they are not for edification. In fact, they could be cursing an entire congregation. And cursed it will be if even one person is in disobedience to this rule. Does that shut the Pentecostals up? Not much in my experience, although I have noticed a lot less of the public speaking of tongues in the last few years.

There has however been discovered in various congregations what is becoming known as the kundalini spirit. It is a demon that comes from Hinduism. At some stage, a former adherent to Hinduism has become a Christian, but not been properly delivered. He or she has then layed hands on others and transferred those demons to them. The Word says not to let just anyone lay hands on us. This kundalini spirit induces the victims it indwells to behave like barking dogs, lay on the floor and laugh like hyenas, fall over in what’s known as being slain in the spirit, walk around as if drunk, and make strange movements and contortions with their bodies. It has been identified to be the same spirit as that of hypnotism. These Christians have been deceived into thinking the demon is YHWH’s Spirit of truth. But doesn’t it say the mature Christian eats meat? These sound as if they have vomited out even the MILK of the Word given to them. (Slain means to be killed by the way.)

What I’ve written here is just the tip of a very large iceberg and warrants further study by anyone who desires to have and become adept at using this vital tool of discernment. Information about the kundalini spirit, for instance, can be found on Internet sites. Look up Andrew Strom. He has a couple of excellent YouTube videos about it, and has written a book by that name.

On the subject of smell, a Christian who is spiritually righteous will always smell fresh and clean, even after a hard day’s physical labour when they may be sweaty and dirty. They should not require perfumes, deodorants, or breath fresheners. Demons, on the other hand, stink. The demon may be following a person or inhabiting them. Due to satanic legal right over cursed ground, there may be demonic smells in buildings or areas. According to Howard Pittman, in his book Demons, an Eyewitness Account, demons tend to congregate around hospitals and petrol stations. Hence why I have recently been walking around and claiming every hospital in my city for YHWH. No, I don’t intend doing that with the petrol stations!

A few years ago while watching a movie at the cinema with my boys, my cousin, and her son, a part at the end of the movie became violent and frightening. I had already seen the movie twice so it did not bother me. But I clearly smelled demons of fear in that movie theatre at that point.

If you know you’ve got a problem with bad breath or body odour, you now also probably know there may be things in your life needing to be dealt with. Sins must be dealt with first by confession and repentance. Thereafter it is a simple matter to ask Father to deliver you from any unwanted entity within or around. Most people will require a lot of work to be done. When I started on my Christian walk and was gradually delivered of many areas of sin, I noticed my dull blue-grey eyes start to brighten and lighten. They are quite blue now, and although I am over 50 I’ve never needed to wear glasses. Nor have I a single grey hair.


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4 Responses to Discerning of Spirits

  1. Berenger says:

    Thank you for this. I received the ability to see, smell and feel the spirit realm as soon as I was born again – as well as an insight into people’s character and motives. It happened the very day the Holy Spirit first filled me – on my lunch break from work just over a year ago. I also had personal prophetic dreams from that time on. And then dreaming for the church and individual members. Nobody in my life really knows this, aside from a counsellor I see. Most of the people at church just assume God won’t really be speaking to me because I’m new, and they don’t listen to me – because I’m new (but they do have me prophecy). But I have felt angels pray and worship with me, heard them singing. I see who needs de-worming. I smell witchcraft, and I know its sites in my city. I pray for the salvation of my city by the salvation of its dark warriors into the light. Church life can often feel very lonely, and God is sometimes not there as much as home or the park or the street. I feel as if they try to milk the Holy Spirit in a disrespectful way sometimes. Church can be a very isolating place for me, although I’m very sociable. When it first happened to me I thought spiritual experiences were normal for a Christian – what it is like to be born again but it isn’t. I wonder why it happened to me straight away.

    Yours article made me feel a little fellowship so thank you. Although I wonder why people listen to you and want to know about your experiences but not mine. Was it always this way for you or did you spend time in the wilderness as well?

    • Hi Berenger
      Thank you for your marvelous comment, congratulations on becoming a Christian, and it’s great to hear about your gifts. Yes, I did have discernment, dreams, and visions from the time I became a Christian, and very strong intuition all my life, which is as you stated normal for a Christian and I don’t know why all Christians don’t have them. Perhaps there’s a blockage in their life, or sin. Some churches don’t agree with spiritual gifts so don’t have them. I even had prophetic dreams about the end times as a child, remembering I first became a Christian at age 10 in the Church of England where I was prayed over to receive the Holy Spirit. But at age 31 I recommitted in a Pentecostal Church. They prayed for me to receive the Spirit but nothing further ever happened. However, shortly thereafter I attended a prayer meeting there and was the only person not speaking in tongues, not having any understanding of that at the time nor feeling comfortable with it, when the Holy Spirit walked up behind me and hugged me. I laid my head on His shoulder. I only saw Him with spiritual sight. Nobody else there saw Him. He was dressed in a glowing white hooded robe. I never was able to speak in tongues, nor agree with it, as explained in detail in another blog post.
      Here is some wisdom I’d like to share with you: be thankful for the church you are currently in. Father may well call you out one day–I found I grew the most when it was just me and Him and my Bible–with the gifts you have, the hard times and trials will start soon enough. For me it was about a year after recommitting, and they have never stopped. If you are lonely in the church, well, Father is lonely too. Be humble and learn how to live under authority. Remember Moses was 80 before anyone listened to him, and even then he had a hard time. Joseph had to spend 12 years in prison and slavery before he had a voice. His family scoffed when he first told them truthfully about his dreams. Be assured YHWH is just as much at church as at your house and elsewhere and is always in control. Never doubt that.
      I’d like to encourage you to please read the rest of my blog starting at the beginning like a book. There are many things herein you need to know. There are just over 160 posts but all important. Maybe one or two a day. Believe me, not all people listen to me, especially churchy Christians. In churches I am treated just like you, and I’ve had to leave every church I’ve ever been to. Some people there are downright rude. I’m treated as a new Christian who knows nothing, despite being one for 47 years now, having attended Bible College, written a book upon which this blog is based, and published the blog over 5 years ago now. I’ve been completed ignored as if I don’t even exist. You can expect others to be jealous of your gifts, but don’t worry about what they think about you or care if they listen or not. Start recording things in a journal and always talk to Father about what you want to say. He listens and loves it.
      In one church a few years ago, the Youth Pastor and his wife believed I was mentally ill when I had given them one of Rebecca Brown’s books to read, and were helping my non-Christian husband try to have me committed to a mental hospital! As I write this I’m laughing, but it wasn’t funny at the time. The Head Elder of the same church said out loud once to my friend that I was stupid not to go to doctors, and soon thereafter he broke his left arm. When it mended, he almost cut off his finger, then finally lost his job suddenly as a school principal. I had left the church by the time he lost his job but my friend believed it was because he called me stupid. I could tell you dozens of stories like this.
      Last thing right now I want to tell you is to remember that Satan can be the author of experiences like prophetic words, (false) gifts, dreams, visions etc too. Be aware of this. I believed one of his words at Bible College, followed it and made a huge life-changing decision that will affect me and my family into eternity, but wasn’t Father’s will. I heard Father’s voice very well from my re-commitment, but did not realize Satan can mimic YHWH’s voice. Always check everything with the Word. The direction I got wasn’t even Biblical. My decision was made on emotion. It is easy to get the spiritual and emotional confused as a new Christian. And never rebel against authorities even if you don’t agree with them, unless what they are telling you to do is immoral.

      Blessings, Debra

  2. Luis says:

    When I turned 12 I started smelling really bad. I’m 25 now and still smell bad. No treatment or doctor visits worked and no one like you. I’ve given up my way and now I’m doing it Jesus way. Thanks great article.

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