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Faith Without Works Is Dead

These next trials were a little shorter, a lot easier to get through, and all related to one thing: how to live without doctors and drugs. Saves a lot of money and a lot of stress. It’s also better for … Continue reading

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Third Trial: Sell All You Have and Follow Me

I invite you, having read my previous posts, to pray for Philip as he undergoes his own fiery trial at present. And, though not new to trials, I am new to blogging so it may be helpful for my readers … Continue reading

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Fiery Trial Number Two: How To Conquer Fear

What’s worse than being run over by a steam roller? Answer: Being run over by two steam rollers! You will see as I relate this story and the ones to follow, how Father walked me through fear, and through it, and through … Continue reading

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Count It All Joy

Have you noticed how the Bible is so objective? It seldom describes the feelings of its characters. And when it does the reader may find it difficult to imagine those emotions. Abraham, for instance, when told by YHWH to sacrifice … Continue reading

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YHWH the Son

It is a little known fact that in the Old Testament it was never YHWH the Father who spoke or appeared to man, but rather, YHWH the Son. This we glean from YHWH the Son Himself: No man hath seen … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Call Me, My Father

Some years ago while interstate I visited a city where beside the highway was a restaurant called The Manor House. The restaurant was painted white with black diagonal boards in the fashion of houses in Tudor England. By this YHWH … Continue reading

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