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A Stumbling Block to YHWH’s Ancient People

There is an erroneous idea in apostate Christianity that Yahshua and the apostles preached two Gospels, one for the Jews and a different one for the Gentiles. Now where in the Bible does it say that? Galatians? Didn’t we look at that … Continue reading

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Children of the Millennium

CELEBRATING YHWH’S HOLY DAYS During the Millennium there will be two distinct types of people on Earth: those who have been to Heaven either through rapture or dying–this includes Enoch and Eliyahu (Elijah)–and the remnant Church which remained on Earth to produce … Continue reading

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Nation of Judgment

Laodicea–the word means nation of judgment–is our current last days Church Age. In New Testament times the city was a banking centre and boasted of a famous medical school, pointers to today’s Christians so dependent on the world. It was … Continue reading

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Many Be Called, But Few Chosen

Many are called, but few are chosen, states Yahshua in MATTHEW 20:16 after narrating the parable of the hired labourers. All were paid an equal agreed-upon amount, despite some only working for an hour at the end of the day … Continue reading

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