My claim to fame is that I am the wife of Anthony; and mother to the most beautiful children ever created: Ranyhyn, nicknamed the Princess Ranyhyna, tambourine player and dancer extraordinaire, entrancing; Jedidiah Ariel, a true lion of YHWH; Gabriel, like his archangel namesake, the strong man of the Almighty;  Natasha whom I call the Princess Natasha, fair as the dawn; William in PNG whom I call The Conqueror; and my little ones. I am the epitome of YHWH’s foolishness to confound the wise, having no credentials but that I AM chose me before the foundation of the world, and called me out of darkness into His glorious light of truth. Just an unworthy vessel being made meet for the Master’s work. You will find the story of my life, in which YHWH has dealt wonderfully with me, interwoven in my posts.

To my followers and visitors I strongly recommend you read this entire blog from beginning to end. One post per night or even weekly if you can manage it. There is information herein the Church needs to know about the future and how to prepare for it in order to be included in the Elect. Bible prophecy is very clear for those sincerely seeking truth: only the 144,000 Elect families will be raptured. This blog reveals who these people are, and how you and your families may be numbered among them.


















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  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for your wonderful comments! Blessings to you!

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