Nation of Judgment

Laodicea–the word means nation of judgment–is our current last days Church Age. In New Testament times the city was a banking centre and boasted of a famous medical school, pointers to today’s Christians so dependent on the world. It was also a health resort with lukewarm, but unpalatable, water after being piped from hot springs. A type of eye salve was produced there.

Unlike the other churches and their eras, this one has not a single commendation. Christians herein have a facade only of righteousness but no true submission or its out working obedience to YHWH. I find it horrible to have to write: they (or should I say we?) are wretched in deception, miserable in their ignorance of that deception, poor because they’ve missed the boat of truth, and blind in their inability to see spiritually. Due to their disobedience, they are naked and without YHWH’s protection. They will be spewed out of His mouth right into the Great Tribulation.

The church is advised to buy of gold refined in the fire: what Yahshua bought for us on the cross – submission and the building of our faith through sufferings (JAMES 1:6). White raiment is holiness. Eyesalve is spiritual discernment to recognize our problems so YHWH can change us (IS. 58:1-2).

He who in His glorified body can pass through walls is here standing knocking and calling outside a closed door. It is not the one He set before Philadelphia for it could never be shut. It is the door of our hearts. Let us not reject angels or people He sends to our door.

To live out the message to Laodicea will take great patience, endurance, and faith. A literal living of His Word. Not rationalizing, making excuses into reasons to disobey or ignore. Not interpreting that word according to our own whims, desires, and fears. It is a time of great spiritual darkness (IS. 60:2). But if truth is heeded we will arise, shine…so His glory shall be seen upon us (IS. 60:1-2).

On into chapter 4 of REVELATION, it is widely believed here that the rapture occurs because John says, “After this…” before being transported to Heaven. But what evidence is there for this? It is solely about John himself being shown things to occur after or at the very end of our Church Age. He is now just looking, as opposed to looking back at events of the past. Then when he is airlifted to Heaven in the spirit, not bodily, he passes through, lo and behold, the opened door. John is now enabled to see things which must be hereafter. And so may we if the doors of our hearts are opened to Him who is Truth. A careful study, in fact, of REVELATION shows us clearly when the much longed for rapture is to occur and who will be involved in it.

In chapter 5 we are informed that only Yahshua as the slain Lamb has the authority to open the seven seals, the first of the judgments. The seven spirits of YHWH had looked throughout 6,000 years of history and found not one other so worthy. John weeps for the utter sinful depravity of mankind (5:1-6). Apart from the message of redemption, the Bible declares where there is sin there must also be judgment if no repentance is forthcoming. However in that right hand of the Father we are shown Yahshua’s true power, riches, strength, honour, glory, and blessing (5:12), all we His people also have in Him.

With that I will again jump over the first five seals, they having been covered in my post The Four Horsemen of REVELATION and other posts. Then we arrive at the sixth seal which, as we know, is the ten-day period, soon-to-be-upon-the-earth Great Tribulation or polar shift, also covered in the previous post Heavens Depart as a Scroll and other posts. This cataclysmic shaking and the following SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION with all its disasters is to prepare the earth ecologically, geographically, and socially for the new conditions of the Millennium. When Yahshua will reign in peace for a thousand years.

The big picture of the Great Tribulation is shown to John first (REV. 6:12-17). Then he is given a smaller act within that bigger one as we commence chapter 7. Four angels hold back the entire judgment until they have sealed the servants of YHWH in their foreheads (7:3). And we are told there are 144,000 of these servants. For those of you who have followed my blog, you’ll recall these on whom were set a mark upon the foreheads were the men that sigh and cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst of the Church (EZE. 9:2-4). It was in the post The Writer’s Inkhorn, for those who haven’t read it. We are at the point in REVELATION that coincides with MATTHEW 24:31 where Yahshua sends out His angels to gather together His Elect from (out of) the four winds, these four winds being the Great Tribulation judgment (REV. 7:1). So these 144,000 are unmistakably YHWH’s Elect. The four winds are avenging angels released from their lock-up in Tartarus (see The Four Horsemen of REVELATION).

The seven seals having all been opened, the first of the trumpets sound to herald the gathering of the Elect, and Yahshua’s next appearance on Earth, seen as a bolt of lightning to most. This is another place many in the Church interpret to be the rapture. But, as I have become used to saying, this cannot be. First, the great multitude in REVELATION 7:9 we have found (see Heavens Depart as a Scroll) to be all dead, like the martyrs under the altar (REV. 6:9-11) for they all have white robes given to them. They are nominal Christians killed in the polar shift. Secondly, the rapture of the Church does not happen at the FIRST trumpet, but at the LAST one: In a moment, writes Paul, in the twinkling of an eye, AT THE LAST TRUMP…the dead shall be raised…and we shall be changed (I COR. 15:52).

The third reason, and there are probably plenty more, is that the word gather in MATTHEW 24:31 and other Scriptures does not mean ‘rapture’ or caught up, the word Paul uses for the rapture in I THESSALONIANS 4:17. Completely different word, completely different events. The word ‘rapture’ is not in the Bible, but it is actually a Latin word used in place of the Greek words caught up in Latin Bibles. The Greek word for gather (MATT. 24:31, MARK 13:27, II THESS. 2:1, LUKE 17:37) is either episunago, episunagogue, sunago or paralambano meaning to collect, convene, gather, assemble together like a church does for worship. It is from where we get the word synagogue. Catch or caught away (REV. 12:5; I THESS. 4:17; II COR. 12:2, 4), on the other hand, is the Greek word harpazo meaning to catch, pull, take, pluck, seize. This gathering of the Elect is discussed more fully in the several posts about The Three Questions. But we note, the word harpazo–rapture–does not appear in the Book of REVELATION until 12:5, about halfway through the last SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION.

Now we have come to them, we must sort out who these 144,000 Elect of YHWH are. Except from the person who told me in 1993, who had received the revelation, I have never seen nor heard from anywhere an interpretation that fits. It is so important that we realise everything Christian, Bible, prophecy, future, past, the unveiling of every mystery, must be understood firstly by the Bible interpreting Itself, then by revelation from the Most High. That’s why Bible scholars have often got it so wrong, and the Church has fallen into error. They haven’t been given the revelation. YHWH gives it to whom He will. Sometimes just to ONE person like Moses alone received the Law. Then that person is given the means by Him to disseminate it. It is up to us to accept it humbly, or reject it. And there is a lot of deception out there, so it’s hard either way. My suggestion, apart from studying the relevant Scriptures, is to let things sit for a while; see if it fits into the slot in your heart. Let the Father of all truth confirm or deny it.

I’ll get to the 144,000 next post.


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