Children of the Millennium


During the Millennium there will be two distinct types of people on Earth: those who have been to Heaven either through rapture or dying–this includes Enoch and Eliyahu (Elijah)–and the remnant Church which remained on Earth to produce offspring. The original parents of these children will have been overshadowed and cleansed by the glorified Messiah at the gathering of the Elect, thereby rendering them as sinless as those from Heaven. But any children born to them after that time, who were not present at the gathering, will not necessarily be sinless. They will not have indwelling demons from conception as some babies do today. Their parents’ cleansing will have precluded that. However they may still choose to sin.

These generations of offspring, born into a perfect world, will never have experienced any other environment. The only history of evil ages they will know is through the words or writings of the people who did live on Earth in our time or ages past. It will therefore be our job to teach these children about sin, temptation, and holiness. For when Satan and his demons are released from the abyss to test them, the children of the Millennium must have been educated and enabled to withstand the onslaught. The battle, as it does now, will take place in their minds!

As time passes, these children will multiply and possess nations. Peace and lack of challenges may induce complacency so their love toward YHWH and His ways grow cool. To introduce an element of challenge, and bring truth to their remembrance, Father has issued this warning: And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Yerushalem to worship the King, YHWH of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain…there shall be the plague, wherewith YHWH shall smite the heathen that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles (ZEC. 14:17-18).

They are called heathen because these children of the Millennium are not worshipping YHWH as He commands. Remember, obeying YHWH’s Law and Commandments makes one spiritual.

Amongst these offspring, therefore, grow up two groups of people also: those who are hot towards YHWH, continuing in His Laws of love, and those who are not and do not. Those waxen cold will be easy prey for Satan once he is released from his prison at Millennium-end. They will comprise the armies of Gog and Magog that come to do battle against Father’s true people. Again Satan will have deceived and taken control of sinful, susceptible minds.

We can see then that educating and re-educating these yet-to-be-born children will be one of the most important of the tasks assigned in YHWH’s Kingdom after Messiah returns to rule. Their parents and all anointed teachers will be called to this momentous task. I pray for these children of the Millennium even now, centuries before the birth of many of them. None of us know who will be included in the little Church hidden in the wilderness on Earth for those final three and a half years. Who knows if they may be YOUR children. YOU may be part of that small hidden group.

The very purpose of the Church of this present age is to provide a training school and teacher’s college to educate us in spiritual understanding and righteous character. Therefore, the earth will be supplied with people to fill all positions at the beginning of Yahshua Messiah’s wonderful one thousand-year reign.


Following the great WHITE THRONE judgment, man’s incredible potential will be revealed. So too will the Almighty’s awesome power. Earthly science is pathetic compared to both. Few have discovered it in religion. Education does not teach it–yet. But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which YHWH hath prepared for them that love Him (I COR. 2:9).

For YHWH hast put all things in subjection under man’s feet (HEB. 2:8). The Moffat translation of the Bible renders the Greek word for ‘all things’ as ‘the universe’. That includes not only our planet Earth but every other planet, star, solar system, and galaxy in the far-flung universe right to the mountainous outskirts of Heaven itself.

After our amazing Creator has made the new heavens and earth on which His fabulous city will descend, will mankind venture out to populate even distant planets? Will the purpose for His remodelling of the new heavens be to make other planets habitable? To enable life to be imparted to billions of currently dead planets, could mankind be going to receive jurisdiction over our entire universe? What incredible creative projects would be undertaken within such a scenario! By a race that today rejoices when a shuttle returns safely from space surrounding the earth.

And Heaven, where Father out of necessity abides right now, will be on Earth, with us.

Chaos in Orion from

Chaos in Orion from


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