Many Be Called, But Few Chosen

Many are called, but few are chosen, states Yahshua in MATTHEW 20:16 after narrating the parable of the hired labourers. All were paid an equal agreed-upon amount, despite some only working for an hour at the end of the day compared to others working all day.

Have you ever wondered what it meant? Do we choose ourselves? If not, who does the choosing? Who are the ‘called’ ones? Who calls them? Who are the few chosen? I only ‘got’ it recently. And this is what I believe:

Every person born on Earth throughout history has a calling from the Most High. That’s you, me, Yahshua Messiah, everybody. My friend who has received revelation about fallen angels says she had a vision in which all babies ever born were first with YHWH in Heaven. Not like a grown person, but little twinkling lights flitting around Him. Imagine, all the tiny unborn babies aborted today had a work to do for Him that will never be fulfilled. How many will suffer because of the people who were not allowed to live to be in their lives, and maybe change it in some small way? What about all those who were never even allowed to be conceived because of contraceptives, and whose parents did not understand that children are a heritage from YHWH: and the fruit of the womb is His reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them (PSA. 127:3-5).

We can assume that most of those who are not Christians have not or will not accept this calling from their Creator Father. Our spiritual ears to hear such a call are opened only upon regeneration of our spirit when we become Christians. But why, when two to three billion people who profess to be Christians on this planet, and are potentially open to His call, are there so ‘few’ chosen? It is written, in EPHESIANS 1:4-5: He hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world (that is, before Creation), that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love. Having predestined us… Back as far as that, Father knew who would be His. Who therefore is chosen? Those ‘few’ who are or will be holy, blameless, and love Him. That’s wild love.

Out of those who neglect to answer His call, some will go to the lake of fire. Sometimes when Father talks to me I take advantage of it and ask Him lots of questions. One day I was asking Him what would happen to certain people I know. I hope for a particular person’s sake I heard wrong, or it was the devil deceiving me, but I believe He said, ” (This person) is going to the lake of fire. They shall never repent. They hate you so much they do not want to go to the same place you are going.” That’s a heavy hatred!

As I am talking in generalities here, we will call this person Mr X, though they may be male or female. I asked Father with an equally heavy heart, “If we know he is going to the lake of fire, why should I pray for Mr X? The answer, “So he is without excuse on the Day of Judgment.” I continued to pry, “But what about the nice things Mr X has done?” “He did them all for selfish reasons, to either manipulate or get something for himself. It was never out of love,” came the next reply. Another question I asked was, “If You knew Mr X was never going to be saved or of any use for Your Kingdom, why did You create him (and others like him)?” “Because I use them in the lives of My people.” So it was not true that they are of no use for YHWH’s Kingdom, as I thought. For don’t we know that all things work together for good to them that love YHWH, and are the called according to His purpose (EPH. 8:28).

I know Mr X is accountable even without my prayers for him, for I’m told he has three Bibles. One of them I gave to him. He appears to believe that because he was baptised and confirmed a Catholic, his religion will save him. Nothing against the Catholic Church in which are many committed, righteous Christians; but if we think we can become one then do nothing more in our lives, nor will YHWH do anything more in them.

Do you know that if you have a Bible but never open it, you are still accountable for everything written in it? If there are Bibles in your local store or library to which you have access, you are accountable? If there is a church near enough for you to go, though you never enter its doors, you are accountable for the Gospel truth preached therein?

Over the years I have lost count of how many Bibles I have given out. I always keep a small one in my bag, more precious than my mobile phone or wallet. Often when having hot drinks with my friends at a coffee shop, we will be discussing something and one will say, “Get out your Bible, Debra, and check that.” Or I read it on the train. This original compact Bible was an expensive leather-bound edition. On day I was having breakfast at McDonald’s with my children, when a man obviously living on the street came in for coffee. Father said, “Put $20 into your little Bible and give it to that man. He needs it more than you.” He was right. I had about nine other Bibles in my van outside, as we were travelling at the time and had all our possessions in there. Now I buy my compact Bible at secondhand book fests, but I’ve never had to do it again. A family we know in the Outback keeps a pile of Bibles next to their door to give out to the truck drivers who come to their property to pick up the cattle.

Have you ever watched any of those Rapture movies like the Left Behind series where all of Christendom is airlifted to Heaven in the twinkle of an eye (I COR. 15:52)? Have you ever thought about being ‘left behind’? I think we all have. There are always some Christians left behind. That’s why I walked up the aisle back in 1991 at a Barry Smith meeting to recommit myself to Messiah. I was afraid of having my head chopped off (REV. 20:4)! For those of my readers who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, maybe you better start reading your Bibles. Or buy one and read it. There are people in some countries who I know have prayed for FIFTY YEARS for a single Bible, then separate the pages to share around their whole church or community.

Many years ago I was imagining being judged before the throne in Heaven. Into my mind popped a picture of a giant screen displaying all my terrible sins, with a boom box-like broadcast and in Technicolor. No, I wouldn’t want that exposed for all to see…nor that…or that. Hence why I deal with everything ASAP. What if I died TONIGHT? Thank You, Father, for Yahshua’s sacrifice.

Hopefully, I won’t be in the Great Throne Judgment, but before the Judgment Seat of Messiah, which is for His servants. In the dream in which I went to Heaven (Sell All You Have and Follow Me), at one point I stood before the gates of Hell. I felt so sinful I thought I’d be going in, so I asked Father to sustain me. Even for eternity. Then I can do ANYTHING. At the last second, I remembered, and asked, “Didn’t Yahshua go to Hell so I wouldn’t have to?” In the twinkling of an eye I was whisked away to the next part of my Heavenly experience.

No, we do not choose ourselves. YHWH chooses us. But there are conditions. With Father’s help, we are responsible to be holy. And it will cost us. Our fears, pride, reputation, material possessions, worldliness. As I wrote in a reply to a comment, what are those to us but baggage anyway?


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