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Just thought I’d interrupt this series of posts to do some filling in. Any of my readers who have been with me from the beginning will recall my ex-husband, Philip, from the post Fiery Trial Number Two: How to Conquer Fear. Philip, of course, was with me in Bible College in Papua New Guinea when we made the discovery he is an apostle and I a prophetess. That took place in 1992, if you don’t care to read or reread the post.

It was the weekend it was discovered by the college leadership that Philip and I were secretly engaged. As the Friday afternoon drew near, I received a revelation from Father based upon ISAYAH 53. It was that, like Yahshua, Philip and I would be ‘three days and nights in the earth’. At the time I had no idea what it meant. Both ISAYAH 53 and 54 were given to me as in some way relating to us. ISAYAH 54 is about a widow who has never borne a child. At that time I was not a widow. Nor am I now. I had never then even been married. But I did have a child. It is my belief the revelation is to be fulfilled again in some fashion.

On the Friday afternoon Philip and I were called to the church office and both told we were expelled from college for being engaged. I was to leave PNG within a week, and Philip could remain a member of the church only. That afternoon we went to change our airline tickets to reschedule our flights to Australia the next week instead of year’s end. At the door of the travel agent the Holy Spirit clearly told me not to go inside. I told Philip. He trusted my prophetic gifting and discernment enough not to head on in. Philip is one of the few people to ever trust me like this. We returned to the college.

As detailed in the Fiery Trial Number Two post, all our fellow students and many others prayed that weekend, with the result we were reinstated Monday morning: three days and nights later. The revelation was revealed. The Holy Spirit led me many times like this that year–and in the years since.

After Philip and I separated not long after we were married, he was backslidden in the world for 15 years. I led him back to Yahshua a couple of years ago over the phone. Since then we have been good friends, although sadly we haven’t seen him for 13 years. Philip gave my daughter his name, effectively adopting her spiritually because she had been born out of wedlock. The Law states that illegitimate children cannot enter the temple for 10 generations. I claimed Philip’s other son, William, as my own in the same way because he also is illegitimate.

Two weeks after he recommitted his life to Yahshua there was a landslide at the mine at which Philip worked. If he had not been a Christian every man there at the mine face that day would probably have been killed. He heard the Holy Spirit tell him to look up, so was able to see the rocks starting to shift above them. Philip called out a warning, so everybody downed tools and ran. Only two of them were hurt: Philip had a leg injury, and another man was helicoptered out with a head injury.

At the same time of his leg injury, our son Gabriel also had one on the same leg. It is almost unheard of for my children or me to be sick or injured, so I sought Father about it. YHWH gave me a prophetic word for Philip with a very definite confirmation it was from Him: as I was speaking to Father that day about Philip, I looked up–remember Philip was told to look up! I was driving at the time and the car in front of me had the licence plate ‘DEBRA’ on it! At the precise moment, Father said to me, “Yes, Debra, I AM talking to you.” The word Father gave me was a warning for Philip. Part of it stated Philip must take up his high calling. Neither of us knew then exactly what this entailed. In fact I didn’t even tell Philip about the word for about six months.

Interestingly, the day I eventually did send a letter with the word written in it, I had just walked in the door of my house after posting it when Philip rang from PNG. He said he had a very strange feeling, and had rung Rebecca also to make sure William was okay. He wanted to know if our boys were both okay. I knew what it was immediately and told him about the prophetic word, in the letter, and that I had JUST posted it. It was Father telling Philip the word for him was VERY important.

Which brings me to the reason I am writing this testimony. It is a sad indictment upon the Church that Philip is one of so few people I personally have ever known who hears clearly from the Holy Spirit. Some of those few may be reading this. I know Christians who THINK they hear the Spirit of YHWH but don’t. MOST others, believe it or not, never hear from Him and don’t question it, as if Father is not a Person. One has to wonder, do they even KNOW YHWH, their Heavenly Father? Papua New Guinean people have that spiritual connection from their culture so it is often easier for them. But it is also easier for them to have a mixture of the Spirit of YHWH and evil spirits leading them.

A couple of days ago I rang Philip about our situation. He daily prays for us, and gives us what covering he can whilst we are otherwise without a man’s covering. Every time I ring him lately I am uplifted, because something astonishing is happening in the early mornings on a beach in the little village of Bogia on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. No, I’m sorry, you won’t find it on the Internet.

When I had finished writing the book In Spirit and in Truth  on which this entire blog is based, I sent a printed copy to Philip in PNG. This is a man who doesn’t have a post office box. He doesn’t own a computer or know how to use one. When we met he couldn’t drive a car. He later taught himself, then the next time he came to Australia to visit us, he proceeded to give me driving pointers! (I’d only been driving for 22 years then!)

Philip read the book–yes, he does speak and read English very well, better than most English speakers–devoured it actually. And it’s a very BIG book. I think this is my 144th post, which should give you an indication of how big it is. He then changed his entire life to fall into line with what is written in my book and the Bible (not in one day, mind you). He rang me once exclaiming, “Everything in this book is TRUE! You must pray this all happens.” Philip never before knew most of it. We had been separated at the time I received or was taught almost all of the knowledge and revelations in my book.

He recently lost his job at the mine. We both know it was from YHWH. I was glad because I had been very hesitant to tell him, “Philip, you must quit your job.” In fact, I had refrained from doing so and Father had done it for us. We all really need to wait on YHWH a lot more, rather than run out to do things under our own steam.

Philip had started teaching and preaching the spiritual concepts from In Spirit and in Truth. One morning he rang me. I asked him what he was doing ringing so early. It was about 6 a.m. He said he has an early morning healing ministry on the beach and people are being healed by applying the Law and the code I describe in this blog. The other day he told me everything is going excellently for him and he is being abundantly blessed. His life is all in order. People are being healed. Wow! I wish I could be there to see it. It is hard to talk and hear through a mobile phone from another country.

Knowing as I do that we reap what we sow, I have wondered of late if I am standing in the gap for Philip while Father establishes his ministry. It was, after all, predominantly my fear that prevented him from growing in YHWH and taking up his high calling after we were married. Whatever we do, whether good or ill, always comes back on us. But we also know that All things work together for good to those who love YHWH and are called according to His purposes (ROMANS 8:28).

Philip, 2000

Jed and Gabriel with dad, last time we saw him in A.D. 2000. Jed is now 20, and Gabriel 18.


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