Circumcision and Ear Piercing

Circumcision is a case in point about either following the Law or being led by the Holy Spirit (see previous post Some Things Hard to Be Understood). It was a Law given to Abraham that was followed to the letter by Israelites and Jews from that day until now. My own sons are not circumcised. When they were born, I was unaware of the Law requiring it at eight days of age. Later, upon enlightenment from studying the Laws, I sought Father about it. He simply said we are under redemption. Redemption was the state in which Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden before the Fall. There had been no shedding of blood then. There was only one Law: eat not of the forbidden tree. Circumcision was unnecessary as all then belonged to YHWH.

As confirmation of this, Paul writes in ROMANS 2:26:

Therefore if the uncircumcision keep the righteousness of the Law, shall not his uncircumcision be counted for circumcision?

And ROMANS 2:29:

…circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, and not in the letter;

It may be that some time in the future, my sons will be called upon by their Heavenly Father to be circumcised, possibly prior to marriage. The wedding night is one of three instances in a man’s life that blood is shed for cleansing and sanctification purposes: first the sacrifice of Yahshua for cleansing from sin; second, circumcision; and third, when the hymen of a virgin bride is torn to sanctify the marriage and join her husband and herself as one.

Until we are one hundred percent Spiritually-led, spiritual people, we need the Law to know what we are and are not permitted to do, as instruction in righteousness (II TIM. 3:16).

Here are two examples: As an immature Christian, recently baptized in the Spirit, I knew some Laws but was ignorant of others. When my daughter was six years old I planned to have her ears pierced for her birthday. Before I did so, I received a clear check in my spirit not to fulfill my plan. Father said, “I gave Ranyhyn a perfect body. It is not for you to put holes in it!” This agrees with the Laws that forbid cutting of the body (LEVITICUS 19:28, 21:25) and includes operations, injections, piercing and tattoos, although again I was unaware of these Laws at that time. Later, I too had to remove earrings from my ears that I’d had pierced when I was fourteen. Interestingly, circumcision is a contradiction and, technically, a transgression of this Law.

In that instance I was led by the Holy Spirit. In other instances it was my study of the Law and Bible that brought me to a conviction of certain sins: the wearing of men’s clothes by a woman (and vice versa). My children had many dolls and teddy bears. It was through a publication about idols and images that brought me to a knowledge of the truth about these profane objects breaking the second commandment not to make images of any creature. The origin of dolls is rooted in witchcraft, and they do become an idol insofar as they comfort a little child. Barbie (doll) is a false goddess of beauty. Two big bags full of objects were removed from my house and disposed of when I acted upon this Law. (A trip to your local library will easily corroborate the relationship- between dolls and witchcraft.)

I noticed recently when encircling my city’s courthouses with prayer, that a Greek statue of the goddess of justice stood outside our newly erected Supreme and District Courts building. It held a pair of scales in its hands. Now, do you really think this abomination will contribute one ounce of justice towards the people who use the courtrooms within? Far from doing so, it will in fact curse the place, being a transgression of the Laws of YHWH about which I write here. Doing the best I knew how, I bound up the spirits within the statue and cursed it to destruction. Truly YHWH’s people are destroyed through lack of knowledge.


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