Earning Salvation?

Another excuse used for not keeping the ‘dead works’ of the Law (see previous post for the first excuse) is that by doing so a person is trying to earn their salvation. Such believers in this concept have entirely misunderstood the purpose of YHWH’s holy Laws.

In his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Herbert W. Armstrong propounds this truth about the Law in a most illustrative way, which we do well to heed. In the passage he is comparing grace and (birth)right. It goes something like this:

A birthright is usually passed from a father to his eldest son. There are absolutely no conditions attached that the son is required to meet. No qualifications either. It is simply his right as the father’s son, without him needing to earn or be worthy of it.

However, the gift of eternal life received by grace most certainly does have qualifying conditions, unrecognized and unacknowledged by most of today’s carnal church. Yes, it is a gift, but it is NOT a right. We do not have the right to be born a child of the Most High. Consider it if we were. A defiant, hate-filled, rebellious criminal, even an atheist, could do all the things he usually does but still demand from YHWH His gift of immortality. He could do it, not out of love, humility, and conviction for his sins but out of a desire for YHWH’s power, or to cause hostility and hatred in the Kingdom. Yes, he could demand that power as Father’s gift and his right in order to abuse that power for evil purposes.

Most professing Christians say there are no conditions, nothing we can or must do to receive the glorious grace of YHWH. They go on to deny that Father requires obedience. To what? His Law! Then they twist that truth to say obeying the Laws of love is earning one’s salvation. They become the criminal who demands salvation
while rebelling against the Law and refusing to keep it.

Imagine if anyone could just have it for the taking. Open your eyes to this truth. Eternal life is a free gift. It has to be because we can never earn it. But it is not a right. We cannot demand it from YHWH whilst defying Him, rebelling against His government, and refusing to let Him rule our lives in whatever way He sees fit.

Okay, so what are the conditions? Conditions that don’t earn you a thing. But notice: …the Holy Spirit, whom YHWH hath given to them that obey Him (ACTS 5:32). Still a free gift. All part of the parcel. But we must obey Him to receive it. Let’s say we all stand in a line before Father, who has summoned us to hear an important announcement. He offers everyone $1000 if they will but step forward to receive it. Those who step forward become $1000 richer. Those who do not step forward, miss out. That one step has done not a thing to earn the recipients that money. The step is the condition that must be fulfilled. Just as we step forward to receive Yahshua as our Saviour, Healer, Provider, and Deliverer. Those who fail to step up to claim their gift do not nor cannot have it.

In Christian-speak we receive, as our gift, grace–unmerited, undeserved–to be pardoned from our sins. This is called ‘repentance’. And it means to turn away from rebellion, hatred, unforgiveness–all those things that sin is. We turn towards obedience to YHWH’s Law, for sin is the transgression of the Law (I JOHN 3:4). Transgression, for those who do not know, is the same as sin: to offend by violating a law, to break a rule or law. Which law? YHWH’s Law.

Our wise and loving Father chooses not to give this precious free gift of immortality, carrying with it His power, to those who would use it for evil. That’s for the arch-enemy in superhero movies. Which is good news. Our enemy does not have this power. YHWH chooses to give His power, and ability to live forever with it, only to those who use it rightly. The right use of His power still does not mean it comes by works instead of grace.

If there were no conditions, everybody could demand it like a birthright. We would be plunged into an environment such as in a Batman movie when he is fighting the Joker, and not winning either. The fact of grace makes necessary YHWH’s required conditions of obedience, though obedience does not earn us anything. Obedience is what we owe to our King and Saviour.

Now we have hopefully dispelled two myths about keeping the Law. There are numerous others. If you stay with me I will go Scripture by Scripture through those passages that appear to say or suggest the Law is no longer to be kept. For it would be extremely important if the opposite were true, but by believing this lie we were to be kept from salvation, eternity, and our Heavenly reward. Then there are the numerous other Scriptures that give evidence for the full keeping of the Law…

Does anybody know that studying the Bible and apprehending truth is a lifelong pursuit?


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