The Latter Years of Gog


The fig tree is symbolic of Israel in Yahshua’s day and now. Yahshua cursed the fig tree because Israel as a nation failed to accept Him as their Messiah. The tree was never to bear fruit and it soon withered away (MATT. 31:19). We know that Yerushalem and Israel were destroyed by the Romans in fulfillment of this curse. But a little later, Yahshua expounds a parable of the fig tree. This is for our day, not for the day in which He spoke it for the fig tree–Israel–then already had leaves, albeit no fruit.

MATTHEW 24:32-34 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

The tender branch putting forth leaves is the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948. This Israel has not produced fruit for YHWH either, as they still do not accept Him as their Messiah.  But Yahshua says that things of which he previously spoke are going to happen, and all in one lifetime, that is, seventy or eighty years, commencing in 1948 (some say 1967). And He warns that as of 1948 (or 1967), summer is near. In other words, be ready for them.

What things did He previously speak about? The disciples asked when the temple shall be thrown down, what shall be the sign of His future return and what signs shall proceed the ‘end of the world’ or, as we know it, the Great Tribulation that ushers in the Millennium.

Yahshua’s answer concerning the destruction of the temple is in MATTHEW 24 from verse 4 to verse 22. He refers to Yerushalem’s destruction at the hands of the Romans as a great tribulation (v.21) worse than any seen there since history began. The starving Yudaeans in Yerushalem were eating their babies–it WAS pretty awful!

In verse 27 He warns us, not the disciples there listening, for they will have long since passed away, not to believe He has returned until we see the special lightning effect in the sky. This is an aside, a quick note of warning as Yahshua has not spoken of His coming yet.

But then Yahshua makes several mysterious announcements. He talks of a gathering of eagles with a carcass. He cuts to a terrifying event to take place immediately after the tribulation of those days. And He describes His NEXT appearance. Without delving too deeply into MATTHEW 24 because this post is about Gog, and because I have done so in other posts, let me say that chapter 24 of MATTHEW is a pattern  of which there are many in the Bible, Gog and Magog included, that will be repeated. The tribulation foreseen by Yahshua in verse 21 is a picture of another tribulation to hit the Jews in verse 29. The first occurred in AD 70. The second takes place just prior to His coming again.

We may therefore deduct from this that Yerushalem, the fig tree, is to be destroyed yet again according to the previously designed pattern. Israel has yet another opportunity to accept their Messiah–Yahshua–but obviously fails to do so. Last time she crucified her Saviour. This time, in the days shortly to come, she will do something equally as heinous, for which YHWH’s wrath will know few bounds.

The carcass of verse 28 are the dead following this devastation of Israel. The eagles? The shaking? The angels? If my readers have not done so, you will have to go back to previous posts for an explanation of those. The Three Questions is a good one at which to start.

If modern Israel is to shortly suffer destruction in our time, the latter years of Gog and the people of Israel in Ezekiel’s prophecy cannot be for now. It must apply therefore to the latter years and after the many days of the thousand-year Messianic reign of peace. Thank YHWH that He does however reveal these events to us in order to understand the spiritual dimension in greater depth, as well as His ways and plans.

One point of interest concerning the prophecy is that the ancient Scythians drank blood and conducted human sacrifice. In EZEKIEL 39:17-19, the army of Gog, presumably possessed of the same demonic principality, become the sacrifice whose flesh is eaten and blood is drunk. Only then it is the feathered fowls and the beasts of the field that eat and drink. Is there some poetic justice here?

There are Scriptures in REVELATION 16:14, 16; 19-17 that also describe a great battle where the flesh of evil men is eaten by fowls. It is known as the battle of Armageddon and takes place at the end of the SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION PERIOD. Some interpret this to mean the selfsame battle of Gog and his armies. This, however, is impossible. For there is no mention of YHWH’s people living peacefully in unwalled villages here. Instead, the people of YHWH are behind Yahshua returning from their sojourn in Heaven (19:1, 5-6, 14).

By this time there are no saints left on Earth. The Bride has been raptured and the remnant left on Earth have lost their heads for Yahshua (20:4). Without a doubt their souls have also been among the multitudes in Heaven (19:2-5). Yahshua is returning to establish His millennial Kingdom (20:4-6). He but pauses to make an end of all those who accepted the mark and worshiped the beast (19:21). There is little doubt either that the same demon in Gog, the king of ancient Scythia and the one that attacks the saints at Millennium-end, is in these people who here meet their demise. For they have beheaded the remnant on Earth. A custom of the Scythians was to behead their enemies and present their heads to their leader. Not unlike Salome asking Herod for the head of John the Baptist.


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