Which Church Are You In?

Most of us know there is a True Church and a false or apostate one. But do we know which one we are in?

Some not in the Catholic Church point the finger at that organization. The Bible names her (for the Church is the Bride of Yahshua, with the false church pretending to be or deceived into thinking she is the bride, like the five unwise virgins) MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT (REV. 17:5). And this BABYLON is THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. If the Catholic Church is the mother, Babylon, who are the harlot daughters she has spawned? Has the Catholic Church daughters? I think not.

Babylon then is a religion that originated in the days of Babylon the nation or city. What customs or beliefs that are plain to see by us now have come down to us from that ancient city? One is the synagogue. Did you know that before the return of the Yerushalem exiles to Yudah, there were no synagogues? The practice was brought back from Babylon. That is likely why Yahshua did much of His preaching out in the open. Our little denominational churches are also off-shoots of synagogues.

The problem with having believers in an idea in many different little buildings throughout the world is that the ideas and doctrines get changed from place to place. That is why YHWH commanded His people to worship at a central place only, several times a year (which became Yerushalem). The result of this fragmentation of YHWH’s ‘doctrine’ is denominationalism. The Catholic Church is but one denomination, therefore she is but a daughter, as are all the others which practice ANY of the ancient Babylonian rites.

A YouTube video I watched tonight stated that there have been may prophetic visions in these last days about the rapture. And in those visions most of the church is left behind. Whole congregations remain on Earth to undergo the Great Tribulation and the SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION. Only the children in Christian congregations are seen being raptured. This is of course the main thrust of most of my blog message. Prepare yourself one way or the other: for beheading, or radical change that reflects absolutely Old and New Testament doctrine, not a denominational one.


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