The World under the Beast

From the Book of REVELATION and where we know the earth and mankind is currently headed, certain aims of the New World Order are clear:

  • It will capture mankind’s attention and be great by human standards;
  • There will be control over all industrial operations;
  • A world-wide consolidation will merge all of these operations into one mammoth monopoly (do my readers know monopolies are forbidden in the Law of YHWH?);
  • The production and distribution of all commodities will have as their goal the acquisition of wealth and the betterment of man’s condition. Isn’t this what motivates worldly mankind and the New Age now?
  • In so doing, business will be conducted with almost religious fervour;
  • The fatal wound on one of the seven heads is possibly inflicted by YHWH, but shored up by the beast using human means;
  • Witchcraft skills will be taught and implemented in order to improve the environment;
  • The central principle of the monstrous and all-encompassing institution will be the supremacy of man;
  • A satanically inspired financial system will be the central controlling principle of all other systems under the beast government. Without it, no other system will work. A probable collapse of this money system will therefore necessitate all taking the beast’s mark;
  • There will be a common faith in the powers and solidarity of man, a worship and brotherhood of man like never seen before. Our democratic governments are a forerunner of this;
  • Science, like business, will become a religion;
  • Sin will not be taken account of. The health care system will reflect this. Presently within that system there is and will continue to be no remedy for sin and death. Even Christians partake of this belief. The present push towards euthanasia helps this belief. There will be no place for miracles;
  • All secular and religious interests will be regulated and controlled like something akin to communism today;
  • A new social order will have as its basic principle the divinity of humanity;
  • The men and women at its helm will be geniuses with superhuman abilities;
  • The Bible will be considered just a helpful book, and our Messiah merely a great teacher along with others such as Buddha, Mohammed, and Gandhi;
  • People will suffer from a disease called ‘immediacy’ making them restless, impatient, and excitable to have every commodity now;
  • There will be a program of modernization which will introduce the technologies discussed (see previous post) that have until then been kept secret;
  • Spiritism will become acceptable. The use of mediums, clairvoyance, and hypnotism will be common practices;
  • The personalities of men and women will be displaced by that of an evil spirit which will gain complete control of the mind and body of an individual;
  • The only Christians will be those newly converted people who recognize truth. Therefore few will proclaim morality or righteousness. Most people who called themselves Christians at the time of the Great Tribulation and rapture will have turned against YHWH in rage and revenge at His supposed abandonment of them;
  • The medical system will–as it presently does to a degree–hypnotize patients by means of sorcery (demons) into believing it heals them or whatever else it presumes to do;
  • Enquiry into the spiritual realm will be in the scientific domain;
  • The cashless mark of the beast money system will make every one of equal wealth. The previously poor and all non-producers of that wealth will be pleased. The previously rich and all producers of wealth will have no more than everyone else. If they complain, the ‘mind-eraser’ will solve their problems;
  • The political system will be founded on socialism which abolishes the capital, profits, and overabundance of the products of capitalism. Under the beast’s political order (he alone elects the politicians) there will be zero unemployment and no class system except for the upper echelon of the controlling elite;
  • Spending will be tightly controlled, with over-abundance, waste, competition, and poverty all eliminated.
  • Humanity will be completely subordinated to the ‘collective mind’, in actuality, Satan and his demons. The mark of the beast will enforce a mind-control that changes human nature. This socialist state will be impossible to attain while people have separate personalities;
  • The rich will weep for the miseries coming upon them for their wealth will suddenly become valueless;

JAMES 5:1-3  Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire: ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

  • Man will be considered the creator of a new (but false) gospel in a brotherhood and sisterhood in the service of humanity;
  • Marriage and the family will be abolished. Children will be raised and trained by the socialist state. Monogamous sex will be considered outmoded:

I TIMOTHY 4:1, 3  Now the spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils… Forbidding to marry…

  • Childbirth will be controlled by contraceptives and abortions. Genetically engineered fetuses will be carried by surrogate women acting as baby factories;
  • The population will undergo widespread and severe physical, mental, moral, and spiritual decline.

The above are predominantly the ideas of Philip Mauro from his book The Number of Man: Climax of Civilization published in 1910. He wrote those words over a hundred years ago yet a cursory look at today’s civilization proves them correct beyond doubt.


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