The world as we know it, plunging headlong into a controlled, New Age New World Order, has not happened overnight. Insiders have spent decades, even centuries installing the program into our lives, minds, and environment. A couple of years ago as I was writing the book about what is now on my blog here, I picked up another book at a thrift store that contained an insight into how our programming has come about.

The book, called The Cosmic Connection, was written by Stan Deyo, and published in 1978. That’s 35 years ago for those who have trouble with maths. One chapter was particularly engrossing. As an American involved with the FBI, Mr. Deyo claims in his story to have been associated with anti-gravity research and mind-control experiments at a US Air Force Academy. Following the research, all the other 186 inductees ‘cracked up’ and committed suicide. By the grace of YHWH, he was saved by a Christian instructor who ‘reprogrammed’ the author’s mind. The experiments crammed the inductees minds with subliminal data banks at unbelievable speeds so they had incredible volumes of knowledge. If it seems hard to comprehend this I’ve read other books about victims undergoing similar mind-control experiments.

The point of Stan Deyo’s book was to reveal that anti-gravity and other ultra-secret research has been underway for what is now sixty years! It was and has been kept secret all that time through the murder of researchers, witnesses, and whistleblowers who tried to expose anything to do with it. The book also detailed in the particular chapter mentioned why the establishers wanted it kept under wraps so badly.

The people behind this establishment are sometimes known as The Illuminati. In the 1950s these insiders had as an objective world peace, harmony, and love under a controlled ‘benevolent’ dictatorship. Personally I cannot see how controlling anybody could be considered loving. But, moving on… They named their new earthly regime ‘Novo Order Seclorum’ (New World Order). Previous to the 1950s mankind had been directed toward fulfilling their aims by the use of Illuminati-instigated revolutions, wars, conspiracies, and social experiments. These methods are still used. But it was decided by our ‘deciders’ the world could not survive another great war because the masses they sought to control create resistance movements like the French Underground against the Nazis. Then there were the League of Nations and the United Nations, both of which have failed to bring about their objectives also.

Consequently the Elite began searching for a third alternative. Have you seen novels with this name? That’s to put readers off that there truly is one. To lead us to think it’s just another nutty conspiracy theory. In the midst of this search technological breakthroughs  about flying saucers, energy sources, mind control and communication  were being made in research labs around the world. The Internet you are using to read this was one such breakthrough. You probably know the Internet was being used for 30 years by Defence Departments before we ever knew about it. As we can see by this, these Elites (well, they think they are) deliberately suppressed coverage by the media, marketing, or public exposure of these technologies.

While doing so, the Illuminati began numerous other secret research experiments using their private corporate funds. All the new delights would be revealed when it was time for them to take over the world. The population would be so enraptured and impressed, so they thought, by this New Age of possibilities a New World Order (NWO) would be heralded with the One World Government (OWG) at the helm.

But there was a major problem. What happens when a company markets a new product that supersedes another product being sold by other companies? The rush to buy the new causes the collapse of the others with huge stocks of old technologies. Because the fields of the advanced new technologies were so broad the Illuminati insiders realized a run on the new would collapse the world economy. An economy that is tottering already. The consumer demand process which desires cheap revolutionary products has the effect of changing the masses consuming habits. We’ve all seen it. In the rush to buy a new gadget would-be consumers have even been killed in the stampede. Without consideration for the well-being of others, individuals stop consuming the same volumes of old technologies to greedily purchase the new ‘up-to-date’ model. The masses would literally kill themselves, their lifestyle, and the Illuminati plans as they unrestrainedly devoured the new stuff.

As I typed this, I thought about my own consuming habits, deciding that I’m not guilty of contributing to the above. In my life I have had five vehicles. All bought secondhand. Except for one I sold to my sister to go overseas for the same price I bought it, and my current one, I’ve kept every vehicle until it literally fell apart. One was written off in an accident. My mobile phones have only ever needed replacing because they wore out or the system itself became obsolete and I was forced to buy a new one.

Thought you might like to see my Prince of Persia chair rather than a picture of a stuffy old flying saucer

Thought you might like to see my Prince of Persia chair salvaged from the dump and painted, rather than a picture of a stuffy old flying saucer

I have my same original computer with a new hard-drive when the old one wore out. My sons also have their originals. One son had a Notebook computer he gave to a friend who couldn’t afford to buy her own when his brother gave him a spare one he had. When Jed bought his Dell, the screen cracked within the warranty period. When he took it back the salesman happened to be a friend of his and gave him a brand new computer. He was allowed to keep the old one. We paid to have the screen fixed, so Jed kept his previously cracked Dell and gave the replacement to Gabriel.

Apart from that we have an almost extinct old ex-government desktop that lumbers along like an ancient elephant. But we love our elephant. And Gabriel has one of those new thingies with just a little screen Jed gave him for his birthday. I can’t think what they are called. If a new gadget comes on the market, I find out about it IF I watch the news and see the people getting crushed in their insane desire to have one before they are sold out. Or is it before they become out of date? We have an old twin-tub washing machine. We only have a television because Jed bought me one as a present. The others don’t work. They are the old analogue–or is it digital?–model. We have three printers. Wow! Three! One was given to us when a friend upgraded. One we found on a sidewalk cleanup. The other is my cheap laser printer I bought for my writing. My sewing machine is 60 years old and belonged to my grandmother. Every stick of furniture we have has been rescued from dumps, footpaths, or second-hand shops, cleaned and painted.

This is not a boast. Just an examination of my consuming habits. Ask yourself, by yours do you contribute to the well-being of the rest of humanity? Or aid in the collapse and installment of the NWO when it comes? I have a beloved friend who recently bought himself a new iphone and set up an email address for the first time ever. He’s never owned or used a computer. He didn’t know how to write an email in reply to the first one he had ever received–from me the sender. He figured it out and wrote his first one back to me. I found that so refreshing. This man owns his own company. We don’t have to be up there with the Joneses.

Returning to our former subject, besides an economic collapse, our secret rulers worried about their own wealth they may lose as a result (of our insane consumer habits). Key scientists, engineers, politicians, industrialists, economists, and bankers were organized into a collection of global problem solvers. Appeals were made to the media, most of which they own anyway, to suppress public awareness of NWO plans and technologies. Any researchers or inventors not in the loop who made new discoveries were either forced to keep it secret, discredited, or eliminated. You’ve heard rumours, haven’t you, about engines that run on water, cancer cures, numerous others that never went anywhere?Actually they did. To the grave.

The people manufacturing new devices are contracted to build only one part and deliver it to a specific location so they are kept out of the final assembly process, which is undertaken by the insider’s own people. Security organizations maintain the plan’s secrecy. The Illuminati have people in leadership in the media, civilian UFO research societies, intelligence agencies. economic institutions, and government. Accidental failure or discovery mechanisms are in place to cover up secrecy ‘spillages’. The plan, the grand design is being made ready for birth. What is its date? That is where our arch-enemy, Satan, comes in.

Unbeknown to these Illuminati (thinking themselves) masterminds, the great deceiver is in fact suppressing them. He has been holding them back for decades, even centuries, until he (the Elect) is born out of her (the Church) [II THESS. 2:7]. Satan is not permitted by YHWH to reveal his false Jewish messiah until such time. Then comes the Great Tribulation that will destroy so much of the old technology of which Stan Deyo wrote. Meanwhile the Illuminati and its insider government people build underground cities to keep them and all the new technology safe. The Illuminati are sure to know something of the last days of the Bible, but Satan knows as much if not more than we know from the Bible. And he imparts the information to his servants. The birth date of the grand plan? Mid-SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION (in my opinion) when Earth is convulsed and destroyed. One may well imagine why the survivors will wonder at the beast.

Satan suppresses the secret not only from the masses but from his henchmen who think they are so enlightened. Here’s how. We are conditioned to believe flying saucers, limitless energy using fields the Creator built into the earth, and attendant technologies are too advanced for development at this stage of our history. This is accomplished by means of science fiction movies dated centuries into the future whose characters use these future products. Have you noticed lately though that future dates in recent movies are coming closer to our time? Think Terminator.

Universities and public research facilities plod along on low budgets making lacklustre Nobel prize awarded discoveries perhaps once a year. For instance, the two doctors who made a vaccination for human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes genital warts, were awarded a Nobel prize. The vaccination has been given to thousands of teens worldwide. Some of them have died. Others have been rendered permanently blind or sterile. Please keep this monstrous concoction away from your child. You can bet, however, secret research and development surges ahead by leaps and bounds using unlimited private funds. Recipients of vaccinations made using these funds would only die, be blinded, or sterilized if that was the original aim.

The media implants–in the novel 1984, these implanters were called thought policeinto the general public fear of UFOs, aliens, close encounters, out of control cancer cures (recall the movie I am Legend) and other pandemics (now there’s a new movie coming out called World War Z wherein an out of control disease zombifies the population), nuclear annihilation (On the Beach), World War III, food and fuel shortages (Mad Max 2: Road Warrior), global monetary collapses, energy crises, unemployment,weather catastrophes (Day after Tomorrow), and any contact with the new and unknown. All the while a new social order is being held in reserve by those with NO FEAR of YHWH.

Are we waiting for the Illuminati to perfect their secret technologies so they can deliberately or accidentally push a button to set in motion the Great Tribulation? Or will they have so destroyed the earth it awaits only a little push by the Almighty to rock and reel in pain? And watch out for the thought police.


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