Horns of the Fiery Serpent

Talking last post about the mark of the beast, Christian writer Mary Baxter also writes about it in her book A Divine Revelation of Hell. (Her books are usually available in Christian bookshops.) Chapter eighteen titled Open Visions of Hell contains a prophetic vision about the serpent, beast, inhabitants of the earth, and the mark. In the vision she sees and hears of a world similar to the one depicted in the previous section about the New Age.

Ms. Baxter witnessed horns of the fiery serpent entering the bodies of people on earth. These children of darkness were completely possessed by the serpent. Others ran to hide from him. She heard no praising YHWH or talking about Yahshua.

People walked like dead men, led about by an unseen force, obeying a voice that spoke from the air. All were desperately sad and had ‘666’ on their foreheads and hands. Like cattle the people were herded into shops where they were able to buy only the barest necessities. Guards were everywhere. Everyone dressed in identical prison-like clothes.

In clinics, patients were checked for communicable diseases and other handicaps. Any found with such were euthanized without a struggle. The population was transported from place to place in guarded trucks. At their fenced about apartment buildings they would be deposited. They would get undressed, go to bed, and arise next day to go to work for the beast.

Rich and poor, small and great, even the famous paid homage to the beast. Machines existed that watched everything but were invisible to those observed. Another type of machine altered people’s brains to make them emotionless obedient zombies. It was called a mind-eraser. This machine was for those who exhibited undesirable personality traits.

The overriding characteristic of the beast was control. He ‘takes care of the people’s problems’ giving them a new mind which acknowledges him as lord and worships him.

Certain chosen women were used as breeders. Their babies were taken from them to be raised by mind-altered nurses. The world will be supplied with all it needs. Everything belonged to the beast. The number 666 was marked on people, equipment, and merchandise. Those who possess it have rejected Father YHWH their Creator and turned to the beast for sustenance.

In Mary Baxter’s vision, Yahshua says those who refuse the mark will be persecuted and killed by the beast and his followers. True believers in YHWH will be pressured in every way possible to force them to be marked, including the killing before parents’ eyes of their babies and children. The mourning at this time will be exceedingly great.

Yahshua also speaks about the ‘mighty army’ that He will raise up to worship Him in spirit and in truth and do great exploits and wonderful things for Him.

Mary Baxter also beheld the spiritual body of Messiah in Heaven being filled with men and women from every nation. Feet first, then His legs, arms, stomach, heart, and head. The body grew so large it filled the heavens.

May it be done with us on Earth as it is in Heaven.


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