He Causeth All to Receive a Mark

Recently I had an interesting experience that left me deeply shocked. I was having lunch with a friend who believes she is a Christian but in reality is an adherent of the New Age. At some point in our conversation the New Age demon in her manifested. I had not known she was so deeply into New Age philosophies and had never before seen this sort of manifestation. It took me completely by surprise.

My friend mentioned reincarnation as if that’s what happens when we die, and I immediately countered by quoting the Scripture: …it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment (HEB. 9:27) with a short discussion of Heaven and Hell. Then we started talking (I can’t remember why) about the Law, with her saying that it is for the Old Testament but not relevant for us today. Out came the little red Bible I always carry in my handbag, whereupon it practically fell open at MATTHEW 5:17-20 in the Beatitudes. (These verses are some of my most quoted ones, as most Christians appear totally blind to them.) I pronounced it like beautiful. She corrected me: Bee-‘at-itudes. Okay, she’s the expert. I read the verses out loud. This is Yahshua Himself speaking.

Immediately her manner, countenance, words, everything, changed. Her demon attacked me. It said, “I feel like I am being attacked,” among other things. I’m sitting there thinking, “What?” I pointed out those WERE YAHSHUA’S WORDS. My friend asked for the reference so she could check them in her own Bible when she got home. Praise YHWH for that. Otherwise the lunch date abruptly finished with a flourish, which was a criticism of me, something I had never before heard from her mouth. She is usually the loveliest person, one of the nicest friends I have.

I had no idea the New Age held its victims so assiduously. But as you read the rest of this post remember this, for it is the New Age religion the coming New World Order will force upon the population of the earth and demand they follow. In future I’ll try to always pray and bind the enemy before talking to anyone, even my Christian friends.


REVELATION 13:16-18  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

The question on so many lips is: what will the actual mark look like, and how does the image of the beast (perhaps Satan) come alive and speak?

The Greek word for ‘mark’ in the Bible is charagma meaning an engraving or impression. Greek Bible scholar Dr. Spiros Zodhiates has interpreted the mark of the beast to be a literal cutting or etching of the body that will be observable to the naked eye. Tattoos have recently been popularized for just this reason – to make the mark acceptable. I have also had experience with victims of tattoos. Don’t be deceived about them: whatever a person has tattooed on their body will be INSIDE them as well. With the tattoo becoming the brand or mark of ownership. Tattoos are against YHWH’s law (LEV. 19:28). If you have them already, anoint them with oil and pray a prayer of repentance, asking Father for deliverance from what is INSIDE you.

Christian author Texe Marrs believes the mark will be promoted as a spiritual status  symbol, proudly coveted and worn as a mark of distinction. Whatever form it takes, accompanying implants will turn its recipients into submissive zombies whose minds are totally under bondage to Satan. Even today, through New Age practitioners promoting visual imagery and hypnotism, mankind is being desensitized, conditioned, and prepared to worship the image of the beast or be killed (REV. 13:15).

It is my belief that this worship will not be of a physical entity but in a person’s own mind. And they will have invited the image, and therefore Satan, in. Just as did my friend by believing the lies about the New Age, rather than the truth of YHWH’s Word: Who changeth the truth of YHWH into a lie (ROM. 1:25). Today, every facet of our lives is being invaded by demonic symbols that reflect Satan’s grotesque ways and thinking. And that is solely from external influences. Imagine how altered states of consciousness through meditation, visualization, hypnotism, drugs, and chanting will further warp already vulnerable minds. Using images, Satan is able to reprogram a New Ager’s or other willing victim’s mind which is completely given over and eager to do the adversary’s bidding.

It will be a simple matter to go from the current widespread use of cards to a physical mark or implant. These methods of identification or devices for tracking are already in use today. Princes William and Harry are said to have had them inserted as babies in case of them being kidnapped. Timothy McVeigh, the man who received the death penalty for the Oklahoma City bombing, complained he had been forced by the US Defense Force to have one inserted before his participation in the Gulf War as a US soldier. Night clubs in some European countries are inserting microchips into the arms of patrons to use instead of membership cards.


Texe Marrs has done in-depth research about the mark. His book, Mystery Mark of the New Age, contains fascinating revelations. Satan’s plan, according to Mr Marrs, is to control and dominate the world through New Age initiates. These use demonic symbols in rituals and incantations to invoke evil spirits, cast spells, and pursue other satanic objectives. Images are easily popped into the seduced minds of New Agers to draw them toward an addictive fascination with what they believe to be living objects. Like a maze with no out, his earthly disciples are drawn deeper and deeper. Eventually, by instilling diabolical thoughts into their minds, the New Ager will see the mark as attractive and desirable but Christianity to be repulsive and a dangerous threat to society.

In order to heal, peace-thetize, and transform Planet Earth and mankind into its own god, top leaders of the New Age will command that Christians be eradicated. The manipulated, zombified mind of subordinates will cause them to obey unquestioningly. Man believes psychic ability can actually create images and thought forms that come alive. These living images are called archetypes and can be called up through meditation and visualization. Archetypes are believed to be divine beings with the power to transform lives. That’s why the alien theme is so big now. A condition called The Collective Unconscious of the Universe–when a number of New Agers or all of believing mankind come together–can call up these hitherto mythological divinities, aliens, or spirits to change and perfect said universe.

Christians know that these archetypes or divinities are demons and that in fact they control the bodies and minds of the people they possess. Nevertheless, Satanists and New Agers today believe they energize or command demons to come forth and serve them. I remember my friend referring to them once as energies, but becoming fearful when I called them for what they were: demons. Thought-power, they think, puts these ‘energy forces’ to work for them so that an image can come alive and speak. Once their minds have sunk into an altered state of consciousness through the above methods, the New Ager has turned over control of his mind to the devil who is then able to send the ‘Image of the Beast’ into it. New Age leaders call this the opening of the Chakra point in the forehead.

With these satanic images, Satan is able to reprogram a New Agers mind. Variously called Kundalini (serpent power), transformation, rebirth, cosmic consciousness, Christ-consciousness, shaktiput, attunement, or paradigm shift, it is a process by which Satan enters the mind and takes complete control of it. From thence that person thinks like Satan, with the consequence he is eager to do his bidding. Satan’s slave, prisoner, captive by means of images controlling and directing his mind.

These images will become their own language making obsolete our human languages. Responsible to organize both religion and government in this New Age will be what’s called a Higher Evolutionary Council. New Age writers also refer to it as the Council of Wise Men, the Spiritual Cabinet and other titles. They are but a satanically empowered elite circle of New Age dictators. Could they be one and the same as the seven heads of the beast?

As Christians we must be aware this day of the beast and its mark are imminent. The technology must already be prepared and in place for their unholy system to withstand the day of YHWH. The New Age is not just a fun game but a world religion that embraces evil and denies sin while boasting of a spirituality and ‘godliness’ that betters Yahshua Messiah. Stay away from it. Get out of it. Warn others about it. Stop talking its language and thinking its thoughts.


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