A Counsel of Peace

There is no question that Yahshua Messiah will sit on the throne of David. This is Scriptural, confirmed, and fulfilled. Even now He sits on the heavenly throne at the right hand of YHWH. That is the universal hand of authority and power (ACTS 7:55-56). Furthermore, His reign continues through the Millennium (REV. 20:4, 6).

Now, as we have been brought to understand, the earthly throne of David as promised to him by the Most High, remains occupied by one of his descendants to this day. However, like the priesthood, it is defiled. And one more (perhaps two) of Ezekiel’s overturns–to another royal line–remains.

During the millennial reign of Messiah, therefore, there will be a twofold rulership. Yahshua will share His throne with the BRANCH. In YHWH’s timing, the identity of this man will be established.

In the book of ZECHARYAH, the BRANCH is likened to Yoshua the high priest. Yoshua led YHWH’s people into the Promised Land. This is a pattern that the man who is the BRANCH will follow. As instructed by the Almighty, Yahshua took twelve men from each of the twelve tribes. All twelve took a stone from the Jordan River to erect a memorial to the children of Israel, a memorial to us who follow 2,000 steps behind the Ark (2,000 years down the track from Yahshua’s first advent [YOSH. 3:4]): On that day YHWH magnified Yoshua in the sight of all Israel; and they feared him, as they feared Moses, all the days of his life (YOSH. 4:14). The New Testament Yoshua will be directed to do something which will gain the people’s attention and respect as YHWH’s man. Like Yahshua calling the disciples, they will know by revelation who the BRANCH is.

Another pattern to be followed by the BRANCH is that of Zerubbabel who led the remnant back from Babylon to rebuild the temple. Initially only the foundation was laid. Later the spiritual Zerubbabel finishes the temple by bringing forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, “Grace, grace unto it.” (ZEC. 4:7). The BRANCH shall grow up out of his place, and build the temple of YHWH (ZEC. 6:12). With whatever at present the man is currently occupied, when he matures into the fullness of Messiah (EPH. 4:13), accepting his high calling, he will be a builder!

A third pattern is Yoshua as the high priest. In ZECHARYAH 3:8 he and his companions are recognized as being different: for they are men wondered at. It appears the BRANCH  will have a number of other men, perhaps seven of them (EZRA 7:13-14), anointed to support his ministry: Behold, I and the children whom YHWH hath given me are for signs and wonders in Israel from YHWH of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion (IS. 8:18). These men will exhibit the gifts of the Spirit.

In the fourth pattern, the BRANCH will go forth with the spirit of Eliyahu (Elijah) and restore the altar. As in that prophet’s day, the altar is broken down and must be rebuilt. Commensurate with this is the priesthood in defilement needing to be cleansed: Then stood up Yeshua…and his brethren the priests, and Zerubbabel…and his brethren, and builded the altar of YHWH. And they set the altar upon the bases…and they offered burnt offerings unto YHWH…morning and evening. They kept also the feast of tabernacles (EZRA 3:2-4); And the priests and the Levites purified themselves, and purified the people, and the gates, and the wall (NEH. 12:30).

The altar today of course is the Cross. And we are the living sacrifices. We must be purified from sin, self, the world, and everything that pertains to them. Christian men everywhere need to stand up in their true calling as priests and kings and cleanse their cities through prayer and warfare–YHWH will tell you how if you but seek Him–so that our cities are a refuge and fortress against evil, not dens of wickedness.

By means of the patterns mentioned above, Scripture presents a progression within the calling of Yoshua. The man who is called to the ministry of the BRANCH, directed by Almighty YHWH and Zerubbabel’s blueprint, will build the spiritual temple. He shall also sit on the throne and rule as a priest upon that throne. And the counsel of peace shall be between…both Yahshua and the BRANCH (ZEC. 6:12-13).

The lampstand with seven lamps, called a menorah, that lights the holy place, is the pattern and symbol for our enlightening. The base or foundation with its central shaft and top light supports the other six branches. The branch has no foundation of itself but can stand only when attached to Messiah, the central light (EX. 37:17-23).

YEREMYAH 33:15-16 reveals that the BRANCH of righteousness will grow up into David. The time of this new growth will coincide with the restoration and cleansing of Yerushalem and the judgment on surrounding Israel.

To reiterate, the BRANCH  or ministry in which he is involved must fulfil the pattern of four historical men of YHWH:

  • as Eliyahu, the hearts of the children are turned back to their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Yacob; the altar is restored so that on it offerings are made holy and acceptable to the Holy One;
  • as Yoshua, the children are led across the spiritual Jordan to their inheritance in the Promised Land, according to the promise made to Abraham;
  • as Zerubbabel, a remnant is led out of Babylon back to Yerushalem to build the spiritual temple which is fallen down;
  • as Yoshua the priest, ministering to the Messiah;

And as the BRANCH, inheriting the throne of David.

This twofold reign has remained a mystery throughout the Church Age but has recently been revealed. Satan has known about it and deceived men into believing they are the BRANCH. Did you know, for instance, that David Korresh of the Branch Davidian Sect in Waco, Texas was exposed to the mystery? I say it that way because he was a counterfeit of the real BRANCH. Korresh claimed to have heard an audible voice in Israel which, over a period of time revealed every Scripture of the Bible to him. Obviously Satan fed him lies until he was thoroughly deceived and proclaimed himself a Christ-figure. Claimants such as this last only until YHWH acts to vindicate Himself and the true Messiah, His Son. The Branch Davidian cult appears to have been masterminded brilliantly by the enemy so that when the true BRANCH appears the Church will fear him as another false prophet.

This is of serious concern when we realize in these last days the world will accept REVELATION’s false prophet, and the man of sin (they are different people, stay tuned to find out about them) as true prophets while rejecting those prophets of YHWH because they have a message few like. Not only that, but MOST OF THE CHURCH will hate and revile the true prophets, just as did the apostle Paul. I can only urge that when anyone claims to be or looks like they are from YHWH, examine their doctrine carefully. Even mine.


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