Plucked out of the Fire

We left the previous post at Zecharyah’s fourth vision – the man with the measuring line. Now we come to the fifth, the vision of Yoshua the hight priest. Nowhere does it say this Yoshua has been unrighteous, so we can conclude from this, as with the rest of Zecharyah, that Yoshua is a prophetic illustration of a man in our day.

Yoshua is standing before the angel of YHWH, and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him. The Most High says unto Satan, “YHWH rebuke thee, O Satan; even YHWH that hath chosen Yerushalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire? Now Yoshua was clothed with filthy garments… (3:1-3).

There are some few Christians who come willingly to YHWH and all their lives strive toward perfection through Yahshua. Most others come to a certain point and, believing they have been reborn, stagnate. These never attain true redemption. Then there are the firebrands who must be plucked out of the burning with fear instead of love (AMOS 4:11, JUDE 23). These come within a whisker’s breadth of Hell.

Why does Father choose this way with these? He cannot get the stagnants moving. The spiritual equivalent of an atom bomb under them prompts them to ask, “Why?” but does nothing. The hundred percenters are totally His, but there are not enough of them for His purposes. So He allows the firebrands to wallow in their sins, refusing to take up YHWH’s calling on their lives until Satan petitions for their lives.

When Yahshua’s advocacy is the only thing separating them from eternal death, then He steps in. Paul the apostle was such a one. Yahshua Himself stepped in on his scene on the road to Damascus. Father will give them the choice – be saved or go to the fire. Paul had the few days of blindness in which to choose the high Way or continue on the low road to death. Once their blindness is lifted these people are the most humble and devoted – like Paul, chief of sinners. Examine your own life. Which sort of Christian are you?

Yoshua has his iniquity cleansed by Yahshua’s blood and is clothed with clean garments (3:4) like a repentant prodigal son (LUKE 15:22). Today’s Yoshua has been chosen as high priest just as was Zecharyah’s Yoshua, for he has a mitre put on his head (EX. 29:6). The change of raiment is also reminiscent of Aaron’s changing into his priestly garments. This has the additional meaning of putting on festal robes to keep the Old Testament Feasts.

It is not only Yoshua who should take heed here, but all of YHWH’s priesthood. It currently languishes in defilement. Like Yoshua most of the 144,000 priests will be plucked out of the fire. Personally I know of not a single man fulfilling his priestly duties to his family or nation. Most are entirely ignorant of what those duties are or how to do them.

The process of Yoshua’s last millisecond cleansing takes place close to the time of the Great Tribulation, for ZECHARYAH 2:13 just before it has YHWH being roused up in wrath.

The condition of Yoshua’s cleansing was simply his assent, but he is called to do other work for YHWH provided he obeys the Law (ZEC. 3:7). Obviously he was not previously doing that. In the next verse (8) a new character, the BRANCH, is introduced into YHWH’s panoramic plan for the earth, remembering the line of David has been overturned at least once with a new BRANCH of the royal line being raised up. There are yet perhaps two more overturns.

Let’s jump over to ZECHARYAH 6 to find more about this BRANCH. A newly fashioned crown is set by the prophet upon the head of Yoshua the high priest (6:11). And Father starts talking more about the BRANCH. This is not Yahshua as commonly believed. Yahshua is not a branch of the royal line but a direct descendant through David, Yekonyah, and Zerubbabel. Despite not being related to Joseph by blood, as the eldest son, Yahshua was considered his firstborn and inheritor of at least the spiritual throne. It may come as a surprise to many to learn that there is no conclusive evidence Mary and Joseph had any other children together. James, Joses, Simon, Yudas, and Mary’s daughters may have been born to a second husband after Joseph died.

Also of interest is that Mary and her cousin Elizabeth were descendants of Aaron the high priest, and therefore so was Yahshua (LUKE 1:5). Assuming Mary and Elizabeth’s mothers were sisters, it must have been through THEIR mother, the cousins’ grandmother, the Aaronic blood came. It was not Mary’s father because he was Heli (LUKE 3:23 – LUKE has Mary’s ancestry) who was of the line of Yudah, according to Josephus. So here in ZECHARYAH 6:11 the crown is possibly being placed on the head of an ancestor of Yahshua Himself, in order to make clearer the picture of the BRANCH.

Yahshua did not nor ever does branch out physically or spiritually. He was always the Saviour and Son of YHWH, as proclaimed by Gabriel the archangel and later John the Baptist. But the BRANCH does. Whatever his identity he is doing no branching out until he answers his call and is saved from the fire. If we open a branch of business in another city or place, we start a new, perhaps different thing. Whatever he is doing now, Yoshua will be doing something new when he is revealed as the BRANCH. Like the previous branches, he is at present lowly (EZE. 17:24).

Yoshua and the men with him are men wondered at, or in some translations, a symbol. Surrrounding Yoshua’s revealing as the BRANCH, along with a group of others, will be wonderful deeds and miraculous authenticating signs.

ZECHARYAH 3:9 continues with a stone laid or set before Yoshua. Now there are a number of stones in the Bible to which this could refer. But I will here discuss only three. First there is the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel (ZEC. 4:10). This plummet or plumbline with a stone on the end is used in constructing walls to ensure they are straight. To make a long story as short as possible, the man and prophet, Peter, from whom I received much of the revelation contained in my entire blog, had given to him the spiritual name of Zerubbabel. Hands were laid on him at a men’s prayer breakfast by a member of David Pawson’s ministry, with an anointing of the Double Portion of the Spirit of Elijah imparted to him prophetically. That was in 1983. The following year he was given the spiritual name of Zerubbabel.

YHWH gave to Peter as Zerubbabel the plans to build the spiritual temple in our day (most of it is here in my blog): The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it (the foundation)… (ZEC. 4:9). Thence in his hand we see: …for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven, they are the eyes of YHWH, which run to and fro through the earth (4:10). Zecharyah does not attribute the building of the temple to Zerubbabel, only the laying and the finishing of the foundation. The building is reserved for one called the BRANCH (6:12) And they that are far off (6:15).

Interestingly Peter died, as you would know if you had read my very early posts. Therefore the plummet stone on the end of its string may possibly be Zerubbabel’s revelations about building the spiritual temple with living stones. So Yoshua the BRANCH, after his cleansing, knows his way forward. With seven spirits from Heaven assisting him.

Could this stone also refer to the Stone of Scone or Coronation Stone? For engraved upon that ‘Precious Relic’, as it has been called, are inscriptions translated thus: Should fate not fail, wher’er this stone is found, That Scots shall monarch of that realm be crowned. This prophetical verse was inscibed by King Kenneth in 350 BC. Another was inscribed prior to Kenneth’s reign, but rendered thus by Sir Walter Scott: Unless the fates are faithless grown, And prophet’s voice be vain, Wher’er is found this sacred stone, The wanderer’s race shall reign.

Could it be by this that Father is revealing to us that the BRANCH is or is descended from the Scottish? There is another stone written about in REVELATION 2:17: To he that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna (YHWH’s provision when all is desolate), and will give him a white (glory, honour, righteousness, purity) stone (spiritual strength), and in the stone a new name written (spiritual name for a special calling), which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Then declares YHWH of hosts: “I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day” (ZEC. 3:9). The land is spiritual Israel or the Church. In one day refers to the great and terrible day of YHWH or Day of Atonement. In earthly terms it is ten days. Verse 10 talks about the call of the Elect to the survivors of that day to die for Messiah, thereby enabling them to participate in the Millennium when shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree.

Far be it that Yahshua is the BRANCH or even a picture of the BRANCH. The reverse is actually true. The BRANCH is a picture of Yahshua on the throne of Yudah and descended from the high priestly line. So must the coming Yoshua be. According to ZECHARYAH 6:13, the BRANCH shall

  • build the temple
  • sit on the throne of David
  • be a priest on his throne
  • and share the rule with Messiah Himself.

This crowning or revelation will cause a reaction within the church among those who are wise. Calls will be answered, building will commence. But only by the seriously obedient (ZEC. 6:15). The illustration over and above the call of Yoshua is that of the priesthood, currently languishing in defilement. It will be plucked out of the fires of Hell by YHWH’s grace alone.

Meanwhile, anybody know of a regal Israelite of Scottish descent wallowing in sin but calling himself a Christian? Is it you?


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