Justice the Measuring Line

While watching a video of people speaking in the Irish Parliament recently, I was interested to see that a picture of David’s harp is on the front of every chair used by members of that House.Irish parliament chairs

Having dealt with that which has gone before about David’s throne, there is yet that which is to come regarding his house or line. And are there not possibly two overturns of the royal line left? Most revelation pertaining to this is contained in the book of ZECHARYAH, the prophet during the time of the rebuilding of temple by Zerubbabel.

All of this book and others relevant to it–EZRA, NEHEMYAH, HAGGAI, MALAKYAH–are important for us in these last days, but we’ll deal only with David’s throne and line here. In this post we will set the scene. The above books all deal not only with the time of the return of the remnant from Babylon to Yerushalem, but with our time. The released captives are symbolic today of those Christians who come out of the false church of Babylon.

ZECHARYAH details ten visions the prophet was given, the first being a man riding upon a red horse, and he stood among the myrtle trees (1:8). From what Zecharyah, YHWH, and the rider goes on to say it is obvious this man is an angel, for YHWH hath sent him to walk to and fro through the earth (v.10). And this angel is not alone but with others patrolling the earth (NASB). In fact there are four, two on red horses, two others on a speckled and a white. Each angel would have gone either north, south, east, or west, every direction in every place.

The four angels have checked out the length and breadth of the planet and found: Behold, all the earth sitteth still, and is at rest (v.11 KJB), peaceful and quiet (NASB). This is an inaccurate rendering. It should be more to the tune of ‘sitting idle or inactive’. The people of the earth, specifically the Church, are doing nothing toward building the Almighty a house in which to dwell, a spiritual temple. The angel then speaking poses YHWH a question which tells us in essence that even after the return of the exiles to Yerushalem, the land remains laying idle and the people languishing in their former sins. Not unlike our Church today.

The four angels have previously been sent to–and are still doing so–walk throughout the four corners of the earth. Satan was doing this just prior to entering YHWH’s throne room to petition the great Judge to accost Job (1:7, 2:2), remember? Our adversary prowls around seeking whom he may devour. Whom then are the four angels seeking in their earthly quest? Jumping ahead to ZECHARYAH 6:8 we find a clue: Behold, those that go toward the north country have quieted My Spirit in the north country. What country was to the north of Yerushalem from where Zecharyah then stood? It was Babylon, of course. Who was going there and why? Those crying for the people of Yudah to return to their homeland. Today they earnestly beseech the captives to: Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto Heaven, and YHWH hath remembered her iniquities (REV. 18:4-5).

In other versions the phrase quieted My Spirit is translated appeased my wrath (NASB). YHWH’s witnesses to those in the church, who have ears to hear His call have effectively held back His judgment on the world and its whore until…what? Until the Elect have left said church and been sealed.

In verse 14 we read that Father is exceedingly jealous for Yerushalem and Zion. He has waited oh so patiently, through seventy years for the Jewish remnant, 2,000 years for His Christian Israelite people, to come. Since Yahshua called them through His first fishers of men. COULD IT POSSIBLY BE THAT THESE FOUR ANGELS ON HORSEBACK HAVE BEEN HOLDING BACK THE WRATH OF THE MOST HIGH FOR 2,000 YEARS WHILE THEY SEEK OUT 144,000 MEN TO SEAL? I believe so.

Did not Paul and Jude, the brother of Yahshua, even then warn against unrighteous men who crept in to the Church unawares (JUDE 4)? And hasn’t the Church in every age fallen prey to this Babylonian and Christian mixture? Look at the seven churches of REVELATION. Not one of them is pure. Not one, since perhaps during the one hundred years after Messiah, has kept YHWH’s Laws as He commands.

“My house, however, will be built,” YHWH declares vehemently. “And a measuring line will be stretched over Yerushalem” (ZEC. 1:16 NASB). Before we build something, surveyors are sent to inspect, scrutinize, and examine the area to determine the boundaries, extent, and position the structure will take. Father’s spiritual city is no different. At this point in Scripture the building has not commenced. Nor has it today as I write, but we know the plans for it were started 2,500 years ago, 500 years before Messiah’s first advent.

Sometimes in my life, as my readers will have discovered, I’ve seemingly taken a wrong turn and worried about what my future held. I remember two such times (among the many) when I was in church and Father spoke about this by prophetic utterance through someone else. He said my life was perfectly laid out according to His preconceived plan and I need not worry about my future. Yours will be too. We must only, to the best of our understanding, obey His will.

ZECHARYAH 1:18 has the second part of the first vision or the second of the ten visions: the four horns which have scattered Yudah, Israel, and Yerushalem. A horn is an upward projection, figuratively a power but literally an instrument blown to communicate a message at a distance or to a large group of people. These particular horns which have scattered YHWH’s people to the four winds–hence why there are four–are obviously demonic principalities: I said unto the fools, Deal not foolishly: and to the wicked, Lift up not the horn: Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck (PSA. 75:4-5). These horns of boastfulness and pride have scattered the Israelites those many centuries ago, and kept them far away even to this day.

Zecharyah is shown four craftsmen or artisans (his third vision) such as carpenters or ironmongers (v.20). They are YHWH’s instruments–angels–whose mallets will break the steely hardness of the enemy horns. For centuries true Israel and Yudah have been lost in ignorance, inferiority, shame, and fear of lifting up their heads (v.21). They have considered the Jews, many of whom reject their Messiah, to be YHWH’s people while believing themselves to be second best. The nations also belittled and persecuted the true Christians.

No more. All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted (PSA. 75:10). Like bulls sacrificed at the altar, to be lifted up, the righteous must make a full surrender to YHWH.

With the four horns–which have sought to prevent and overthrow the building of YHWH’s house–destroyed, the way is clear. Israel and Yudah can return to Yerushalem. Zecharyah speaks not about his time of return but ours. For the Israelites did not return then and nor did Yudah. Only a small Jewish remnant returned. And a small Jewish remnant lives in Israel even now – one which neither worships Him nor obeys His Law but lives by its own strength. Israel will come by the way He has ordained–gathered by these angelic artisans from the four winds (MATT. 24:31)–after their sealing, so the many horns of REVELATION may no longer hinder or harm them.

In vision four Zecharyah sees the man with the measuring line spoken about in the first vision (2:1-2). A lot of measuring goes on in the Bible. Father likes everything to be perfect, exact, precise: Let all things be done decently and in order (I COR. 14:40); And look that thou make them after their pattern, which was shewed thee in the mount (EX. 25:40).

The Yerushalem that is being measured is not the geographical one in the Middle East but a spiritual city. If the temple in its midst is composed of the 144,000 Elect families, the wider Yerushalem is the Church that will be saved through the Elect’s witness in the SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION. The full harvest of souls.

So why is our angelic surveyor measuring Yerushalem? In a physical sense it is for extensions to be made, even beyond the walls. So many will enter therein the walls will be useless, for they will not contain the multitudes (ZEC.2:4). We are not talking about the Wailing Wall at Yerushalem here. It is about the 144,000 gone to witness to the nations–the glory in the midst of spiritual Yerushalem–and those other millions who decide for Messiah because of that witness (YOEL 3:14). Their wall will be YHWH’s fire to protect them (ZEC. 2:5): And I will make justice the measuring line, And righteousness the level plummet (IS.28:17).

Then there is the spiritual measurement to be made of each person before they enter that sacred city: …with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again (MATT.7:2). It measures our degree of righteousness and remaining wickedness. It is the measure of a man. For I am with thee, saith YHWH, to save thee…but I will correct thee in measure, and I will not leave thee altogether unpunished (YER. 30:11).

Those who escape Babylon, that is, come out of the false church and separate from the world BEFORE TIMES shall be measured as blessed. But those who fail to separate themselves in time will receive extra punishment. They may lose families or be forced to endure great pain and distress TRIBULATION PERIOD will find their ‘punishment’ is martyrdom.

The angel surveyor therefore measures in order to make provision for those who come freely (IS. 55), but to take from those who have had to be made to come in fear (REV. 6:16). Whatever happens to YHWH’s people at this time will no longer be as a result of demonic interference through the nations, but solely through their Father in chastisement (ZEC. 2:8) for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of His eye. This verse does not refer to the modern day Jew as most believe. It is the true people of YHWH, the Christian Israelites. David cries: Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of Thy wings (PSA. 17:8). Verses 9 and 14 explain who is NOT the apple of His eye: …the wicked that oppress (His people)…men of the world, which have their portion in this life…

Whether unbeliever (in Yahshua Messiah), including Jew or worldly Christian, people of the world are NOT the apple of YHWH’s eye. Hence how imperative it is we separate ourselves from the world and enter the spiritual Kingdom. Be silent, O all flesh, before YHWH: for He is raised up out of His holy habitation (ZEC. 2:13). Why must the world hush (the literal translation)? Job spent an entire book questioning YHWH about his troubles yet got no concrete answer. He did receive conviction in his heart for pride. No answer necessary!

Habakkuk questioned YHWH about the unpunished wickedness of the people of Yudah, yet when the response was that the Most High would raise up the Chaldeans, the prophet was appalled. He felt YHWH’s instrument of judgment too violent and cruel against the more ‘righteous’ Jews. “But how can You approve this method, YHWH the Rock, surely You are too pure?” Habakkuk further asks. This time no answer came, just an injunction to write out his vision of the coming atrocity. The prophet was apparently satisfied with this, along with that famous verse so corrupted by Martin Luther et al: Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith (HAB. 2:4). In other words: Many shall be purified and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand…And…shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and…turn many to righteousness (DAN. 12:10, 3).

While the wicked and the ignorant ask, “Why?” the wise recognize that their best response to the Almighty’s holiness is silence, not questioning. They trust Him. Those who question Him do not. To ask without quietly trusting is the height of pride. It is saying, “He is at fault. He has caused this, not me. I am the righteous one here. How dare He!”

To those the righteous judge says again: Hold thy peace at the presence of YHWH thy Father: for the day of the Most High is at hand: for YHWH hath prepared a sacrifice (of the worldly church), He hath bid His guests (the Elect)…I will punish the princes, and the king’s children (world leaders) [ZEPH. 1:7-8]. But He will have to search Yerushalem (the church) with candles to find the True Church, and punish the lukewarm church which neither trusts Him to do good not understands He will punish them for their sins (v.12). Father is sick of the accusations, rationalizations, questions, their deafness to His answers, their blindness to His righteous responses. So He tells the world to hush for the final act in His panoramic drama.


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