Let Them Marry

I have a fear. It is that I will do more things wrong in my life that I already have. How should I prevent that. We make minor decisions every day. But anything bigger than minor should be run past YHWH and His Book first. The really important ones should be mulled over and prayed about for as long as necessary to receive a clear, precise, and definite direction. The more we adhere to Father’s Laws and standards as elucidated in the Bible the greater our blessings and the straighter our path will be. If I had only known this when I was, say, thirteen, before my rebellious years started.

Here are just a few little known rules from the Bible, but which relate to many of us, and not just in the younger generation today, at some time or another. They most certainly do to me, as readers will know if they have been following the posts about my journey through life:

  1. According to YHWH’s will, it is desirable for a man and a woman to marry before having any sexual relations. They should remain virgins until their wedding day or night, at which time the act consummates the marriage, making it legitimate in Father’s sight.
  2. In Bible times, New Testament and Old, if a man and woman had mutually agreed sexual intercourse, they had to marry. That’s in the Law, EXODUS 22:16 and DEUTERONOMY 22:29. If they failed to marry, when the woman came to her marriage bed with another man, and he found her to be not a virgin, she could be stoned to death.
  3. If an unmarried woman was found to be with child, she was considered to have been prostituting herself and put to death by burning. That’s in GENESIS 38:21 concerning Yudah and Tamar. In that case, however, Tamar was saved from burning because she was pregnant to her father-in-law in order to raise up a son for her deceased husband.
  4. There is only one other scenario whereby the woman could be saved: if her betrothed, or her husband stepped in to marry her and accept the child as his own. This was the case with Hoshiyah and his wife, Gomer, who played the harlot and become pregnant twice to other men, and the case of course with Mary and Joseph. The father of the baby can marry the pregnant woman also, thereby saving her, which pertains to point number one above.

In our modern day, particularly western countries, we really have a shallow view of how deeply sinful is any type of sexual immorality. And though Christians know about keeping themselves pure until marriage, they are not well-informed about the Laws above. When I was attending Bible College in Papua New Guinea–it was a reputable college with a large Pentecostal Foursquare Gospel Church–the leadership had no idea of YHWH’s proper protocol in cases where church members fell into sexual sin. Because they didn’t keep, teach, know, or believe to be relevant for us today the Old Testament Laws.

One of my good friends, a single girl, who was working in the church office when I arrived at the college, was found to be pregnant. She was immediately dismissed from her position. The head pastors strongly suggested the expectant mother give up her baby for adoption so she could go into ministry. They deemed ‘ministry’ much more important than a ‘mere’ child. She gave birth to the baby, a beautiful little boy, and was in the process of deciding whether to keep him or not. She lived at home with her parents, so was not destitute or anything.

When I saw my friend with her little boy, and she told me the story I was shocked by the pastors’ response. I told her the BABY was her ministry and she should keep him. Then a short time later, I was talking to Jeremiah, one of my fellow college students, one evening. He was telling me how several of them went to one of the islands for a holiday before our college year started, and he fell into sin with his girlfriend, the one who had the baby. He just asked me, “Whose baby do you think that is?” I looked at him blankly, wondering why he was asking me. “It’s my baby!” he said.

Now it’s been 20 years, but upon learning this, and realizing there had been a cover-up because of the shame, I just exclaimed, “But you two should have been married!” Instead of putting these two young people together, marrying them, and helping them to establish a life together, the pastors had forbidden them to have anything to do with each other lest they fall into more sin. Result: a child without a father, an unwed mother, and I found out later the man fell away from Christianity. Not only that, I received a desperate letter from my friend when I was back in Australia saying she was not coping at all with her situation.

The moral of the story is clear: don’t have sex with someone to whom you aren’t married, or failing that, to anyone you wouldn’t want to marry and with whom you wouldn’t want to have a baby. As my mother advised me in my late teens when I started nursing: ‘Keep yourself for your husband.’ She had written this on a lovely card of congratulations to me upon commencing my nursing career. It embarrassed me, and I said into the air–for she wasn’t with me when I opened the card–“Too late, Mum,” not realizing for many years the import of what I’d done, and my dishonour towards her. Nor how truly valuable is a girl’s purity.


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