The Passing of the Divine Right to Rule

It is significant that the Coronation Stone (mentioned in my last few posts) was taken from Westminster Abbey in London and returned to Scotland in November 1996. For 700 years it had rested under the throne, having been taken there by King Edward I in 1296. The British government had made the decision earlier that year. Prime Minister John Major announced it in public on 3 July 1996. Considered for its new placement had been Edinburgh and Scone, the Stone’s original resting place in Scotland from 838 AD, hence why it had also been known as the ‘Stone of Scone’. Kenneth MacAlpin had placed the Stone in the newly built Scone Abbey, Perthshire, for his coronation.

Before the Stone’s return and while its destination in Scotland was debated, the Irish expressed a desire to have it. The Israelites, too, wanted it, claiming it as theirs originally, their ancestor Yacob having used it as a pillow at Bethel! In fact the Liafail went to Edinburgh Castle where it remains today.

What I would like to ask is this: why isn’t this information common knowledge? Why isn’t it known and taught in school history lessons, and Bible Colleges? The royal family, the British, and the Israeli governments all know these truths. Why don’t the general populace of at least the Commonwealth and America?

Although the Scottish government promised to return the Stone of Destiny to London for future coronations, I personally believe there will be none or they will have no legitimacy with YHWH is there are. The king or queen of the realm of Great Britain and her Commonwealth is also, since Henry VIII, the titular head of the Church of England–the Defender of the Faith. But Prince Charles, heir to David’s throne, has refused the honour. He is desirous instead of a New Age church composed of all religions. It is the same organization planned by the New World Order once the false church prostitute is disposed of by burning.

Prince Charles has by this denied Messiah and profaned his crown by casting it to the ground…made his glory to cease, and cast his throne down to the ground (PSA. 89:39, 44) before he has even received it! How can a person such as this be crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury in a Christian service and make the following powerful vows of office:

  • with the Bible, be mindful of His Law and Gospel as the Rule for life and government
  • with the Sword as the minister of God for punishment of evildoers and protection of those who do well, through Jesus Christ, protect the holy Church, faithfully serve our Lord Jesus Christ…
  • with the bracelets, be strengthened through Jesus Christ…
  • with the Robe, be endued by God with knowledge, wisdom and righteousness

and so on through the Orb, Ring, Sceptre, and Rod?

The actual significance of the Stone’s removal from under the British throne is, I believe, a passing of the divine right to rule from the current line of Queen Elizabeth to the saints: And the Kingdom and dominion…under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High (DAN. 7:27), with a saint of Yudah’s line to again sit on the earthly throne.

What, pray, should we, Israel, be doing in these last days? Yahshua tells us in LUKE 10:13: Occupy till I come. On the surface these four words appear to mean, be occupied in YHWH’s work, doing each particular ministry He gives us. And so we should. But there is more to this short command than meets the eye.

Remember the gate of his enemies that the angel of YHWH promised Abraham his seed would possess (GEN. 22:17)? There are the geographical sea gates over which Great Britain has had dominion. Then there are spiritual gates and doorways.

In ancient times, judges and officials dispensed justice and dealt with public matters at the gates of their cities. Lot was such a judge, being the only honest man in Sodom. Likewise King David, Mordecai, and many others in Scripture occupied the gates of their respective cities. The walls of a strong city can be the salvation of its people: …We have a strong city; salvation will YHWH appoint for walls and bulwarks (IS. 26:1). But the gates can make a city totally vulnerable to an enemy depending upon who mans or fails to man them. The spiritual realm operates like this too: Open ye the gates; that the righteous nation that keepeth the truth may enter in (IS. 26:2). And Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in (PSA. 24:7).

Notice there is an angel at each gate into the Heavenly holy city of New Yerushalem. And over each gate is written the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel (REV. 21:12).

How do we occupy the gates of our cities so that the King of Glory may come in at His appearing? We are even now a spiritual Kingdom of kings and priests, a righteous nation. Yahshua has described to us the way in a command to Peter: And I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven (MATT. 16:19).

This is a united front of spiritual warfare and prayer, like Christians worldwide who are presently participating in the 40 Days for Life campaign to stop abortion. Over a six-week period, the Church is praying around the clock in such countries as Nigeria and Russia as well as the western nations outside abortion clinics to save unborn babies from a grizzly death. Ask Father to allow you individually or as a group (a church, for example) to occupy the gates of your houses, workplaces, towns, cities, countries, continents. We can bind up all forms of unrighteous worldly governments: communist, Islamic, democratic (it is no accident democracy means in Greek strength of the people and starts with the same three letters as demon), and loose angels into those places to battle the forces of darkness, ultimately destroying them. It starts with us. Requirements: righteousness, prayer, and doing YHWH’s will, as I have emphasized before in past posts. So that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church, as Yahshua stated (MATT. 16:18).

The Church can however, consist of one righteous person with all others annihilated. Noah and family were but eight. Abraham and Sarah were only two. Yeremyah and his little band were four or five. Do not ever complacently presume you are part of that Church. At the last trump, only 144,000 families of the worldwide church will make it to Heaven alive!

In conclusion, it should be noted, one only needs to have a tiny drop of Israelite blood in their ancestry to qualify for the Elect. It matters not the colour of your skin or nationality. And just because you may not know of any contribution to your family line by one of Israelite ancestry does not mean there is none. Apart from that there is the adoption about which Paul speaks (ROM. 8:15; GAL. 4:5; EPH. 1:5). Aliens were always welcome to Israel so long as they worshipped YHWH and kept His Laws. Think Rahab. Think Ruth. But as I previously wrote, it is my opinion that almost every person on Earth today has some Israelite blood.


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2 Responses to The Passing of the Divine Right to Rule

  1. Mitchell says:

    Hello again Debra, you have certainly been busily ‘blogging’. And receiving many, many comments…you must be pleased – congratulations. I have been so time challenged of late that I haven’t been able to check in regularly, so thought I would take a few moments to get back up to speed. I will be sure to let you know how my travels go. Unfortunately none of them are in the very near future.
    I was a little taken aback by your last response. I can not understand that you would still want to be married to a man that may be comitting adultery – I feel sure you deserve so much better. Do you think that he really would be reading this??? When was the last time he made contact with you? If he and your daughter and step-daughter have not returned by now, it’s probably fairly safe to presume they won’t be returning. But you have moved on, so good for you.
    However I am confused – how can you go on each day and go to bed each night and sleep knowing that your ‘husband’ may be in bed and making love to another woman? I know that if it was me and my wife was with another man it would do my head in – no amount of praying and belief and waiting for the Great One to show his hand could help with live with that fact. Sorry, that’s just how I am.
    Anyway, I understand you don’t want to share how your little ‘miracles’ are going, but perhaps one day you will share your joy here with your loyal readers.
    Until next time, keep’blogging’ and remember to share with us some more of your amzing, wonderful travels around this amazing world. MW

    • debramieth says:

      Thanks, Mitchell, for taking the time to write and share that. I definitely will share with you one day soon I hope. I loved that you shared such deep feelings about how you feel about adultery. I makes me think. I’d like to ask you, how would it make a difference whether I was still in it or not if my beloved WAS in bed with someone else? If I really love him, wouldn’t I be as devastated as you describe about yourself whether awaiting him or having given up? Perhaps it may be useful for you to know that almost every man I was ever with long-term was unfaithful to me. One just learns to live with it. I was brought to mind recently of a word I received from Father after Anthony took me to court for the third time. It went something like this: Because he (Anthony) has done this (terrible) thing (to me his wife), the battle is no longer for our marriage,because his and Natasha’s (because she played a part in our separation)lives are forfeit. The battle now is for their souls. I believe it was from YHWH, but there’s always a chance it wasn’t. However, having known this prophetic word, I also know Father has an amazing–as if it hasn’t been amazing enough already–plan for my life still to come. And I am holding Him to the promise made in EPHESIANS 3:20: Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think… Imagine, He has for me MORE than I can imagine or even dream about.And that’s how I can sleep at night–like a baby. Now Mitchell, surely you remember my earlier posts about NEVER GIVING UP. I won’t do thatto my prodigals until the fat lady sings as they say. Giving up is not faith. As for the comments, many of them, I think, are spam, but I can’t tell the difference so what do I do? There’s now 200 a day coming in but the stats haven’t gone up that high. Something strange is happening there. Hope you enjoyed new post last night about my travels which will continue for a little while. They sound like some sort of intergalactic odyssey. It takes me back and I am amazed at where my life is going. Debra


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