Lion, Eagle, Ox, Man

Another landmark to which the signposts point is the camp standards of the Israelites in the wilderness. Borrowing from Ezekiel’s vision of the four living creatures, we can relate them to these standards. To the east was Yudah (NUM. 2:3) whose standard was the lion, also one of the symbols of Great Britain. The lion and the unicorn are in her coat-of-arms: Yudah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: He stooped down, he crouched as a lion, and as an old lion: who shall rouse him up? (GEN. 49:9).

Great Britain is now an old lion and the sceptre has not departed from this old lion (Yudah). Dan also was a lion’s whelp, said Moses, who shall leap from Bashan (DEUT. 33:22). And remember Balaam’s prophecy about the great lion (NUM. 24:9), a repeat of GENESIS 49:9. MICAYAH 5:7-9 affirms his strength by declaring the lion to be the strongest power on Earth: all thine enemies shall be cut off.

Next standard was Dan’s to the north (NUM. 2:25) whose symbol was the eagle. Remember the ships which took the prince of Zarah and later Tea Tephi to the isles? On their prows were great eagles (see post She Did Bend Her Roots toward Him). As we know, the Great Seal of the USA has on it an eagle, it being a famous symbol of that nation.

Joseph on the west side is an ox: And Ephraim is a heifer that is taught, and loves to tread out the corn… (HOS. 10:11). He is a hard worker and loves to make a profit from his labours in the capitalistic society in which he lives and owns his own land. Not only that but: For Israel slideth back as a backsliding heifer… (HOS 4:16). They backslide to idol worship in their original land of Israel, and the majority of the people in the Commonwealth and the United States remain backslidden, lukewarm, or nominal to the things of YHWH. Apart from this, have you ever wondered why we have the word bull as a profanity so often exclaimed in our English language? I hadn’t. For those readers whose main language isn’t English, we often say ‘Bull!’ when we disagree with or disbelieve what someone has told us.

The standard of a man must belong to Reuben to the south. Reuben, I once learned, became the people of France. And to whom did they give their allegiance when the Most High was rejected at the time of the French Revolution? Man and humanism. When they guillotined their last king and raised up a self-styled Napoleon, man became enthroned and France never again rose to its former level of royalty, grandeur, or nobility. The only greatness left in that nation is in the relics of her bygone kings who, though imperfect, at least put the SON of man in His rightful place. It is said that before going to the guillotine, the revolutionaries tried to force the young dauphin, son of the already executed Louis XVI, to deny his Messiah so he would not go to Heaven. They did not believe he deserved it. The child refused. Funny how these humanists apparently believed in Heaven and its Saviour.


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