Israelite Genes?

One may ask, if we are descended from Israelites, why don’t we look like Jews? Characteristic of that race is an aquiline nose and short-sightedness. Yudah was Leah’s son. Leah, the sister with the weak eyes, has passed her genes to her progeny, short-sightedness also being a sign of spiritual blindness. Many Arabs also have beaked or hooked noses, so rather than Leah, that particular trait has probably come through Abraham. Ishmael, the father of the Arabs, inherited it, as did Isaac, Yacob, and Yudah.

Joseph was of Rachel, the sister beautiful of form and face (GEN. 29:17 NASV). In addition, Manasseh and Ephraim were sons of Egyptian royalty. Their mother, Asenath, was the daughter of Poti-pherah, prince of On (translated priest in GENESIS 42:45). The Egyptian-Yacobic blend of nose was straight and handsome, as is the pure Anglo-Saxon nose today. Benyamin, being Rachel’s son, also looked different from Yudah. This is why Esther and Mordecai could pass in and out of Susa palace without being recognized as Jews – they were Benyaminites (EST. 2:5). My ancestors were: Prussian, Scottish, English, and French–all Anglo-Saxon–and I have a straight nose, not a bend or bump in it. Have you?

We have seemingly found Israel by following these signposts, with Queen Elizabeth II on the throne of David. Perhaps if we follow the Coronation or Bethel Stone from here on in we may find who will sit on that throne during the millennial reign of Messiah. For is there not yet a further overturn? Keep an eye out in the news, for that is how I originally discovered the Stone had been taken back to Scotland. More about this next post, the final in this series.

It is my personal belief that there are in fact TWO overturns remaining. Recall the first was from King Zedekyah in Yudah to his daughter Tea Tephi and the Heremon in Ireland. The next I have detailed was from the Irish line to the Scottish one. I believe that from Ireland to Scotland it was the same line and not a new overturn. TWO further overturns between now and the short time before the start of the Millennium makes the mind boggle somewhat, doesn’t it? There is revelation that has been passed to me about this but it will have to wait for some posts hence.

Any reader still doubting this information about the throne of David, Great Britain, and the USA are welcome to do so. There are many websites and books, some of which I used myself, devoted to it. When I recently mentioned to an otherwise well-informed friend about the revelation, she went immediately to the Internet to check it out. Her family was neglected and no dinner was cooked while she researched with fascination Tea Tephi and Yeremyah in Ireland. She said Tea Tephi’s is the only ancient grave in Ireland that has not been excavated. This I found interesting. Surely they would find a plethora of buried riches within her grave. It is said that buried with her at the ancient site of Tara were the deeds to the land Yeremyah  bought just prior to the fall of Yerushalem. This deed, it would seem to me, would give evidence of the true owners of the land of Israel today. But perhaps the grave of this ‘mother’ and Jewish queen of Ireland should be considered too sacred and special to touch.


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