The Prophet and the Princess


Having shown that the Jews and Israel are separate to this day, we need now to find Israel and the Jew’s king still sitting, according to Scripture, on David’s throne. To trace the history of the sceptre we must go back to David. Recall that Abraham was told: kings shall come out of thee, and Yudah was promised that the sceptre shall not depart from him.

YHWH bestowed the blessing of royal fatherhood to David through Nathan the prophet (II SAM. 7:12-16). Nathan declared that a son of David, not David himself, shall build a house for YHWH’s name and He will establish the throne of his kingdom FOREVER. Though this probably means Yahshua’s spiritual temple made of living stones, it is also an earthly house patterned after the Heavenly blueprint. For we read in verse 16, YHWH promises David a house, that is the House of David. Not a temple, for no temple was ever called the ‘House of David’, the ‘House of Shelomoh’, or the House of any earthly king.

The House of YHWH was the temple. The House of David was David’s lineage sitting on the earthly throne. That his seed would suffer stripes and chastening was not only an oblique reference to Yahshua, but a warning for all David’s descendants on that throne. Well was it said, for many of them were as wicked as men could be.

David by himself could not have built a lineage for it needed a LINE of sons to do so. One of his SONS needed to establish the House, named for David. This covenant YHWH made with David and sons was unconditional (PSA. 89), standing fast for all generations despite any sins those sons would commit. This throne could never have been Yahshua’s for only David’s sons sat in the room of their father (I KINGS 5:5). Yahshua had no need of an earthly throne room! And further to this, the words used in PSALM 89:30-32 are all plural: If THEY break My statutes…I will visit THEIR transgressions with the rod and THEIR iniquity with stripes. This is as opposed to the singular tense used for the son (Son?) in II SAMUEL 7:12-14 who is to build YHWH’s TEMPLE House (the spiritual temple).

Despite the unconditional promise to David, Shelomoh had to walk in uprightness and keep YHWH’s statutes (I KINGS 9:4-5) or the Most High would cut off Israel out of the land (v.7). Father reserved the right to choose another king from the pool if Shelomoh or his sons disobeyed. Of course, he DID disobey and went into apostasy, and so lost all the tribes but Benyamin. He was permitted to keep a small portion in order for his lineage to maintain the throne because of YHWH’s unconditional promise to David. PSALM 89:35-37 has the promise that this line will reign as long as the sun shines and the moon rises. Again this cannot mean Yahshua in Heaven where He is Light, without need of sun or moon (REV. 21:23).

PSALM 89:4 tells us David’s seed was to rule in all generations. This ruler could be a man or a woman for the word iysh, man (I KINGS 9:50) can be used for male or female. When YHWH creates a new heaven and earth (REV. 21:1), then shall Yahshua the Prince, the Son of David, take His seat on David’s throne. Until then an earthly seed shall sit on it co-ruling, with Yahshua reigning in the Heavenlies. When that time comes, this mighty king will be the last to sit on any throne on Earth. And that is why YHWH could promise David his throne would be established forever.


We now step down the ladder of history to the age of the last kings in Yudah, and meet one of only three men sanctified before birth: Yeremyah, son of Hilkiyah. In the darkest days of Jewish national existence, Yeremyah was made custodian of the royal seed of David. He was commissioned to be: a prophet to the nations…to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant (YER. 1:5-10). Yeremyah never raised a sword or had an army. He accomplished these things by the words of YHWH alone, that issued from his mouth. May we all be as bold as Yeremyah in telling the truth! It is powerful!

Yeremyah’s call was to voice the Almighty’s doings at that time: the overthrow of Yudah, the rooting out of the branch then on David’s throne, the replanting of the seed elsewhere, and the setting up of that lineage. This need not take place among the Jews for YHWH gave ISRAEL to David, not just the Jews. Nine tenths of the seed of Israel were never members of the Jewish kingdom.

This rooting out started with King Yoshiyah (Josiah). Though he was a good king, YHWH was already committed to Yudah’s destruction. Yoshiyah was killed by the Egyptians in battle (II CHRON. 35:21-25). The next king in line to be uprooted was Yoshiyah’s son, Shallum, otherwise known as Yehoahaz. His evil reign lasted only three months before he was carried off to Egypt by the same king, Necho, who killed his father. There Shallum died. The Egyptian king made another son,  Eliakim, king in his brother’s place. Necho renamed Yudah’s new king Yehoiakim as a mark of vassalage. It was this king who burnt the scroll on which Baruch had inscribed Yeremyah’s prophecy. His eleven year reign was also characteristically evil and bloodthirsty. Nebuchadnezzar uprooted him and took him to Babylon where he too died.

Next, Yehoiakim’s son, Yehoiachin, also known as Coniyah, was crowned in his stead. This king’s evil rebellion towards Nebuchadnezzar resulted in him being taken to and imprisoned in Babylon. Later, Evil-merodach had him released to live in Babylon until his death. Zerubbabel, who returned for the rebuilding of Yerushalem, was Yehoiachin’s  grandson, not to mention the heir to the throne of David. But that line was well and truly uprooted by then. Nor did the Persians allow the threat of a king to once more sit on the throne of Israel.

After Yehoiachin came Mattaniyah, his uncle, another of Yoshiyah’s sons, who became Zedekyah, the last of the Yudeo-Davidic line. His evil reign of eleven years was also uprooted by Nebuchadnezzar. Zedekyah fled Yerushalem when he saw the princes of Babylon sitting in the middle gate after the fall of the city. Overtaken by the Chaldean army, he was taken before Nebuchadnezzar whereupon he witnessed his sons and nobles slain before having his eyes blinded, then was taken to Babylon in chains where he died in prison.

Yerushalem was burned and broken down in fulfilment of Yeremyah’s prophecy (39:1-8), the rooting out, pulling down, throwing down, and destruction being complete. Thus ended the history of the last king of the Jews of David’s house. Henceforth all records show the Jews under the dominion of Gentile nations. Not once were they again ruled by a king or even a prince of their own royal house of David. The Maccabean kings were Levites, not Yudeans. Yahshua was not given the throne of David or the reign of the house of Yacob, not even spiritually, for the Jews, though a part of that house, are yet enemies of the Gospel. To be a king, one’s subjects must accept one as such.

YHWH reiterates to Yeremyah (31:28): And it shall come to pass, that like as I have watched over them, to pluck up, and to break down, and to throw down, and to destroy, and to afflict; so will I watch over them, to build, and to plant, saith YHWH.


How does Yeremyah fulfil this planting of the seed and building of a new house of David? Where is the seed to be planted? Who IS the seed?

Because Yeremyah TRUSTED YHWH (we should note this for our own lives), he was promised deliverance from all the deprivations and imprisonments wrought upon his fellow Jews (YER. 39:17-16). During the invasions of Nebuchadnezzar his prison walls became a place of safety. The Babylonians treated him well and released him. Thereafter with his scribe Baruch, Yeremyah goes to Gedalyah the governor at Mizpah where a remnant had gathered. But another party under one Ishmael kills Gedalyah, the Chaldean soldiers, and the Jews with him.

But look at the next verse telling us the saga and we make a surprising discovery: Then Ishmael carried away captive all the residue of the people that were in Mizpah, EVEN THE KING”S DAUGHTERS…and departed to go over to the Ammonites (YER. 41:10). THE KING”S DAUGHTERS! That is, King Zedekyah’s daughters. A seed of David safe at Mizpah with Yeremyah the prophet!

Tradition has it there were three daughters. It is believed by some that Yeremyah was their great-grandfather but as the prophet was instructed by YHWH not to take a wife or have sons or daughters in Yudah, it seems unlikely.

The remnant is rescued by Yohanan and another company of soldiers who, out of fear of the Chaldeans, force them to go to Egypt despite Yeremyah’s warning from YHWH to the contrary. There, true to the words of the prophecy, all are slain by Nebuchadnezzar. All, that is, but that small band promised delivery by YHWH: Baruch for his faithfulness to the prophet (YER. 45), the king’s daughters, and Yeremyah himself: Yet a small number that escape the sword shall return out of the land of Egypt into the land of Yudah… (JER. 44:28).

Though it is not written in the pages of the Bible, it is known from other historical sources that at least one little princess left Egypt with Yeremyah and Baruch. But it is at this point in Scripture the aging prophet and his loyal scribe step out of its pages and disappear.

One clue as to what happens next is given by deportee to Babylon, the prophet Ezekiel, a contemporary with Yeremyah. And thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when iniquity shall have an end…Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this (royal line) shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high (Zedekyah the king). I will OVERTURN, OVERTURN, OVERTURN it: and it shall be no more, until He comes whose right it is; and I will give it him.

We are to understand from this that upon being abased–as was Zedekyah when dragged off to Babylon blind, in chains, and with no male heir–his crown would immediately pass from his head to another’s. And not just this once but three times or overturns would take place from royal line to royal line. And each new head would be someone lower in stature, reputation, or class than the one losing the crown. After the third overturn it would remain on that head until the end of the Millennium when Yahshua, on a new Earth, under a new heaven, would be given the crown. Eternally.

This does of course continue. By the way: a question. Who were the other two men, along with Yeremyah, sanctified before birth?


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3 Responses to The Prophet and the Princess

  1. Mitchell says:

    Hello, you have been very busy writing. Great stories about your worldly travels and your somewhat mis-spent youth. I note you haven’t written anything about your ‘prodigals’ returning or the long awaited birth of your ‘little miracles’ lately. I read with interest that you don’t know whether your estranged husband has ‘moved on’ (re-partnered). This is such a shame…being the devout Christian that you are, if he had/has re-partnered you would be in the position to divorce him and be rid of him for good. Nothing stopping you – it is your right to do so. You would be free. Please write more about your experiences…they get many comments. Perhaps you could share more of the wonderful blessings bestowed on you by the Almighty One. Oh, great photos you posted on fb…and yes, the lion was regal and majestic. I’m hoping to one day visit Africa. However, witnessing the awe & wonder of the Aroura Borealis is the next thing on my ‘must see/do’ list. And of course taking a trip out onto the tundra to marvel at the amazing polar bears and perhaps see the belugas and orcas in their natural environment. What a truly wonderful and amazing world we live in. Well, hopefully I can read here soon that you have divorced that wrenched man that took you to dark places and that you can continue to smile, laugh and be happy in your freedom…totally moved on and released from your obsession. Do take care and I look forward with anticipation to travelling through your journeys here on your blog. MAW

    • debramieth says:

      Hi Mitchell, Thank you and nice to hear from you again. I didn’t think I’d be online tonight as last night my Dell froze, and I had to take it to the doctor this morning. He put it into the hospital for it needs a heart transplant: a new hard drive. But Gabriel saved the day and lent me his.
      There is something I have not written in my posts. When I was 43 weeks pregnant, I was reading ISAYAH 53 about the suffering servant and out of my mouth came these words: Let me suffer twice as much for Anthony. Thereafter started all these additional trials: the antenna coming down, the cyclone, the tree on the tank, now my computer troubles, and many others. I don’t know how much ‘twice as much’ is, but I do know it is doing an amazing work in me. I am not the same person and am beginning to understand JAMES 1:1-8. In fact I am even starting to enjoy it. Father does foolish things to confound the wise ROMANS 1:27. I mean, what sensible person would have allowed himself to be CRUCIFIED on a CROSS? To SAVE the WORLD!?! On my front verandah is written: LIFE IS NOT ABOUT WAITING FOR THE STORMS TO PASS, IT IS ABOUT LEARNING TO DANCE IN THE RAIN. I’ve often danced in the rain. In Nigeria one night we all SHOWERED in the rain! I’ll leave you to imagine that!
      About the divorce thing. When I married Anthony I promised until death parts us. No conditions, not even adultery. I made the mistake of divorcing Philip. My best friend discovered that no woman in the Bible ever left her husband except Gomer the prostitute, and definitely none ever divorced their husband. It appears husbands were allowed to divorce their wives if they suspected adultery but could not prove it, but it was never YHWH’s will. It may appear unfair that a woman cannot divorce her husband. In fact, what happens is that if she leaves it in Father’s hands alone, He will either change the husband’s heart or slay him, making her free. For adultery by a man who is without excuse–he knows it is wrong–is a sin unto death. Neither of my husbands were without excuse about adultery. I am not so obsessed about having a man I have to get ‘free’ of him anyway, I have made too many mistakes in that area. I am leaving it to Father.
      I don’t think my youth was entirely miss-spent, do you? I will get back to it after this series about the throne of David.
      It sounds like your next adventure will be awesome. Hope we hear about it. You can post it here in my comments! My next dream journey was to go on the Trans-Siberian railway. I was booked to go on it once, but they cancelled it because of the 60 below weather in Siberia that year, and I didn’t want to wait until the next one a month later as Bruce was in London and I missed him.
      At the moment I’m not sharing what has happened re babies in case a certain person sees this. I don’t want him finding out from a blog. HE HAS TO RING ME! Hope you understand. D

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