One King Shall Be King to Them All.

We’ll leave Juanita, Michael, and my travels for a while to explore the travels of the Israelites for a while. But we will return to the former, for there is an important truth I learned on that journey about the value each one of us is to our Heavenly Father.

YHWH tells us through Ezekiel (37:21-24) that He will take the children of Israel from among the heathen to where long ago they were dispersed, return them to their own land, make them one nation, and put one king over them. No more shall they be two nations or kingdoms. Furthermore, they shall no longer defile themselves, nor transgress, but will be saved, cleansed, obey His Laws, and become His people once more. And, He states, David shall be king over them.

David king over them? When Ezekiel gave this prophecy David had been in his grave a long time – centuries. And David’s line came to an end as far as kings go when Nebuchadnezzar killed all the sons of Zedekyah, and took him blind to Babylon where he died in prison: 507 BC. Many believe it refers to Yahshua sitting on the throne of David. But this cannot be for three reasons:

  1. Yahshua never sat on the throne of Israel, the ten lost tribes having been dispersed about 600 years before He was even born. And only about ten percent of the remaining southern kingdom of Yudah received Yahshua as King.
  2. Between the 590 years between Zedekyah being taken to Babylon in chains to Babylon and Yahshua’s first appearance as Messiah, no king sat on the throne of Israel despite YHWH promising David one of his descendants would forever (while the sun, moon, and stars hung in the sky) sit on his throne. The David of EZEKIEL 37:24 therefore must be descended from a line of monarchs sitting throughout history on David’s throne.
  3. Yahshua is in Heaven. David’s throne is on Earth and has never been in Heaven.

Who and where then is this monarch sitting and REIGNING on David’s throne TODAY? Pursuant to what I previously wrote about the dispersed tribes of Israel (see post The Jews and the Ten Lost Tribes), we will find out who their reigning monarch is. It is a known revelation by many and on numerous sites on the Internet. However, as per usual, the Church is the last to know simply because they refuse to allow truth to burst their bubble. Consequently most unbelievers do not know this truth either. It is interesting to note that the leadership of today’s secular nation of Israel DO know this truth but refuse, I imagine, to promulgate it as it is too embarrassing for them.

Now, I am not simply going to tell you. For many disbelieve the story and consistently try to discredit it. I will, however, SHOW it from Scripture. Over several posts. To start we must go right back to the days of Abram and Saray, as they were first called. Remember in my recent post, Head over Heels in Bali, I wrote that Abram means high father. Saray means dominative. She surely was when she made Abraham her husband cast out his own son. Poor Ishmael.

We won’t go into the whole story as it is too long. We need only look at the promises YHWH made to Abraham. First, when Abram was induced by the Almighty to go to Canaan from Haran, He promised:

  • He’d make of Abram a great nation;
  • to bless him and make his name great;
  • to make Abram himself a blessing to ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH;
  • and to bless those who bless Abram and curse those who curse him (GEN. 12:1-3).

I love this blessing because it is a blessing for my family. Many Christians and Jews believe this blessing and cursing is for the Jews because they are Abraham’s descendants. Maybe. But they forget or are not aware the Ashkenazi Jews are probably not descended from Abraham (see The Jews and the Ten Lost Tribes). Abraham’s descendants are ALL TEN TRIBES of Israel from whom, as we have found, most of us in the world today are also descended; ISHMAEL, the father of the no less than TWELVE ARAB NATIONS (NOT the Muslim nations which today includes Turks, Egyptians, Indonesians, Malaysians, etc); and the many descendants of the SIX CHILDREN born to him with his later wife, KETURAH. So be careful whom you curse today. In addition, Abraham was not a Jew. The Jews came from Yudah who was not born until more than 60 years after Abraham died.

So far we have learnt all of us are in some fashion blessed because of Abram. Next, Abram was promised an heir from his own body, from whom would spring descendants like the stars in number (GEN. 15:4-6).

Abram at 99 receives yet more promises, but only if he walks perfectly before YHWH:

  • he will be multiplied exceedingly,
  • made the father of many nations,
  • rendered exceedingly fruitful with kings among his descendants,
  • and be given with his offspring the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession,
  • with YHWH as their Father.

Abram’s name is changed to Abraham meaning aptly father of a multitude. There is a condition to these descendants being part of this multitude: they must circumcise their sons, even if not born from Abraham but living in the land only (GEN. 17:1-14).

Saray receives promises too:

  • she would be blessed,
  • would give birth to Abraham’s son,
  • and be the mother of these nations and their kings.

This future mother of kings then has her name changed to Sarah which means queen, princess, or noble lady (GEN. 17:15-16).

The next and final promise of YHWH to Abraham was when he did not fail to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. In addition to reiterating the aforementioned promises of blessing and multiplying his seed as the stars and the sand on the seashore, YHWH declared that Abraham’s descendants would possess the gates of his enemies (GEN. 22:17). The Most High then swears by Himself, as there is none greater nor steadfast, making the promise unconditional upon the reciprocal deeds of any other. Meaning those descendants may break it but it will remain in force.

This promise to Abraham and his line was confirmed by Laban to Rebekah as she left to journey to Isaac: Be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gates of those which hate them (GEN. 24:60). Wow! Who would like to have millions of children?

We can recognize from this that there are many nations on Earth today whose people have descended from Abraham and Sarah. These nations are in possession of the gates of their enemies. There is no way this could mean the Jews, for they are first of all a race, not a nation. Nor can it be the modern state of Israel because, secondly, it is but one nation, and without a king at that. Neither, thirdly, are the Jews today as numberless as the stars and seashore sand. In fact, they are quite a small race and easily counted worldwide.

As this remarkable story unfolds, we find clues to lost Israel’s current identity and whereabouts. So far we have that they are: possessing gates, numberless, nations, with kings.

From the beginning of Creation, the Most High determined the boundaries of the nations that were to spring from Adam. And they were ALWAYS according to the number of the children of Israel (DEUT. 32:8). Their lot was decided first and given them as an inheritance (DEUT. 32:9). This was Canaan. Any others who settled there were considered gatecrashers, hence why the iniquitous tribes of that ancient land were to be driven out or destroyed by the incoming Israelites. The land had been PROMISED to them for over 2000 years. So were vast areas of Earth allotted to the future nations to descend from Abraham.

From the start, even from Adam, YHWH was choosing and forming a special race to call His own, and through whom to fulfil His purposes: to vindicate Himself, His Word, and His Messiah in the eyes of the world. For at present the love of our Father is despised, Christ used as a swear word, the Bible ridiculed, and its message not believed by billions. Only when this vindication is accomplished will Israel have reached the pinnacle of greatness for which she was chosen – to reflect and be a witness of Him to those billions: And I will sanctify My great name…and the heathen shall know that I AM YHWH, saith the Most High, when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes (EZE. 36:23).

Through the years of Abraham and Isaac the promises were reiterated (GEN. 26:3-4). As twin boys struggled in the womb of Rebekah, the younger was declared to be the recipient of the promise (GEN. 25:23). There is an element of waiting for all children of promise. Many fail to wait, as did Abraham for Isaac, and Yacob for his promised inheritance. Nevertheless, as Yacob left for Padan Aram, Isaac passed onto him the blessings of Abraham, as did YHWH at the Bethel Stone (GEN. 28:13-14):

  • to be fruitful,
  • to be a multitude of people,
  • and to inherit the land of Canaan.

Accept, therefore, all things of Heaven first by faith. Then wait. They will surely be yours. Please stay with me while we find the nations and kings we seek sitting on David’s throne today. Meanwhile, think about what nations this could possibly be.


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  1. Rodney says:

    I loved your blog. Much thanks again. A lot required.

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