Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

There’s a new movie coming out this week called Shade about these last days in which, whether we like it or not, we find ourselves. Watching the official trailer I see people are scared of the oligarchs controlling us. One of their stated aims is the reduction of world population from the current seven billion to two billion. That’s sure a lot of people to get rid of, isn’t it? My question is, of whom SHOULD we really be afraid?

Having mentioned hallucinogenic mushrooms on my last post–yes, blue meanies are these–I was brought to mind of a terrifying experience undergone by a young man I knew many years ago which illustrates whom we should fear.

The taking of any hallucinogenic drugs or substances opens a door into the spiritual realm. Not the Heavenly angelic one either, but into the second heaven where demons dwell.  This guy, we’ll call him Joshua, was out in the bush eating magic mushrooms with a friend. Joshua had been brought up by committed Christian parents. He was having a foray into sin and the world, but he knew he was doing wrong so was without excuse, unlike me in Bali being completely ignorant of all things spiritual.

The door was opened by Joshua with the consequence demons physically manifested and started chasing him. Scared witless, probably convicted also, he ran helter skelter through the bush trying to escape them. At some point in this nightmare Yahshua appeared to Joshua.

Yahshua Messiah is not always the gentle, loving, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly Saviour He is  portrayed to be in churches and children’s stories. To Joshua He said, “Either repent and agree to serve Me right now or I will slay you.” Joshua, the fear of YHWH on him, repented right then and chose service to his King. He ran until he found a house and banged on its door. Inside an old man gave Joshua comfort before calling his parents to come collect him. On the way home, laying across the back seat of the car, Joshua raved about what had happened to him. We all rejoiced at his conversion and new committment.

Another part of Joshua’s lifestyle at the time of his conversion was designing repulsive  demonic figures and pictures for tattoo artists. This probably contributed to the horror story in which he found himself that night.

A recent sermon I heard was about the Israelites entering the Promised Land. Because of their unbelief they got to stay in the wilderness for another 40 years where they all dropped dead. Only the children born during that time ultimately went in. If we are slack to take up our high calling from YHWH He is forced to slay us so He can call someone else in our place. I know so many in this position. They are not dead yet, but I believe they are soon going to be. And they won’t be going to Heaven either. The Scriptures clearly state those who bury their talent in the ground go to outer darkness. Father requires a people in these last days. We all have a high calling we alone were born to fulfil. If we refuse we have to die before someone can replace us. There is no retirement in YHWH’s Kingdom. Check that in the Scriptures. How many old age pensioners in there?

What keeps Father’s sons and daughters from answering His call? Rationalizing, reasoning, sun-worship and paganism, outright sin, fear, presumptuousness, self-righteousness, believing a false gospel and being deceived, laziness, unwillingness, spiritual deafness, all the demons in the apostate church. One cannot keep saying no to YHWH indefinitely.

So as the Biblical Joshua said to YHWH’s people in JOSHUA 24:15: Choose you this day whom ye will serve before His grace in your life runs out or it is too late and the door of the Ark slams shut with you on the outside.


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