Self is often called the Flesh. It’s really just selfishness, the carnal person in us we must fight to gain control of every day in our Christian lives. For instance, I slipped into the flesh this morning. We have had three days of cyclonic weather. Usually a cyclone lasts maybe half a day and passes on. Not this one. It was a DEMONIC ATTACK! The positives were that our dam filled up from nearly empty OVERNIGHT. Our tank filled up also from nearly empty in two days. We had been drinking brown water.

The negatives are: a tree fell on our rainwater tank and crushed it. Other trees broke off and fell everywhere. We had no power, water, or phone for a couple of days. Our driveway became a river and washed into our car port. The poor chickens are living in a quagmire. My beautiful wild rose-bush had to be mercilessly pruned when the arch on which it grew collapsed and shattered.

So this morning, still faced with no power, no phone, definitely no Internet, with my buckets of rainwater quickly running out, unwashed hair, and a stinky son, I went into what my son–the stinky one–called a pity party. I was having a good time moaning until he said that. Self-pity is NOT faith. It’s self, flesh, carnal, and should be made illegal.

The Scriptural term for dealing with our flesh is crucifixion. We should not expect to walk out of the deliverance room without demons knocking on the door wanting back in. In other words, we will have the desire or temptation to recommit those old sins we thought were dealt with. Just like when I kept having the desire to smoke for five years after I had given up.

Believe, first of all, that Yahshua has redeemed us from the things (demons, sins). He has forgiven us and they are cast out. Past tense again. But the old selfish man–the flesh–still resides in us. He must be nailed to the cross. Humble yourself in submission to crucifixion and death on that cross: Submit yourselves therefore to YHWH. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (JAMES 4:7).

Submit to YHWH’s Laws and will for you. Love Him first. Put other gods (demons) away. Just say, “No,” like a girl out on a date with a guy trying to worm immoral sex out of her. If I am tempted to complain about my trials or the ways in which others have hurt or angered me, I often think of those stoic souls of yesteryear going to be burned at the stake for their faith. They simply praised YHWH and, like Yahshua, submitted without uttering a word of condemnation toward their murderers.

Remember Leviathan from my last post? The absolute truth about him is: In that day YHWH with His sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and He shall slay the dragon that is in the sea (IS. 27:1). And remember Jezebel? She had (past tense) an even worse fate: after being thrown out a window by her own eunuchs, the dogs shall eat Jezebel, declared Eliyahu, by the wall of Jezreel. Him that dieth of Ahab in the city the dogs shall eat; and him that dieth in the field shall the fowls of the air eat (I KINGS 21:23-24).

Remember, the battlefield is initially the mind. So–Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exulteth itself against the knowledge of YHWH, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Messiah (II COR. 10:5).

Having done so, Thou (that is, YHWH), wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee (IS. 26:3).

For that is our ultimate aim: a perfectly peaceful soul and spirit, so we can emulate the psalmist who wrote in PSALM 27:3 (paraphrased from The Message): When we are besieged, we are as calm as a baby; when all hell breaks loose around us, we stay collected and cool.


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4 Responses to Self

  1. Mitchell says:

    Oh no Debra, I am sorry to read about your misfortune with the weather. Hope everything is back to normal now? Do you perhaps thing that the Great One was sending a message to you? Have you been being a true Christian? I have read a number of your posts many times (I seem to find more in them the more I read them). Are you perhaps deep down in your soul being selfish about something? Perhaps you are hurting someone? You have not posted any of your more personal side of late…have your ‘prodigals’ returned yet? Have you been blessed with the arrival of your little miracles? I must confess, I looked at your facebook site…you seem to be obsessed with your ‘beloved incredible hunk’. My first thoughts on the photo of you kissing him was that his face tells a story. And the one of you 2 walking ‘away’…is that not a sign? And then to read you post about being locked in the room when you got changed. Oh Debra, from an outsiders view, what does that tell you…you are trapped in love that does not exist. He is ‘free’ on the outside. I know (from personal experience) it is very hard to let go. But from a Christians point of view does he not deserve happiness? Should he not be allowed to move forward and make a new life for himself that he wants? Is not the Christian thing to let it go and wish him well and not harbour ill will or anger or jealousy? To not ‘stalk’ him (as you have posted in early November)? After reading your blog entries regarding this person, one could hardly understand why you would want to be with him? And also you have stated that you can’t write about some of the things you said or did…why would he want you back? I also read with incredible interest your views on before and after marriage. Not sure that you should really touch or delve into and provide ‘advice’ on something that has obviously not worked in your favour in the past. There is your first daughters father, the father of your 2 sons and then your estranged husband. Perhaps you should just blog on what you know (the Almighty One) interweaved with your personal touch…you have obviously had an A-mazing, full life. I truly love reading those parts. Well, I hope i haven’t written anything that upsets you, but as I stated in the very beginning – if you put it up here for all to read (and comment) you must take the good and the bad (the praise & the criticism). Keep going – makes interesting and education reading. Hopefully you will recover from the storms damage and perhaps take a deep look within yourself and search for my you were punished? Until next time…Mitch

    • debramieth says:

      Dear Mitchell
      Replied to this last night, but when I hit the REPLY box my credit ran out and I lost the lot! Once I would have been annoyed but I just laughed and put me and my computer to bed. Here’s another shot.
      All those things I was having my pity party–Father did that to show me I had a spirit of self-pity, so I made pity parties illegal–about had resumed by the time I posted SELF. Except for the phone which came back next morning. Of course the tree was still on the tank. But this is what happened. My neighbour came over during the cyclone with the dire warning their tree was leaning ominously toward my house and tank. I just put it into Father’s hands. No tree-lopper in his right mind was going to come up. It fell next night. We slept thru it. My tree deflected it from falling on our house–good thing as Gabriel would have been under it. It made a pretty big dent but the tank is still full, works perfectly, with no holes. The neighbours insurance is paying to remove the tree and buy us a new tank. Meanwhile last I heard 70,000 homes were still without power, many flooded, six people died. And everyone on my mountain was in the same boat as me. Are we all selfish or hurting someone? I don’t know. There was nothing on my conscience. I just put it down to the increase in my prayer time, y’know, raising your head on the battlefield.
      More ‘bad’ news. Nev Antenna cannot replace my downed antenna (remember that post?) because it won’t work with the new digital system coming in May. So we will probably be getting a satellite dish – over 100 stations for nothing (neighbours responsible for that too!), better than Foxtel which I would NEVER have subscribed to anyway. Jed bought me a new TV when he was down. I would not have bothered. Terrible how things work out, isn’t it?
      Correction, I WAS obsessed with the Hunk. Discovered that for what it was: a demon, so I confessed it and cast it out. Now I am getting on with my A-mazing life. Don’t know about him. You are becoming quite discerning, Mitch, ever considered being a counsellor?
      I too must make a confession: I love my FACEBOOK photo. Many people comment on how beautiful it is. On the contrary, A was the happiest that day I ever saw him. I even have a photo of him smiling. He never usually smiles or laughs. He was miserable since well before I met him. He can blame me for it, and for driving him to alcohol, or whatever, but I doubt it will hold up in the High Court of Heaven at his final judgment. Blame is a demon too. We are each only accountable for our own sins. Owning them is part of maturity, courage, and humility.
      Neither of us are free. We are still married. He once said he would never divorce me. He hasn’t yet. He doesn’t need my permission. And he knows I can never divorce him.
      Mitchell, you have misunderstood a basic tenet of Christianity, even of life. The moment we were born, in sin, we relinquished all rights to anything. NONE OF US DESERVE ANYTHING. WE DESERVE ONLY TO GO TO HELL FOR THOSE SINS. EVERYTHING IS GIVEN BY GRACE. The grace bought by Yahshua’s death on the cross. If you can get this tattooed on your heart YHWH will be able to use you. If not, forget it. But, having said all that, Father gave us free choice. We can choose to be happy, or not be happy. It is not dependant on what anyone does to us. As for me, I choose joy. I’d like to ask: why on earth would A be unhappy? He got what he wanted. He should be the happiest man alive. Yay, I’m glad for him. I even said to Father yesterday, if he wants to go to Hell, why not let him? And I was even going to stop praying so much for him, having de-obssessed myself of him. It felt great. Well, Father spoke to me about that later thru a sermon about grace on the radio. Chuck Swindoll used Paul as his example of grace. Paul martyred many Christians. The blood and suffering of those Christians PAID for Paul’s later conversion. You see, suffering and shed blood of martyrs is like priceless spiritual gold in the Kingdom. It buys souls, just as did Yahshua’s suffering and shed blood on the cross. Father asked me, “Why shouldn’t your husband be like this?” As in, aren’t I willing to suffer, even to death, to see A saved? Of course I am. I couldn’t call myself a Christian if I wasn’t. And THAT’S why I would have him back. Not for me. There’s nothing in it for me. Just maybe more abuse. Anyway I agreed to continue praying for the man, and suffering, until his dying breath. Where is the ‘ill-will, anger, and jealousy’ in that? Even if A is saved, even if we reconcile and he is a totally convicted and changed man, he will NEVER this side of Heaven know the depth of my suffering for him. NEVER. I haven’t written about it. There’s no words. I haven’t told any of my friends about it. It is almost too much to bear sometimes. Even this morning I begged Father to end it (the suffering) for me. Y’know what He said? “Debra, didn’t you say just yesterday you are willing to die for A?”
      ‘In the past’ I have to admit, I was weak in many areas. Maybe still am. Doesn’t that come out in my blog? I mean, 13 years to get off caffeine! But I hope I am advising solely from a Scriptural perspective salted with what I’ve learned from experience. I mean, a marriage counsellor may be a divorcee several times over. He counsels from his training, not his own life.
      The other questions I choose not to answer at the moment, sorry. There are reasons. By the way, neither Philip or Ranyhyn’s father broke up with me. I did it to them. I regret both, I mean, I should be long married to the first, B, but I don’t think it would have lasted. I was too selfish, intolerant, and inconsiderate. I didn’t know I had to change and be a better person until I recommitted as a Christian. Funnily enough, because of me he never married, or had more children, and still wants me back. Can’t understand why.
      Mitchell, I am writing a post just for you, the one after next. It’s about gorillas. You’ll like it. DAM

    • debramieth says:

      Guess what, Mitch. You’ll be pleased to hear, Troy Tankman came today with his buddy Max Treelopper and we are getting a new tank next week. But that’s not the best part. Max is going to cut that massive tree into firewood for us that will last at least 84 years or so. It might as well be burnt in our fireplace as him having to cart it away. DAM

  2. Mitchell says:

    That’s great news. After the storm comes the rainbow. The smell of good wood being burned in a fire…not the cheap stuff that some people use.

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