In My Name Shall They Cast out Devils

In addition to the many of mankind’s physical deformities or impositions, are the myriad mental and emotional impairments, and behavioural disorders. Yahshua did not refer to any of these as mental illnesses. Instead, He cast out demons.

A discernment of spirits is desirable for anyone wishing to work in the area of deliverance, but this gift is freely available, and should be present in all Christians to some degree. We can cast out our own demons and those of others, by commanding them out in the name of Yahshua Messiah after confession of the sin that put them there. Alternately, one may ask Father to deliver and cleanse us with the blood of Yahshua.

These evil spirits need to be recognized, confessed, and dealt with. Recognizing them in a person is usually easy–by someone else! The actual inhabited person will steadfastly resist admitting they have demonic problems. Listen to the people close to you about such things. Bring it to the light. Demons hate being exposed. It weakens them. We cannot fight an enemy we refuse to admit exists. Exposure of the enemy is half the battle won.

Apart from all the simple negative character traits such as anger, various fears, unforgiveness, impatience, self-righteousness (racism is self-righteousness), alcoholism, selfishness, laziness, talkativeness, jealousy, obesity, and so on, with which I could  fill pages, there are the more complicated ‘syndrome’ type defects composed of many traits.

As with the physical ones, it is best when dealing with these demonic infestations to backtrack them to their roots: when they were allowed to initially possess the person. The sin that allowed the seed to take root should be recognized and confessed.

The syndromes are demonic principalities. These are the dominating demon as well as any underlings or associated spirits. A person may be possessed of a whole principality or by Satan himself at times (MARK 8:33, LUKE 22:3). In order for this to be so there must be a doorway, an initial person or ancestral sin that opened it. Accepting any lie of the spiritual enemy will suffice. Any involvement in witchcraft will also do it, even the seemingly simple act of having one’s fortune told.

Here are a few more doorways: taking drugs, drunkenness, involvement in false religions, being hypnotized, any sexual immorality outside of marriage, listening obsessively to rock music (many of the lyrics include incantations which call up demons), having acupuncture, involvement in freemasonry; like the simple ones, the list is almost endless. A person who has had involvement in the above will pass his or her demons on to an unprotected near relative at the time of death. Many demons, especially the principalities, are placed inside us during childhood as a result of an upbringing by ignorant parents.

Some of the principalities are: Jezebel, Ahab, Leviathan, Saul, and Homosexuality.


Jezebel manipulates and controls. Like its Biblical namesake, a person possessed of this demon or principality will be bossy, authoritarian, or exhibit a passive-aggressive type personality. It can inhabit men, women, or children. Most women in the feminist movement will have a spirit of Jezebel. Men who demand submission from their wives and children without a willingness to serve them at the same time will have a Jezebel spirit. Wives who lord it over their husbands, who work and refuse to allow the husband to provide for the family, have one. Jezebel is rife in the Pentecostal type churches , and in many families with a weak, fearful husband who forsakes his responsibilities as head of the household and refuses to take up his priesthood.

Women are not to be priests, pastors, or evangelists unless there is no man willing to fill that position at the time, and if it is YHWH’s specific will. Likewise they are not to preach to or to teach MEN. Paul forbids this in I TIMOTHY 2:12: But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, BUT TO BE IN SILENCE. Not only that but he also commands in I CORINTHIANS 14:34: Let the women KEEP SILENCE IN THE CHURCHES: for it is not permitted them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the Law.

I have heard all sorts of rationalizations and excuses from men and women in churches why this does not mean what it says, while dozens or hundreds of men sit weakly, fearfully, or lazily in the audience. At various Christian events, I have heard a husband speak then allow his wife a short word. Half and hour later with most ears closed and minds switched off, she’s still talking! The reason why Paul said this is because we women tend to over talk, and I mean, TALK TOO MUCH. I know I do at times. Just can it, ladies. Control your demons. Better still, be delivered of them.

Having a Jezebel spirit in a family results in confusion of role identity, homosexuality, and rebelliousness in the children of such parents. Like the husband who allows the female to dominate and control then hates and despises her for it, so will the children hate both parents. A person controlled by the Jezebel spirit will eventually be unable to give and receive love or develop meaningful relationships. Some associated demons in these people may be: mind control, lack of emotion, obsessive self-control, perfectionism, suspicion, resentfulness, jealousy, envy, and competitiveness.

Jezebel also hates YHWH’s prophets. Even if the person with the spirit does not know the other is a prophet, they will feel hatred towards the them probably immediately upon laying eyes on them. The person may not know, but the demons inside recognize the prophetic spirit.


A spirit of Saul will exhibit jealousy and pride. It is especially prevalent among big name evangelists and those more interested in numbers than souls. These people resent others for their gifts and committment to YHWH. Saul is primarily responsible for the persecution of the True Church and Christians throughout history. It is rife in the Catholic Church and denominations. It now rules over the apostate church which still believes it is the true church.

Because the True Church is called out of the whore, and usually does not have membership of a denomination, one of Saul’s favourite Scriptures upon meeting these True Christians has become: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together… (HEB. 10:25). I have even heard it said by a Christian politician in a public address that it is a sin not to go to church on Sunday. Where is that in YHWH’s 613 Laws?

The spirit of Saul can also be in anyone, not necessarily in a spiritual context.


Spiritual homosexuality is common in the Church and society. Men have this spirit if they enjoy spending time with other men in preference to their wives and children. It is found in Papua New Guinea and Arab countries where men hold hands with other men but would not be seen dead showing affection to their wives in public. It is also found in western nations at football games, barbecues, recreational events, and the priesthood of the Catholic Church. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of time with mates or the girls. But when someone PREFERS their own gender, you’ve got to wonder why.


Ahab, of course is the counterpart of Jezebel, usually the weak man in a couple. (Read about the original Jezebel and Ahab in I KINGS 16-22.) These people are full of fear and allow those with Jezebel spirits to walk all over them. They pout and whine and criticize but never get off their backsides to do anything worthwhile for YHWH’s Kingdom, mankind, or themselves. Conversely, they may allow their Jezebel mate to constantly harp on at them about their inadequacies. Divorce isn’t the answer to this either. Maybe actually taking the time to LISTEN for a change may help. The servant who buried his talent in the ground had an Ahab spirit. He was cast into outer darkness (MATT. 25:30).


Leviathan is simply pride, although this demon is not so simple. He (Leviathan) beholdeth all high things: he is king over all the children of pride (JOB 41:34).

Leviathan, says deliverance minister and author, Win Worley, can be traced as the culprit when there are spiritual problems with Bible study or concentration on spiritual goals. It will hinder worship or spiritual activity, as well as be involved in learning difficulties in children. One of its chief occupations is to block Christian deliverance. JOB 41:15 reveals that Leviathan’s scales are so tightly sealed as to allow no air to come between them. This points to the inability of the entrance of YHWH’s Spirit. These people are in a demonic stranglehold.

Once, upon looking at a friend of mine, I saw by revelation a monstrous snake coiled about inside of her from her head to the ground. This particular friend was quite obese and used her size to intimidate people. She had been rejected by her mother from the womb and suffered years of abuse from her. At some point Satan had convinced my friend she had to be big to be strong because her mother was bigger than her. When she stopped growing and remained short in stature, she ate excessively thereby growing outwardly big.

A critical tongue, a stiff neck, and stubbornness all contribute to the Leviathan spirit. These people resist being told anything. They are know-it-alls and unteachable. Atheists have a spirit of Leviathan, as do those in the churches who enjoy a false or shallow Christianity. The demon stands outside the Holy Place of our heart to prevent entrance to the Spirit. Then it counterfeits the Holy Spirit’s workings by giving counterfeit prayer and worship in a false Pentecostal or other religious experience leading to error and deception. Today many are requiring deliverance from spirits of false tongues and other religious spirits received by the laying on of hands by ministers who themselves have evil spirits and erroneous doctrines.

Much of the extreme prosperity and lack of trouble teaching in the Church is from Leviathan. Quarrelling, contentions, arguing, even from Scripture, is Leviathan. It knows the Bible better than us. Like the PROVERB (27:17) says: Iron sharpeneth iron… But iron does not sharpen iron, does anyone know? Iron is sharpened by a stone. If we try to sharpen iron with iron, sparks fly. (This is not referring to a modern knife sharpener.) This talks about Christians in disagreement, not sharpening each other for their mutual benefit.

Leviathan makes us wonder why Father has not answered our prayers when we believe we had every right to them. It leads us to think the lie YHWH has slipped up, or can’t be trusted. The dragon from the sea deceives, misleads, and defrauds its victims about themselves making them selfish, arrogant, and proud. The unteachable are on a downward spiral. The proud, piercing serpent asks YHWH, “Why?” when experiencing trials and tribulations, denying the Word that says Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him (JOB 13:15), and YHWH gave, and YHWH hath taken away; blessed be the name of YHWH (JOB 1:21). 

As descendants of Adam we are all easily affected by pride and the abovementioned bondages. They are powerful and deeply rooted in us. The Good News is that Yahshua is our Answer and Deliverer, and we thank Him for a Spirit of conviction. May we work diligently to root out all pride and other foul spirits for their destruction.

And let us not be deceived. Coming against these things in someone else can even be fatal. I have had Jezebel spirits come against me and they literally nearly killed me. Being then ignorant of its existence and workings, I became exhausted spiritually, mentally, and physically and just wanted to die. I would liken it to having what is today called a nervous breakdown.

Being more astute these days, one thing I have noticed about this demon is that the person whom it hates will start to feel the lash of its tongue, or be made to feel unimportant. When its victim exhibits any sort of spirituality or way in which they appear to outdo the one with Jezebel, the evil spirit will start to put them down, make them feel inferior, guilty, stupid, or worthless. This is because the person with the Jezebel is in fact very insecure themself but covers it up with self-righteousness. This insecurity and jealousy will desire to put its victim back ‘in her place’, which is never above the Jezebel.

One friend I had with a Jezebel demon would often ring up at the last moment to cancel an appointment which had been made weeks before. It was never for an urgent reason either. They appear to have little understanding of good manners or ettiquette. People with Jezebel spirits don’t last very long as friends with me. I refuse to be put in the place they have determined for me and always confront them about their ‘problem’. The demon does not like that.


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