The Fingertip Becomes a Sword

Last post I stated there were a couple of reasons for impositions or symptoms of sickness that are unrelated to sin. One was mentioned in that post, that a wife or member of a family may ‘carry’ an illness for a husband so he may continue to provide for his family. Usually this is involuntary insofar as the wife, unless she knows this code, does not realize what’s going on.

While I was in Bible College, just such a situation happened to my pastor and his wife back in Australia. Apparently there were things not right in the church at the time of which, as a new believer and member there, I was unaware. The pastor’s wife went for a minor operation and fell prey to a post-op psychosis. It continued for so long the pastor had to step down from his position to care for her. Other family members filled in for a while. With Philip my first husband, we returned to the church after Bible College but quickly left when we were not treated very well, and were brought by YHWH to the man who taught us this code and passed on to me many revelations contained in this blog.

Some years later I learned from a fellow Christian that the church collapsed and the reason was something to do with the pastor. Funnily enough, when my children commenced home schooling, I found to my amazement the church buildings had become the headquarters for our home schooling ministry which blessed us for many years.

Aside from this sort of carrying an imposition for another, there is also another type. It is known as ‘standing in the gap’. We can request from Father to undertake this for someone who is especially burdened by a particular sin, weakness, or calamity. For instance, I asked Father in order to help my friend Ruth, who ultimately died by drug overdose, if I could carry some of her depression. I found within a short time I was feeling quite depressed myself. A prayer warrior can stand in the gap for another merely by praying for them.

When we suffer for someone like this, we have the choice of asking Father to stop it at any time if it seems to be too difficult. But as He never gives us burdens too heavy to bear, if we choose to keep going He will always give us grace. Meanwhile YHWH is able to work in the person’s life more easily because the one standing in the gap is thwarting some of the enemy’s attack against them. An analogy to this is the 300 Spartans under King Leonidas who  gave their lives to delay the Persians while the rest of the Grecian army was able to withdraw and evacuate the people to the island of Salamis.

The other type of imposition unrelated to our sin is when someone hates us. All sorts of things such as hatred, gossip, prayers for someone not said according to YHWH’s will, negative words, bitterness, unforgiveness and jealousy towards someone can send illness, troubles, and even death to the recipient of these prayers and bad feelings. New Agers use the term ‘bad vibes’. They are in fact curses against the victims. It causes a spiritual attack. Christian author and doctor Rebecca Brown had this happen to her as a result of a coven of witches trying to destroy her and her inroads into the kingdom of darkness. You can read about it in her book He Came to Set the Captives Free. Anything like this, as with all illness, should be actively resisted in prayer and spiritual warfare. Prayers not according to Father’s will should be blocked in Yahshua’s name.

Curses such as those above need a doorway of sin in the Christian victim’s life. Rebecca actually believed she was sick when the imposition came upon her. She went home to her parents’ place to die. It was her pastor who came and told her the truth and that she had to resist the onslaught. She had been believing a lie. I have read in other books that when a Satanist sends an undeserved curse, it not only doesn’t afflict the one to whom it is sent, but it comes back on the sender. This is Scriptural.

For many years I have occasionally experienced a sudden stabbing pain in my chest for no apparent reason. This happened a lot at a certain time in my life when I knew a particular person hated me and would even try to physically harm me. I eventually discerned it was as a result of that hatred. But it can happen when I am in the bad books of others as well. When it comes upon me now I immediately rebuke it in Yahshua’s name with the result it subsides rapidly. Thereafter I try to pinpoint who is coming against me so I may pray for them.

Further to these two types of impositions, I can tell many stories of instances in my life  and that of others giving evidence of impositions being warnings about sin. The Holy Spirit led a Christian man I once briefly knew from Perth in Western Australia to the city in which I was then living on the east coast. This brother obtained work while he was in my city, being unsure why he had been so led across the country. At work he sustained a severe cut to his left arm necessitating time off. He was married to his third wife who was being somewhat recalcitrant in matters of the Spirit. As a result this otherwise upright Christian brother was having sinful thoughts regretting that he had broken up with his second wife because she seemed a better prospect than his current one.

Upon learning this information, I said to my brother I felt the reason for the cut in his arm was that Father was trying to tell him there was a ‘cut’ or division in the relationship between him and his current wife. Simple really, isn’t it? Left arm equals woman or wife. When I didn’t see Tim for a few days, I asked a mutual friend about him and she said upon receiving my word of knowledge, he had been convicted by it, pulled up stakes, and returned to Western Australia. I never saw him again. Hopefully his marriage was healed.

This was similar to the curse put upon me as a child. I broke my arm five times between the ages of four and twenty-eight. Then I injured it twice more after I became a committed Christian. At the time of the last injury I asked Father why. He said my mother had put a curse of rejection on me as a baby. I immediately broke the curse. But the pain remained. That night when I couldn’t sleep for it, I sought Father further and He told me I had taken into me a spirit of inferiority as a result of the rejection. So I repented of this. Inferiority has dogged me all my life and I even now have had to continue to battle against it. But since repenting of it that night it has been easier. Because now I recognize the enemy. If inferiority or fear rises up in me I usually just rebuke it.

The timing of that last injury was interesting. Father had taken me to see the pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church whom I had met through my friend Ruth when she invited me to her church. We had got to talking about the end times after church one Sabbath and he had ASKED me to come see him to discuss my beliefs further. The day I was to see him was the same one on which I had injured my arm. This lovely pastor even prayed against the pain in my arm. But I had been feeling very unworthy of speaking with the pastor of a big SDA church. That night when dealing with my inferiority, Father said, it was not up to me to question my worth or unworthiness. I am but His vessel and He can use whomsoever He likes for whatever work He wants to use them. Nor are the people to whom He sends me or anybody else to judge or question who I am or they are or what we look like. It’s His message alone that needs to be judged or discerned.

This is a powerful enemy stronghold among YHWH’s people. They judge the PERSON who comes to them with a message from YHWH rather than the message. And usually it is according to what the person LOOKS like. We do well to remember that John the Baptist wore camel hair and ate locusts and wild honey. He never wore a suit and tie in his life. Eliyahu (Elijah), arguably the greatest prophet in the Bible, also wore an animal skin and was described as very hairy. No beauty parlour for him! Father does this DELIBERATELY to confound the wise (I COR. 1:26-29), or rather, those who THINK they are wise. Not one of YHWH’s prophets, kings, or priests had a PhD or any letters after their name. In fact, none even had SURNAMES!

In the previous post I wrote that stomach problems often point to fear. When my first son was born, he threw up after every feed until he was six months old. It didn’t bother him otherwise, but left me smelling like vomit. The reflux suddenly vanished after I visited my earthly father in order to confront him about certain ways during my life he had deeply hurt me. The thought of going to see him after some years of estrangement had terrified me. Following our confrontation, my fear of him vanished also.

Heart problems, I wrote, indicate a heart not right with YHWH. About three years ago I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with my uncle of 69 years who had had heart disease, attacks, and operations for many years. I presented the above fact to him. He completely rejected it. Two weeks later he collapsed with a massive stroke. After ten days in a paralysed state wherein he could hear us but not talk, he succumbed to death. During this time I twice more urged him to call out to Yahshua to save him as he was going to die. His family had chosen to withdraw all treatment. If we fail to take notice of the fingertip it will eventually become a sword with which to slay us.

Dental problems can be a sign of saying the wrong things. I know. For years even as a Christian I had trouble keeping my temper and calling my children nasty names when I got mad at them. As a result I lost two teeth. A toothache is extremely painful, reflecting no doubt Father’s pain at my sin. A third has been threatening as well but since I overcame my angry outbursts has improved markedly.

Then there was my friend who was telling me one day she had to have an operation for a tumour in her finger. I noted it was her right index finger. Speaking prophetically I raised my right finger, pointed it at her, and declared, “You have been pointing the finger at someone else in accusation and blame, and it’s a male.” Afterwards I realized it was her son to whom she had been pointing, as she was constantly criticizing and finding fault with him. Right finger equals male. Finger often means a child. If you do this, it pays to remember the log we have in our own eye is usually much bigger than the speck in someone else’s.

The last one concerns Gloria Roberts from Elijah House Ministries in the USA. She relates in a  CD message about depression how she fell victim to this spirit in her life after her son was born. She did a bit of backtracking and discovered it was due to having given up her daughter for adoption when Gloria was sixteen years old. Every time she saw her new little boy she would think about her daughter. Gloria was angry at the father of her daughter for not wanting the child. But her doctor pointed out to her she herself had made the choice too. Though Gloria then got angry at herself, it was when she faced this sin of denial her depression started to subside. Depression will always have a starting date related to something we have done that is often repressed and not dealt with.

I hope this has been helpful. My readers will probably be able to pinpoint similar sins and curses in their own lives using this information. Next post we deal with mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders.


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