The Finger of YHWH

I remember standing under the magnificent ceiling of the Sistine Chapel admiring Michelangelo’s masterpiece. The Creation of Adam depicts YHWH reaching out to touch His wonderful new creation, Adam, with His fingertip.

YHWH’s fingertip continues to point in a special way to disclose to us His will. As I wrote in the last few posts, Christians do not get sick. We are redeemed from sickness, grief and sorrow. What then is it when we continue to receive in our bodies illness-like symptoms? Some few times, like Job, we are tested by these symptoms, or kept humble by them like Paul was, as we established in the last post. Mostly, however, it is the finger of YHWH pointing to our sin.

Father has a code He uses to do this. Usually YHWH will point to a specific place on our body or in our life that perfectly relates to the sin or area He desires us to deal with and change. There are probably too many specific points to cover here, but having learnt the code, one may apply it to their own situation and enlarge upon it as required, through revelation from the Spirit of YHWH.

Christians do not get sick as unbelievers do. In fact, this code works for unbelievers too. But these do not have Yahshua to cover, protect, and ultimately save their souls. Nor the Holy Spirit to help pinpoint the problem, unless they have a discerning Christian friend to help them. I used this code to stop my uncle from continually injuring his left leg due to a curse of unforgiveness he had put on himself. He is not a Christian. Father had also started bringing poisonous snakes to his farm to warn him about the curse (see YHWH Sent Fiery Serpents Among the People). That’s what finally got my attention about his situation.

Instead of sicknesses, Christians receive IMPOSITIONS as my late prophetic brother, who taught me this code, called them. These impositions are the finger of YHWH imposing on us to highlight a sin, or capture our attention when we are otherwise failing to hear or heed Him.

In the case of a Christian, or anyone for that matter, we must first use what I call ‘backtracking’ to pinpoint a particular sin as the cause of a sickness or accident. Especially in the case of a chronic illness or disability that was not healed at conversion, the victim must GO BACK to the time of the initial symptoms. After a thorough study of the Law, Prophets, and the New Testament, examine everything you were doing at that time. Point by point, sin by sin, deal with each un-Lawful act, thought, area of your life back then. Confess sins, cut and sever all legal rights given to Satan to harm you (see Which Accused Them before YHWH Day and Night)–just say out loud, “I cut and sever all legal rights given to Satan by this sin”–and break any curses–just say, “I break any curses put on me by this sin in the name of Yahshua Messiah who became a curse for me, etc”. Consider ancestral curses and sins of your parents if you were a child at the time. If you continue to search diligently, YHWH’s Spirit will eventually illuminate it. If necessary, fast and ask others to pray and fast for you as you search and seek.

When the sin is dealt by repentance the imposition should be healed sometimes without even requiring prayer. That is what deliverance and healing minister, Henry Wright, has found in his very successful BE IN HEALTH ministry based in the USA. The Scriptural principles he uses are basically the same as mine. His website is , and he has written a book titled A More Excellent Way.

Detecting the cause of any sickness, accident, or calamity in one’s life is the same as finding the reasons for chronic illness or disability. Go back to the time of its planting, that is, when a sin was put into our fallow ground and allowed to take root: It is the glory of YHWH to conceal a thing; but the honour of kings is to search out a matter (PRO. 25:2); Search me, O YHWH, and know my heart; try me and know my thoughts; And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting (PSA. 139:23-24); And I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven: this sore travail hath YHWH given to the sons of man to be exercised therewith (ECC. 1:13); I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness (ECC. 7:25).

If along the way we confess a few or many sins that are exposed but not the cause of the imposition, all the better!

As I wrote, YHWH points specifically to the problem. After we have looked at the time the illness, accident, or calamity occurred, we look at the place on our bodies or in our lives to which He is pointing. Calamities can be such things as: poverty; destructive forces such as fire, flood, or drought; theft; family breakdown, separation and divorce; assaults, troubles, and woes of all descriptions. Even small events like car trouble. For instance, if your house burns down, it is a serious warning from the Most High, usually symbolizing your life.

As regarding illness and bodily impositions, we will start with the head. Suppose you have a HEADACHE. This will point to either unfruitful thoughts in the victim, or the HEAD or leader of the home or an organization. So if a wife has the headache it is usually her husband who is involved in some sort of sin in his role as head of the home. Perhaps he is not treating his wife well, or neglecting his responsibilities toward his family in some way. Why does the wife get the imposition? So the husband remains free to provide for her and their children. A wife can ask Father to put the imposition on her husband which may illicit a quicker response on his part. Or it may not. It depends on the husband. This will not work if the imposition is after all for her. Perhaps she is not treating her husband with the respect and submission he is due as head of the home according to Scripture. Or she is taking charge when she shouldn’t be.

On a related but slightly different note, I had a friend with a large bust whose husband more than once told her to cover her cleavage. Instead of complying respectfully and submissively, she argued with him. I was shocked to learn in the process of this, my friend discovered she had breast cancer. Instead of repenting and claiming healing, she chose to have both breasts removed, even after I’d given her a prophetic word that her disrespect was the reason. Rebellion = witchcraft, and is a very serious matter.

If a person refuses to deal with headaches, or any imposition for that matter according to YHWH’s will, they will become worse or more frequent. Eventually, in the case of headaches, they may suffer migraines, a brain tumour, mental illness, psychosis, and death.

Everything works like this. FAILING EYESIGHT will mean we are not seeing the truth about something YHWH is trying to show us. Shortsightedness may concern something recent. Long-sightedness points to a past or future event. When my daughter became a rebellious prodigal her eyes failed and she needed glasses at 18 years old. Blessedly she was dating an optometrist at the time. Neither her father or I have that sort of health history. I’ve never needed glasses to this day, and Bruce was still not needing them in his early 40s when I last saw him 11 years ago. Read your Bible, for truth, like faith, is seen with spiritual eyes.

Many will say failing eyesight is just a sign of old age. But Moses’ eyes were not dimmed at 120. YHWH is ancient, but there’s nothing wrong with His eyes. We are created in His image–perfect. The people in Heaven are said to look about 30 years old. No aged among them. Know this: age is irrelevant. It is from Satan. Before the Fall, Adam and Eve were to live forever. I don’t suppose they were going to be wrinkly and stooped either. Check out ISAYAH 35:4-6, 40:31; and MALACHI 4:2.

HEARING AND EAR PROBLEMS usually mean we are not hearing YHWH. When He cannot get our attention through an imposition, He turns up the heat. First, He speaks to us in His still, small voice. Next comes the imposition. Then He starts shouting. The shout of the Almighty is like all the thunders of all the storms in the world bellowing at one time. And yes, the person will gradually go deaf. Again read your Bible, for faith cometh by hearing (with spiritual ears), and hearing by the Word of YHWH (ROM. 10:17).This hearing is talking about revelation from the Holy Spirit.

When Yahshua taught in the synagogue in Nazareth from ISAYAH (61:1) deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind (LUKE 4:18), it is obvious He meant a spiritual release from bondage to sin, and healing of spiritual as well as physical blindness,

Let us continue our body search. Problems with the MOUTH mean Father is pointing to the words you speak. FACIAL LINES may be a sign of worry. A STIFF NECK will indicate a stiff neck (stubbornness)! A BAD BACK shows you are not putting your trust in YHWH to support you, for the spine is the support of the body.

Also significant is whether the left or right side of the body is affected. The right side is the one of authority (Yahshua sits on the right side of the Father), and the left side concerns submission. In a marriage or family situation the right points to the husband, and the left points to the wife. If a man has an injury to his right side maybe he is abusing his authority, or failing to submit to authorities in his life. If his left side is injured he may be injured spiritually by a woman, in which case he needs to forgive her, or is not treating his wife as lovingly as he should be.

FINGERS OR TOES will often speak about a group of people, maybe your children for they are small. Or some kind of division. Anything to do with the STOMACH points to fear, for vomiting, queasiness, ulcers, and heartburn are all responses to fearfulness which is a lack of faith, a sin. There is not a single fearful person in Heaven. The fearful are all eventually cast into the Lake of fire (REV. 21:8). We all feel afraid sometimes. The sin occurs when in the long-term we act upon fear and bury our talent in the ground in disobedience to YHWH.

DIARRHOEA or anything to do with the bowel or faeces is spiritual uncleanness, and may also relate to fear as the rectum tends to empty involuntarily in response to great fear. FEET AND HANDS will generally indicate doing something or going somewhere you shouldn’t. ARTHRITIS is almost always unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, and even murder. Even secular health books pinpoint this sin as causing this condition. Bitterness causes excessive acidity of the system which eats away at the stomach, flesh, and bones. Ulcers may result from unforgiveness.

CANCER, being composed of rebellious cells inside the body gnawing away at our healthy tissue, is caused by disobedience to our holy Father–His Word and His will. HEART problems point simply and clearly to a heart not right with YHWH. Muscular disease means you are using your own strength instead of YHWH’s.

From this synopsis, you may understand how the code works. Simply remember: Christians don’t get sick, they have YHWH imposing His fingertip in the area He wants cleaned up. Yahshua has already HEALED us at the time of His flaying.

The late Bill Banks, in his book Deliverance from Childlessness, after having ministered for thirty years in the area of healing, pointed out that in almost every case physical problems had spiritual roots. And that the search to find these roots requires us to be like patient detectives with perseverance, logical thinking, and spiritual discernment. He showed through his experiences in deliverance that many health problems are actually demons needing to be cast out after repentance for the sin that allowed them access to our bodies. Yahshua gives evidence of this in LUKE 13:11-13 when He cast out of a woman a SPIRIT OF INFIRMITY she’d had for 18 years. The evil spirit had bent her over. When Yahshua healed her she was also delivered and could straighten up.

There are a couple of other reasons for IMPOSITIONS or symptoms of sickness with which we may suffer but not related to our own sin. I will cover these, and give a number of examples evidencing what I’ve written above in my next post.


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