I Am YHWH That Healeth Thee

…If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of YHWH thy Father, and will do that which is right in His sight, and will give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have put on the Egyptians: for I am YHWH that healeth thee (EX. 15:26).

And YHWH will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee: but will lay them upon all that hate thee (DEUT. 7:15).

And these signs shall follow them that believe; in My Name shall they cast out devils…They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover (MARK 16:17-18).

Taken literally, these few of many more Scriptures like them say if we obey YHWH’s Laws we shall not get sick or have accidents. It’s really pretty straight forward, isn’t it? The middle one is particularly scary. If we hate someone, we’ll get their diseases instead of them getting sick. Or vice versa if they hate us. Better do some quick forgiving. Do you tend to be sick a lot? Check your heart for hatred, anger, bitterness.

If, therefore, Christians should not be sick, why are they? Assuming they are reasonably good people and have forgiven those who hate them. We talked about it in Having Obtained Eternal Redemption for Us. We should be fully healed at the time of rebirth as Christians. This is borne out by Yahshua’s forgiving the sins of AND healing the paralytic in MATTHEW 9:2-7: For whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and walk?

Faith in Yahshua Messiah has the ability to save as well as to heal: salvation from sin and healing from the consequences of that sin (LUKE 7:50). A prayer offered in faith will restore one who has been sick AND result in any sins being forgiven, writes James (5:15). Confess your sins to one another, pray for one another for healing, he further admonishes. Sin and sickness are so obviously intertwined. Yahshua Himself expected faith to heal both body and soul. Both healing and salvation of the soul come from the same Greek verb: sozo. “Your faith has HEALED (sozo) you,” He told blind Bartimaeus (MARK 10:53). And, “Your faith has SAVED (sozo) you,” He said to forgive a woman’s sins (LUKE 7:50) using the identical phrase.

Whenever healing is taught or spoken about, certain arguments from Scripture arise, and are used as excuses as to why they or others are not healed. “What,” they are sure to ask, “about the man born blind? And what about Job? And how about the sickness of which YHWH refused to relieve Paul even after three requests, simply replying, “My grace is sufficient for thee”?

Yahshua made the statement that the man was born blind in order to display the works of YHWH (JOHN 9:3). Healing is one of His works. I believe this was a very special case in which Yahshua was using the man’s eyes opening to the light from the darkness of blindness as a symbol of Himself–the Light–coming into the world and opening the eyes of all of us to the light of truth. Be that as it may, there is more to it than this simple yet profound depiction.

If a person with a disability from birth is disabled for YHWH’s glory, then their healing will occur when he becomes a Christian as was the blind man. For as we have established, salvation from sin, and healing go together–or they should do. Anyone in this situation may accept his or her healing now. This is not just those born with a disability, but for disabilities acquired since birth and up until they became a Christian.

All newly converted Christians need ministry AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to:

  • confess their sins
  • be cleansed of those sins
  • be delivered
  • have demonic soul ties cut (an unhealthy spiritual relationship that binds us to someone else to whom we should not be so bound)
  • have training in the keeping of the Law
  • have teaching in the understanding of Scripture
  • have hands laid on them for prayer and the infilling of the Spirit of YHWH (the only other way to receive His Spirit is to be baptised in water – ACTS 2:38)

Though seldom undertaken in today’s Laodicean Church, this approach to a new Christian’s needs will open the way for them to experience a true new birth. (Though difficult, it is possible for a committed person to do all of the above by themself or within a family rather than a church.) When I was confirmed in the Church of England, along with my fellow candidates, I was prayed for AT LENGTH by a bishop and the congregation, a beautiful prayer still said over confirmation candidates in the Anglican Church today. We had hands laid upon us to receive the Holy Spirit. I have no doubt this prayer guided me 21 years later in my renewed committment to YHWH.

If a person already knows Yahshua and is not healed when they become a true believer, one must ask, is there something more to it? Is there a hidden sin? A thorough study of the Law may uncover something. You should discount ‘the man born blind’ as applying to yourself IF YOU ARE NOT HEALED when becoming a Christian and asking for healing, for he was, in fact, healed but you are not. In other words, someone disabled at some point in order to show YHWH’s glorious work WILL BE HEALED.

There are Christians getting around who are disabled, disfigured, in wheelchairs, and with all sorts of diseases, who are not healed despite prayer and an intense desire to be so. No matter what they or anyone else believes, Yahshua left NO ONE who asked it of Him, unhealed or undelivered. He sent not a one to a doctor or gave them medicine. Some, He said, needed fasting and prayer. I do not, nor ever will believe it glorifies Him for His people to be disabled or sick. This was a major reason my husband was turned off the church we attended. So many who went to doctors were sick there when I, who never went to doctors, was sick for ONE night–which I bore patiently–in our entire marriage. Nor did I have a single accident. (Actually I did slam my thumb in my car hatchback once. It was agonizingly painful, a trifle flat, and bled all day. I knew what I had done immediately, and repented. I had been griping ceaselessly to myself about the shortfalls of a certain husband. It took a while, but it has since healed without a scar.)

Dig deeper for a reason for illness. Those who diligently seek YHWH shall find Him (PRO. 8:17). A man is disqualified from the priesthood if he has a deformity or defect (LEV. 21:17-23). As we are to be a Kingdom of priests, can we say we are wholly in the Kingdom while not glorifying YHWH with our health and physical well-being? So far is this is concerned, if it is a child who is sick or disabled, the parents should look at their sins in order to find the reason. In my next post I go more into finding reasons for sickness and other calamities in our lives.

Coming to the next excuse from Scripture for a lack of healing, we find Job. It is very simple. Job had a problem with pride (JOB 40:3-4; 42:3, 5) and fear (3:25). He trusted more in his own righteousness than in the invisible Father. Having said that, Job has been a source of untold encouragement to me and innumerable Israelites and Christians for millenia. We should not allow this singularly courageous man’s experience to keep us sick and in self-pity. Like Job, there are times Father will test our faith in Him and His Word by allowing a sickness or accident to strike. Despite pain, suffering, and demonic attack, stand firm in such a case letting patience have its perfect work, as James admonishes. Refuse to entertain doubt. Do not run off to the doctor and make the medical establishment your god. Pray, do all that you are capable of doing then let YHWH!

There will be some who are so into doctors and medicine or some other sin that Father has let them go their way. For instance, if they have an accident or illness it may be very serious. Like when my son Jed fell out of a tree, crushed his skull, and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance (see Faith Without Works Is Dead). You may see what I did then. I was willing to let Jed go. But I had repented because I knew what my sin was. Sometimes we have to be willing to let a child go, or die ourselves, especially when we don’t know why things happen. Christians have no need to fear death. Especially if they are sincere.

Be aware, usually Father does not want us to lose out. I don’t want you to lose out. If someone ends up in hospital, consider carefully every course of action before embarking on it. I have heard of well-known Christians exhausting all medical treatment and still their child or they themselves are not cured. But the minute they put the situation into Father’s hands entirely, even unto death, the person was healed. Also, try to have as many people praying as possible. Someone may come up with something, a word of knowledge or wisdom; or the power of corporate prayer may well delay or stop an enemy attack.

I once read a little book by Roberts Liardon I think, about his visit as a boy to Heaven in the Spirit. There Yahshua showed him, among other things, warehouses full of body parts such as limbs and organs. They await, Yahshua explained to the child, the owners asking YHWH for them back, for they belonged to those on Earth who had lost them through accident or illness. Though I’ve not witnessed it, I have heard of missing limbs being restored to people after faithful prayer for just that. All things are possible with YHWH. If He can create the universe, a new leg is a small matter for Him. Make no excuse for a lack of faith, prayer, or ferreting out of sin.

Finally, we come to Paul who was given by YHWH a messenger of Satan to buffet him, about which he prayed three times but received only the word from YHWH. “My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness (II COR. 12:9). Before everyone who is ill starts applying this to themselves when they fail to be healed, first know, there is absolutely no evidence Paul had an illness! Some have suggested it refers to the intense persecutions he suffered. Whatever this ‘thorn in the flesh’ was, as Paul explains in verse 7, it was to stop him from getting proud after receiving the great revelations Father gave him, AND because of his visit to Heaven. For those who are given great revelations or responsibility, YHWH may buffet likewise, but most of us are not so graced.


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