What About the Sixth Sense?

After having written last night about discerning the holy and the profane using our five physical senses, we need to discuss another area closely related to discernment. It is one of the three parts of our human spirit: intuition, the other two being communion and conscience.

Until we become committed Christians, our spirits are dead or asleep like an animal hibernating for the winter. Once we are filled with YHWH’s Spirit, our spirit is regenerated. For it is needed to commune, that is, talk to or hear our Heavenly Father talking to us. Often He also communicates matters to us through our intuition rather than speaking directly. A woman’s intuition tends to be stronger than a man’s, hence why we hear the term women’s intuition.

Intuition is different from discernment insofar as it is spiritual rather than sensual or physical. However, intuition could be said to be spiritual sight through the ‘eyes’ of the heart, and spiritual hearing through the ‘ears’ of our heart. It is referred to in ROMANS 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of YHWH. For it is only by enlightenment from the Spirit of Truth that we can understand YHWH’s Word. Mostly we are not actually hearing the Word, unless we are listening to it on CD. We read it. So this is talking about those ‘ears’ of our hearts.

Another difference between intuition and discernment is that intuition is not necessarily used to detect good or evil, but to guide, direct, or often to warn us. Most of us know about intuition. Though it may need regeneration at the time of our rebirth as Christians, many people have it from baby birth. Just as the majority of us have an active conscience before rebirth. In little children intuition and conscience are particularly sensitive. This is because they are so innocent of deliberate sin. It is our progressive wickedness as we age that sears our conscience and destroys our intuition simply because we don’t listen to it.

In general, most Bible-believing Christians know that there are no such beings as aliens (from outer space). Such creatures depicted in movies and books are in fact demons. Though I’m not fully informed about them, I know they can apparently manifest in the physical realm, which explains abductions and other incidents in which aliens have been known to be involved. When my daughter was about 6 years-old, the movie ET came on the television. I wanted to watch it because, of course, we all of that generation were raised on a diet of ET the Extra-Terrestrial. My daughter, however, never having seen the movie, put on such a performance. She wasn’t exactly scared, just uncomfortable. She simply did not want to see that movie. Talking about it to some Christian friends later, one said, “That’s because she knew ET is a demon.” Whoops! So did I. I should have listened to MY intuition. It was through Ranyhyn’s intuition from YHWH she knew this.

Numberless are the times since I was a child I have been given guidance, wisdom, and warnings through my intuition. As a rebellious 16-year-old, with my next door neighbour of the same age, we organized to visit some male friends from school after everyone in our households had turned in for the night. One of the guys, Gary, lived just over a highway from us. Ruth and I snuck out and arrived at Gary’s parents’ house. After only having been there a short time, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Ruth said to me, “You want to go home, don’t you?” I certainly did. The urgency was acute. We said goodnight to the boys and rushed back over the overpass, to find both sets of our parents on our front verandahs looking for and worrying about us. How utterly humiliating. We said we had been out for a walk! They believed us. I never did THAT again. The sick feeling was my intuition. I just knew something was wrong.

It was intuition that warned me not to go into the travel agent in Madang when I was at Bible College. That’s in the post Count It All Joy. Another time I was trying to minister to a friend who was in serious need of deliverance and healing. One day I had a strong desire to phone her. When I did she was not home, but her flatmate Dave answered. He told me some incredible news. About an hour before, my friend, also named Ruth, and her mother had arrived at her place. Ruth had collapsed in her mother’s car. Dave had pulled her out and started resuscitating her on the footpath because she wasn’t breathing. An ambulance was called which arrived, stabilized Ruth, and took her to hospital. I straightaway also drove to the hospital. With my three then young children I walked into the ward wherein Ruth was a patient. Ruth and her mother looked at me in profound disbelief.

“How did you know we were here?” they gasped. They had been in the ward only minutes before I arrived. I explained. It was intuition that told me to phone Ruth. With this particular friend, I kept on appearing at opportune moments like this. Father was really on her case. Ultimately she rejected the help Father and I offered her. About a year later Ruth was found dead of a drug overdose in a toilet block in the south of our city. At least she had become a Christian. I had been privileged to be at her very public baptism by her father who was a lay-minister in their church. Hopefully the overdose was an accident and not suicide. Deliverance is not practised in the church denomination of which they were members.

Last story: On the way to take my son Jed to a training course at an agricultural college three hours away, I had a small problem with my old bus. We had to drive up a mountain range and the vehicle started to overheat. It cooled down as we stopped for lunch and drove the remaining distance and back without incident. At home I told my husband. I was worried because my bus NEVER usually overheated. Not even one degree. He had no answers and told me all week not to worry about it as it was old. My other son and I had to go back out a week later and pick Jed up, another six-hour drive. All the way through the city I KNEW (in my intuition) something was not right. I even considered going to my husband’s work which was on the way, and swapping vehicles for the day. But he had said not to worry, it was fine. He was the head of our home.

Twenty minutes from the town in which Jed was staying my differential joint exploded. It had been going for a while and we had been coaxing it along because of the expense of getting a new one. No more driving for the old bus that day. It was smokin’. Gabriel and I managed to hitch a lift into town, get to the college, and pick Jed up before he thought he’d been abandoned. Once there I rang my until then worry-free husband and told him the news. Whoops! Another major blooper on his part. He straightaway realized his extreme error and quickly made plans to come pick us up, and to have my bus towed home, no small undertaking. The gracious gentleman who had given us a lift to town and the college told me that, yes, a differential joint that is on its way out will sometimes cause the vehicles engine to overheat.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Father made sure my husband knew it was he who acted irresponsibly by not listening to me, his wife, about the overheating. Before leaving to drive out to us, he went to the bank to withdraw his pay for that week as he always did. For some reason he went into the bank from the cashcard teller outside. In the bank he quickly realized he had forgotten to take his money out of the slot and rushed back outside. In those few seconds someone had come along and taken the entire amount.

The WARNING from this is not to fail to listen to WARNINGS through our intuition. Husbands, always at least listen, if not take heed, to your wife’s concerns. It may be YHWH speaking to you about matters of extreme importance. I would have lost NOTHING if there had been NOTHING wrong with my bus but had taken my husband’s vehicle that day.

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