Raising Your Head on the Battlefield

At an Elijah House Seminar once, I was spilling my troubles to one of the coordinators with a ready ear. She prayed for me with the comment, “It sounds like you’ve raised your head on the battlefield.” Never having heard this before, I asked her what she meant. Annie went on to explain to me that when a person steps out and does something, like a ministry for the Most High, it is sometimes like they become a head taller on the battlefield than  everyone else so the enemy can easily see them above all the others. Consequently they get shot at more often.

By shot at I mean they will be attacked in the spiritual realm. When I look back on my Christian walk I can see this happening constantly. But it is only in the areas lacking in us that Satan can attack. That is, areas of sin, whether ignorant or not. Hence why it is so important we purify ourselves and rid our lives of unrighteousness. Does anyone remember the eye of Sauron in Lord of the Rings? Whenever Frodo weakened and put on the ring, that eye would swivel around and zero in on him. The Dark Riders were dispatched immediately and without fail. The less we weaken and fall into sin, the more Father is able to protect and bless us.

Nor do we have to have some big name ministry to attract Satan’s attentions. It could be as simple a thing as praying more often and earnestly, witnessing more zealously, studying our Bibles more diligently, or becoming more obedient to Father’s will. Let’s face it, the vast majority of Christendom is sitting back living their lives in pursuit of their own pleasure, not doing a lot for Yahshua except attending church on Sunday and saying an occasional Our Father. Just as I did for the first 31 years of my life. Satan does not worry about nor come against these people. And I don’t think Yahshua is going to come FOR them either. They may just have to prove their mettle on the fiery blade of a guillotine.

Know this: when a person becomes a Christian they enter a battlefield. There is no way around, over, or under it. The enemy is Satan and his forces of darkness, for he is the god of this world. Since Adam and Eve’s fall in the Garden of Eve when they gave dominion to that old serpent, the devil, that’s been the name of the game. No matter how we may hate it, we do best if we get used to it. And learn to love the battle. Anybody see Braveheart? As William Wallace said, “Yeah, some of you may die.” Well, every man dies (whether physically or to self), not every man really lives. He said that too, at least in the movie.

For those who are serious, buying a book on spiritual warfare should be a prerequisite. I like Rebecca Brown myself. Watchman Nee and Jesse Penn-Lewis are also recommended. There are a lot of new ones I’m not familiar with. Becoming a spiritual warrior in these last dark days is an absolute necessity. It is incredible what can be done with the invisible armour and weapons such a warrior is given for his use. I’ll leave you to read about them in EPHESIANS 6:10-20.


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2 Responses to Raising Your Head on the Battlefield

  1. Mitchell says:

    Happy New Year Debbie – you have been very busy here. Interesting reading. I wonder…how do YOU know you are a true Christian??? I have had a lot to do with ‘so-called’ Christians, and it confuses me – I always thought that being a Christian was your commitment to God and your treatment of others and the way you live your life. I have learnt recently that it appears that some of those that profess to be ‘true Christians’ can quote you every word in the Bible BUT their treatment of others is disgusting. They feel hate and seek revenge and are just plain ‘nasty’. They seem to only exist to try and hurt & bring grief and saddness to others in their sights. I see you know your Bible & history well (as do the ones I refer to). Do you not harbour some ill-feelings for someone – wanting to seek some sought of revenge, or a desire to punish them. After my dealings with the ones that I have had cross my path of late, I have truly had to re-assess my faith…because if that is being a Christian, then it’s not for me.

    • debramieth says:

      Dear Mitchell
      I’m honoured that you’ve asked me this. Sounds like you are having trouble with some people. First of all, a true Christian is those things you’ve said, but before anything else: they have accepted that we are all sinners going to Hell, and have asked Yahshua Messiah (some call Him Jesus Christ) as our Saviour from our sin and having to go to Hell, because He went there for us. That’s the fundamental bottom line of Christianity. If you haven’t done this, do it now. Just pray and ask Him to come into your life, forgive you for your sins and be your King. And all this is done by faith. We do often feel better, more joyful, relieved etc by this, but sometimes we feel nothing at all because it is an invisible spiritual Kingdom we are entering. When you have done this, YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN! Next, we make a conscious decision to start turning our life around and living like Him. We need a Bible for this. Ask Him for His Spirit, get baptised. You can even baptise yourself. Read your Bible and start praying about what He wants you to do.
      We also have to accept that though they call themselves Christians, some people simply aren’t, and others who are, just don’t change. I have had to call fellow Christians out about stuff like this. One day I was at the place of a Christian friend for lunch. She was treating her non-Christian husband contemptuously and he was obviously embarrassed. In private I confronted her about it. She argued with me. But sometimes we have to let them go and just pray for them.
      I don’t know what it is about me, maybe because I became a Christian very young, but I don’t have trouble forgiving people. Maybe because I know how bad I have been and still am sometimes. I’ll remind you of your first comment to me! I still have it and will post it one day when it doesn’t scare me anymore. When I feel those ill-feelings, I’ll often have a rant to Father about them. Just yesterday I was telling Him how I felt like giving a certain person a good belting, and worse things. I know He would probably like to too, and will. So after my rant I give all those negative feelings to Him. Just give them up. Ask Him to take them away. Take them to the cross, to forgive you, ask Him to give you HIS forgiveness for those people if necessary. Father says vengeance is for Him to mete out, and He will repay. But He is also loving, merciful, and gracious often waiting a long time before inflicting judgment on someone, just as he did with you. Only He knows the whole story. He absolutely hates having to send someone to Hell, and will try everything to change that person’s heart first.
      Mitchell, please don’t ever let someone else’s behaviour be your standard – of whether or not to be a Christian. Let Messiah alone be your standard and aspire to be like Him. Don’t assess your faith according to others either. When we do that those people become our owner, judge, or controller.
      If I told you all the terrible things the A and N did to me and my boys you would NOT believe it. As soon as we were married A became a different person. And 3 years later he became even worse. I have had trouble with this, because on the one hand I want him back but on the other I think about those awful things and wonder how and why. So my current battle in that department is to push all the bad OUT of my mind. A had a lot of good characteristics originally, as I wrote in one post. Now I can think of only ONE of those things he still had when we separated – he is an extremely hard worker. So I have started to thank Father for that ONE good thing about him, and ask Father to build on it. Meanwhile I work on myself.
      All those people you wrote about, pray for them, THANK Father for them, and ask Him to bless them. After a while you will find your attitude changing.
      I know this is a long reply, but I have a story to end it. Once when I was nursing I was sent to work in the children’s post-op. Getting the handover for my shift at the desk, the other nurses were complaining bitterly about the grandmother of the baby girl I was to care for that day. Neither the mum nor the grandmother ever left her side. Grandma was demanding, rude, complaining, critical etc etc they said, and that I would have a terrible day with her. I IMMEDIATELY made a choice to win that granny over. And I did. I was friendly, polite, sympathetic etc etc. I didn’t usually go so all out. I’m really pretty ordinary, or was at that time in my life. I had no trouble at all with the lady. A few days later I was back in my own ICU ward when we heard a baby who had suddenly deteriorated was coming down. The doctors worked on the baby, but she died. I was up the other end but went down to see who it was and discovered it was my little patient from the other day, with mum and grandma in tow. I went into the room and spoke to them. They were holding her little dead body, saying good-bye. The only thing I could think to say was, “Let’s be thankful God gave her to you for six months.” And I cried with them. It was one of the few times I ever cried about one of the many dead patients I’ve had. They were so thankful to me. Imagine if I’d had the same attitude as the other nurses that day. I could NEVER have gone in that room. I’d have either felt too guilty, or be thinking that grandmother deserved to lose the baby. Only Father knows the whole story, the end from the beginning.
      Let’s hope we all have a wonderful 2013. By the way, when I was called DEBBI in earlier years, I spelt it like this, minus the ‘e’.

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