The King Who Became an Insomniac

Yesterday I got a cheque in the mail from one of my business customers. ‘So what?’ you may ask. I was pleased with myself about this one. I had delivered this customer’s order–I make chalkbags for rock climbers–in November. Usually I make sure to get the cheque at the time of delivery, but for that particular one I could not and had to leave my address for them to post it in December.

When the cheque failed to arrive in what I deemed to be a suitable time period, I sent them an email. One came back saying they would send the cheque, I assumed, immediately. They also gave me another order. That took a couple of weeks and by the time I took it in the cheque still had not arrived. I did however receive a cheque for the new order, but everyone who knew about the first order was on holidays. The person who accepted my new order said he would have them look into what happened to the other one.

A couple more weeks passed. Still no cheque. Anyone with a business knows how embarrassing and frustrating it is to have to send out reminders to customers to PAY THEIR BILLS. Usually I would do that. This time I just put it into Father’s hands. Now usually when I do this, I take it out again at some point later. I figure He can’t really cope with such difficult undertakings as business transactions!

Father asked me: “Would you be prepared to not contact them at all ever again about this?” In other words, He’s wanting me to leave it completely to Him. My answer was, “Yes, okay,” with the thought in the back of my mind: I can always leave it till February and see what happens then! Not really good faith that. Anyway, I just left it at that and prayed every day for Father to get the cheque to me.

A week and a half later I received a phone call from my customer: “We have two of your invoices here, do we owe you some money?” We sorted out that one invoice, the new order, had been paid, but the other was the one owing. “Okay, I’ll have that cheque in the mail this week.” I didn’t put too much value on this as it was what had been said similarly before. I thanked Father. At least I knew He was onto it. And I kept praying.

Two business days later the cheque came. I was pleased. With Him of course, with myself I had left it in His hands, and that I had learnt a lesson about REAL LIVING FAITH. Thankfully He had produced before my due date of February. But next time I won’t stamp a due date on it.

When my youngest son got his Learner Drivers Licence he never received the actual licence card. They send them out in the post and it failed to reach us. I rang up about it and eventually went into the department about it, but they would not give him a new one because too much time had passed, they explained. He could pay for a new one but I refused to do this. All that year he drove around with the piece of paper he had initially received.

When the date of his driving test neared, Gabriel became fearful lest they would refuse to accept his paper licence. I just told him to leave it in YHWH’s hands as we had NOT done anything wrong at any point. It was the department who had failed us by neglecting to inform us we could have had the licence posted by registered mail. As mail was often stolen out of our box, I would definitely have taken advantage of this.

Meanwhile, Gabriel’s driving instructor was upset about the situation and complained to the department when the test was booked. They said they would give him a brand new licence! It came just before the test, registered post this time.

We do well to remember that we as Christians are prince and princess sons and daughters of the King who owns the whole universe and Heaven as well. Would you trust your own dad to do things for you? Our dads are NOTHING compared to our ALMIGHTY OMNIPOTENT Father. It is said in ISAYAH 40:12 His hands are SO ENORMOUS they can hold in them all the oceans on Earth! They are the hands into which He invites us to put our affairs, if we are willing.

Aside from many other stories of faith in the Scriptures, I like two that illustrate the above. The first is in ESTHER 6. Esther’s husband, King Ahasuerus, had been tricked into allowing all the Jews in his vast Persian kingdom to be killed at a future time. About this he was completely unaware. The source of the trickery and murderous intent was Haman the Agagite, long time foe to the Jewish people and adviser to the king. Haman had brought the plan about because of his hatred of Mordecai, Esther’s step-father, who refused to bow down to him.

In time past Mordecai had overheard and reported a plot to assassinate the king which was foiled, but for which Mordecai had received no recognition. Haman had erected a huge gallows on which to hang Mordecai. The very night before this was to take place, King Ahasuerus COULD NOT SLEEP. He called for something to read and was brought the record books. Therein he read about Mordecai’s heroic deed. To cut a long story short, Mordecai was rewarded at the hands of Haman who next day HAPPENED to walk in at the very time the king needed someone to honour Mordecai. The Jews were saved through Esther’s courage–which is a good thing or our Saviour who came through the Jews would never have been born–and guess who was hung on his own gallows? I always feel sorry for Haman. We all make mistakes, after all; sometimes REALLY stupid ones.

The other story is also about manipulating a king. From Daniel’s visions and Isayah’s prophecies, all the Jews knew their King and Saviour was going to be born to a virgin at a particular time in history. His conception was heralded to Mary the virgin by the angel Gabriel. Instead of her being stoned, as would usually be the case with a pregnant unwed woman in those days, another angel told her betrothed Joseph the truth and to wed her. But they lived in Nazareth. The prophecies said the Saviour would be born in David’s city of Bethlehem. How was YHWH to get a very pregnant woman the ninety miles south in time for the Child’s birth? No cars, buses, or trains in those days.

As if all the above was not fantastic enough, the Almighty One had Caesar Augustus, ruler of the Roman Empire, decree a taxation of all his kingdom. And EVERY PERSON had to return to his own city in order to pay this tax. Joseph and Mary, being both of David’s line, had to go to David’s home town of Bethlehem (LUKE 2:1-7). No excuses. So they went. The emperor thought it was his idea. We know better. If a king’s heart is in the hand of YHWH, as the rivers of water, and He turneth it wherever He will (PRO. 21:1) nothing is too difficult for Him. No heart is too hard for Him to soften.

Next post is about expecting to get shot at when we raise our head on the battlefield. Later, discerning of spirits. Does anyone know what it is? The truth may surprise you. And we will finally get to healing one day. Meanwhile, don’t forget to pray, read your Bible, and have faith. Be assured, you are being prayed for by me.


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