Babylon the Great Is Fallen, Is Fallen

…and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. So saith REVELATION 18:2. After reading That Great City we may be left wondering how Yerushalem can be the great whore. Nobody would deny every Christian denomination including Catholicism was originally birthed by the Old and New Testaments. Many have introduced deceptive and pagan elements. However, how did Yerushalem morph into Babylon?

It started when the ancient Israelites prostrated themselves before the gods of their new land of Canaan. For that they were taken into captivity by the Assyrians and Babylonians. There in Babylon the prophet Ezekiel laments such abominations still being committed in the temple in Yerushalem: worship of the sun, the queen of heaven, Ishtar, Tammuz… It’s all there in his book for any who want to read it. And in the books of the other prophets.

And so they came back to Yudah and Yerushalem after 70 years. Back with them came Babylon. Synagogues, for instance, were unheard of in Old Testament Israel. Synagogues were like our little denominational churches of today. No wonder Yahshua preached mostly outdoors. Even the word ‘church’ is not in the New Testament. It comes from the word ‘circe’, the name of a Greek goddess of sorcery. The original words in Greek and Hebrew were translated ‘congregation’ or ‘assembly’ and meant the people, not a building. In ACTS 19:37 the word ‘churches’ refers to heathen temples. The New Testament ekklesia, or set apart ones, met in the private homes of believers.

In addition to the springing up of synagogues in late Old Testament Yudaea, the Laws, as we know, were changed to include the commandments of men, as called by Yahshua Messiah (MATT. 15:9 etc). The New Year two weeks before Passover was put onto the Feast of Trumpets and remains there to this day. No one has ever yet given me a satisfactory explanation for this.

In the beginning, the whole of Israel was not to meet weekly in a synagogue but three times a year at the tabernacle or temple. The entire Law was read to the congregation every seven years. These rules saw to it everyone had the same doctrine and celebrated the same Feasts.

In the Gospels are the accounts of our Saviour overturning the tables of the money changers and those selling doves. Worshippers would come from far-off lands with different currency, so would be forced by these merchants to change their money into shekels. Fees were charged for this exchange. The Babylonian church is something like this, but on a much grander worldwide scale.

As I sat pondering this, I could not imagine what this church described in chapter 18 of REVELATION would be like: …all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication…merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies (v.3)…glorified herself, and lived deliciously…she saith in her heart, I sit a queen (v.7)…kings…shall…lament for her (when she falls) [v.9]…merchandise of gold, and silver, precious stones, pearls, fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet, thyine wood, vessels of ivory and wood, brass, iron, and marble…chariots, slaves, and souls of men (v.12-13).

The list goes on and includes what appears to be every conceivable item it is possible to buy or sell on Earth. Merchants are made rich by her (v.15), just as was Tyre in EZEKIEL 27.

Then I realised I can’t see it because I may be IN it. One cannot see the wider forest when standing among its trees. Christianity today is partly an industry. We have the Christian music industry, for example. In times past when revivals occurred–the Reformation, the Welsh and Wesleyan Revivals, the Great Awakening–the Ecclesia (Church) managed to play a role in converting thousands with little or even no music. When it was played, it was a spontaneous response to the joy of the moment.

Then there is the Christian publishing industry, sometimes owned, in fact, by non-Christians. We get our next ‘fix’ by purchasing the latest Christian book on the shelves of our local Christian bookstore. How many hours of prayer and Scripture-reading are lost as we read them? And there are the many Bible versions written by non-Christians purely for commercial purposes. Satan uses them to change YHWH’s Word, render it inaccurate and mislead readers.

I know Christians who read only daily devotionals, but never the Scriptures. These regularly published booklets are written by MEN, not the finger of YHWH. Some people get their guidance from them, like a daily horoscope. If they are stumped about something in their lives, off they go to the daily ‘word’, or Word for Today and find a rationalization to do whatever they want, rather than the stated will of YHWH. And, believe me, these ‘words’ don’t always even AGREE with Scripture. I’ve had friends argue with me from these daily words while I argued back from the Scriptures and they refused to see their error!

There is Christian clothing, jewellery, greeting cards, stationary, gifts–a veritable catalogue of merchandise. One landed in my mailbox this afternoon. I’m not saying that any of this is wrong. But aren’t we being steadily led away from the pure simplicity of the True Gospel? But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent deceived Eve through his subtily, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Messiah (II COR. 11:13).

Imagine a principality of demons led by an arch-demon controlling the Christian industry, taking hold of this and making it gigantic. The simple crucifix, for example, is now widely sold in secular shops and worn as a fashion item by anyone. I believe the legal right given to Satan to start this came as a result of the Church using the barcode system. Today Satan has his 666 number, the limiting bars, on almost everything sold commercially. Most Christians, denominational bookshops, and Christian authors blindly use this symbol of satanic control as a means to buy and sell.

Somehow, after the mark of the beast becomes compulsory, this industry of the church becomes a monster with which even world leaders are involved. But they start to hate her for it. And so turn and destroy her by burning. Just as she did so many martyrs. This inferno takes place where the Babylonian whore has built her seat of operations – in Yerushalem, that great city (v.10, 21).

The reason the beast destroys the prostitute riding on its back? Ostensibly because she becomes too powerful, and too rich. We know it is actually Satan’s plan to eradicate Christianity. The New World Order the beast government wants mankind to cower under has as its religion the New Age, not Christianity. The political system is socialist, humanist, communist. There can be no rich or powerful (except for the behind-the-scenes controllers) in such a system. The whore’s riches must be taken from her and given to others in order to make a ‘level playing field’. A take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor concept made famous by such ‘heroic’ adventurers as Robin Hood. And in this system there is no God (YHWH) but man. I would never let my children watch Robin Hood movies. As far as I was concerned he was just a common thief, and probably a fictional one at that.

After Babylon falls, she still exists according to verse 2. Reread the first sentence of this post. The opposite of the mustard tree of Christianity (MATT. 13:32), the whore has turned New Age!

Her temple is made desolate in one hour (v.19). Perhaps a bomb is dropped on her to annihilate the great city so quickly.

There is much more to this chapter than I am given to understand. The Christian Church industry clearly becomes much more than just buying and selling merchandise. Its members rely on and therefore worship the worldly systems such as health care, finance, its technology and science, education and knowledge. I cannot help wondering if the New Age prosperity gospel hitting the Church has anything to do with the whore’s burgeoning wealth. These things become their gods. The Church endeavouring to perfect mankind’s efforts at creating a New Age or Order of love, peace, and prosperity is in essence the wife of the world. And she thinks she rules it until she is destroyed. Hence why the Scripture reads: I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow (REV. 18:7).

In her imagination she sees her New Age lasting forever. This verse though is composed as if she IS a widow. And in fact she is, because the beast government is for but a little time, and, as we know, without any prospect of success.


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