The Beast

One night in Bible College–way back in 1992–I was sitting studying with my friend, Ruth. A little gecko crawled out onto the wall. Ruth and I both watched it. Then a large gecko appeared. The two were a few inches apart. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the larger gecko attacked and devoured the little one, its own kind! Ruth and I sat there shocked. It reminded me of the cannibalism that remained in small pockets of that country–Papua New Guinea. A native had recently been arrested after he was found cooking and eating a human leg. One of us, Ruth or I, made the observation: ‘Without God, man is just like an animal.’ Actually evolution has convinced many he IS one.

Having noted that, let’s look at the beast of REVELATION. This figure meets his or its doom at the battle of Armageddon, where with the false prophet, it is taken and cast alive into a lake of fire (REV. 19:20). The beast is widely believed to be the person of the Antichrist who rises up as the great world leader and institutes the mark of the beast (REV. 13:16).

He is often referred to as ‘the Antichrist’, but antichrist is just a general term used about anyone who denies YHWH the Father and Yahshua Messiah the Son (I JOHN 2:18, 22, 4:3; II JOHN 7). John speaks vaguely of its coming, but that there are many antichrists, and that the spirit of antichrist is already in the world. Therefore, to call the beast THE Antichrist is not correct. It is but one of many.

I believe, like the rapture, there is great deception about what the beast IS and what it does. Excepting for the beasts of Daniel’s visions and in the book of REVELATION, all creatures described as beasts in the Bible are WILD ANIMALS. Even Nebuchadnezzar was likened to a beast because he behaved for seven years like a wild animal.

The first mention in REVELATION (4:6) is that of the four beasts round about the throne of YHWH. These are the four living creatures seen by Ezekiel in his vision by the river Chebar (EZE. 1:5-26). The four creatures are the anointed cherubim that cover YHWH’s throne (PS. 80:1, 99:1). In the likeness of a man but with faces of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle, they have a number of functions. They form YHWH’s chariot (PS. 18:10 etc). They called the four horsemen out of Hell (see post The Four Horsemen of REVELATION). They give glory and honour to YHWH. They give to the seven angels the seven vials full of the wrath of YHWH. It is obvious that cherubim are involved in judgment.

We established that the beasts of DANIEL (see post I Am Come to Make Thee Understand) were demonic principalities in the world. In REVELATION 11:17, the first mention of an EVIL beast in that book, a beast:

  • ascendeth out of the bottomless pit and kills the two witnesses in Yerushalem

In REVELATION 13:1, John sees a beast:

  • rise up out of the sea to form the New World Order or One World Government. We are in the final three and a half years at that point. This is clearly a demonic principality reminiscent of those in DANIEL. What man ever rose up out of the sea? Or, for that matter, ascended out of the bottomless pit? Oh, yes, I know. There are those who will say it is the son of perdition, and he came from mankind. Maybe. But REVELATION is predominantly a look into the spiritual realm, not the physical.

In REVELATION 13:3-10, the beast:

  • amazes the world by its miracles of healing
  • receives its power from the dragon, Satan
  • is worshipped by the world
  • subdues the will of the people by its exploits
  • is given…a mouth which speaks evil words
  • is given its power for three and a half years
  • blasphemes YHWH and everything about Him
  • opposes Christianity to the point of martyrdom of believers.

In REVELATION 13:11, another beast (there are a few of these beasts, aren’t there? Which one is THE Beast?):

  • is seen by John coming up out of the earth (ever seen a man do that?), in other words, Hell
  • pretends to be the Lamb of YHWH
  • has the same demonic power of the first beast before him
  • leads the world to worship the first beast
  • performs great miracles of deception
  • encourages the making of an image to the first beast
  • gives life to the image (ever seen a man make a statue walk, talk and come to life?)
  • kills those who refuse to worship the image
  • institutes the mark of the beast.

From REVELATION 14:9 there begins YHWH’s judgment upon the (first) beast’s kingdom and its citizens:

  • eternal torment
  • loathsome malignant sores
  • and darkness causing agonizing pain.

REVELATION 16:13 has the dragon and the beast as separate entities and the first mention of a false prophet. It appears the second beast is the demon that empowers this man, masquerading as Yahshua. These three produce each another demon in the likeness of a frog (ever see a frog come out of a man’s mouth?) whose task it is to bring about the great battle of Armageddon, to somehow deceive the already deceived masses into believing they can actually defeat the KING OF KINGS Himself and the armies of Heaven.

REVELATION 17:3 has yet another beast (i.e. principality. I think we are really getting the message now that these beasts are demons and not men). But it is not another one at all, for we find in verse 7 that it is the same beast with seven heads and ten horns (ever seen a man with seven heads? Or horns like a goat or bull?). This beast again:

  • was, and is not
  • shall ascend out of the bottomless pit
  • will go into perdition (that’s the lake of fire)
  • is wondered at by all the world
  • gives power to ten kings for a short time
  • receives the allegiance of these kings (governments)

And then there is the whore. Next post.

REVELATION 19:19 has the beast in preparation with his army to make war with Yahshua. He loses of course, and is cast with the false prophet into the lake of fire, also Satan’s abode one thousand years later.

We can see from examining these Scriptures and others of relevance, not once is a man called a beast. Not even Nebuchadnezzar. He was only likened to one. The beast can in no way be construed as being a man, unless it be INSIDE that man empowering or possessing him, as demons are wont to do. A beast or a demon clearly empowers the false prophet in this way.

The first beast, however, is not a man but a demon prince and his underlings that empower the One World Government. The extreme concern about this is that because Bible-believing Christendom is awaiting an antichrist-man-beast-leader, and there being no such person, the SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION will be upon the world but the Church in her blissful ignorance will not even know it.

Imagine the scenario. The Elect (144,000) are gathered during the Great Tribulation. The remaining surviving Church has no idea of what is going on–they are the five unwise virgins. Because they think they are the Elect, they fail to realize Yahshua has come already because they have not been raptured. Along comes a (false) prophet saying he is the Lamb. Perhaps Satan’s servants even stage a fake ‘second coming’ so their prophet appears from the sky, using advanced modern technology. And His appearing is beamed on to television worldwide via satellite. That’s if any televisions survive the polar shift.

Yahshua said false prophets would, if it were possible…deceive the very Elect (MATT. 24:24). This means the Elect cannot be deceived, but those worldly Christian survivors of the Great Tribulation who believe that they are the Elect most certainly can and may be deceived by a staged ‘second coming’.

This is why, if these ‘Elect’ are waiting for a world leader called the Beast and he fails to appear–because he does not exist in human form–they will readily flock to a false prophet descending from the sky.


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