Journeying Further into the Book of Trepidation

We left off our journey, and welcomed in a New Year, at the opening of the sixth seal and being introduced to the 144,000 redeemed. Now we come to the seventh and final seal.

From the moment the sixth seal is opened commences YHWH’s Great Day. Though primarily the ten-day period of Atonement, it stretches on into the future to include the thousand-year Messianic reign, the seventh day of rest–a millenia-long Sabbath–the white throne judgment period and the creating of a new heavens and Earth. The 144,000 represent the firstfruits of the redeemed during the Day of YHWH. It is His perfect government 12 x 12 multiplied by 1,000 years.

The seventh seal begins the sounding of the seven trumpets by the angels. The Great Tribulation having already started, the events heralded by the trumpeting angels are its aftermath. John continues to be given a revelation of the SPIRITUAL REALM. The period is from either the end of the fourth or the tenth day until the middle of the SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION. First we have silence in Heaven about the space of half an hour (REV. 8:1). Why?

Perhaps because the magnitude of the judgment on Earth has not happened since the worldwide flood. Father does not embark upon a course like this for no reason nor without much grief. The continuance of the judgment heralded by the trumpets shows His displeasure at mankind’s arrogant, indifferent actions. During the three and a half years these trumpets are unleashing YHWH’s wrath, a New Age New World Order is being implemented, much of it in place BEFORE and in preparation for the Great Tribulation. Indeed, much if not all of it in place as I write this.

Before the trumpets start sounding is the matter of the incense, symbolic of the prayers of the saints (5:8) ascending heavenward to before YHWH. An angel offers these prayers upon the golden altar (REV. 8:4). LEVITICUS 16 demystifies this angelic act. Here, on the Day of Atonement–which has just been fulfilled on Earth with millions dying as the sacrificed goat, and millions surviving as the scapegoat, wandering terrified and alone in a spiritual wilderness–Aaron the high priest sets the pattern. He takes a senser full of burning coals of fire from off the altar, takes it through the veil into the mercy-seat so the cloud of the incense may cover the mercy-seat that is upon the Testimony (Law) THAT HE DIE NOT: And he…sprinkle of the blood with his finger seven times (LEV.16:12-14). Through this obedient act, Aaron’s house–symbolizing the 144,000 repenting and being sanctified on Mount Zion–is atoned for. By YHWH’s mercy alone the atonement blood sprinkled on the altar and seven times before the mercy-seat saves Aaron’s house.

During the Great Tribulation multitudes of saints, even nominal believers, will call out in prayer to their Father in Heaven for help. He will hear them and save them from the coming judgments of the trumpets. These will still be required to die if they refuse the mark of the beast, but at least they will have some protection in the first three and a half years.

The first four trumpets sound like meteorological and geological disasters, so we will go to the fifth one. From a study of the words, this star falling from heaven to Earth, and given the key to the bottomless pit, appears to be Satan (REV. 9:1).  The pit is opened allowing its darkness to permeate itself throughout Earth’s atmosphere. REVELATION being a Heaven’s-eye view of the spiritual realm, this is obviously a demonic attack on the surviving populace. The Elect are protected for they have the power to tread on serpents and scorpions (LUKE 10:19). These locusts, unlike those released in Egypt by Moses’ authority, do not eat vegetation (REV. 9:4). They are, like the locusts of AMOS 7:1 (Septuagint version), demons with a king over them. Their king’s name is Abaddon, but in the Greek Apollyon (9:11). YHWH in fierce anger, wrath, and indignation sends evil angels on to Earth (PSA. 78:49).

Then at the sixth trumpet another four demons are released. These command an army of 200,000,000 horsemen. Whether a real army, perhaps from China, or another demonic hoard, we do not know. But when this time is fulfilled, no doubt the people of Earth will. Or at least they will be starting to wake up to the truths of REVELATION.

On to chapter ten and the little book John was ordered to seal up. Here seven peals of thunder…utter their voices (10:3-4). Perhaps a further outpouring of YHWH’s perfect righteous wrath, or is He loudly heralding events so the deaf on Earth will hear? By the time of the interval between the sixth and seventh trumpets sounding, all the mysteries of the Most High will have been revealed. The last trump will proclaim the final evidence of such, even that which is contained in the little book. This usually comes through His prophets, according to AMOS 3:7, as pointed out in previous posts.

John and the angel both describe the book as to the mouth sweet as honey but it shall make thy belly bitter (REV. 10:10). YHWH’s Word in one’s mouth is as honey for sweetness (EZE. 3:3), For with the mouth confession is made unto salvation   (ROM.10:10). But Salvation can only be made perfect through suffering (HEB. 2:10). The true Christian’s walk is one of bitterness through suffering, sacrifice, and death. It is at least the death of self; at most by martyrdom. We may wonder why YHWH our Father is allowing His beloved people this incredible suffering. The fact is, most of these much-loved and coddled (by the world) children have hitherto hardly suffered at all. Whenever He tried put them into a fiery furnace to purge them of sins, selfishness, or worldliness, they simply jumped the fence and resorted to easy ways out.

Between the last trump and the pouring out of the bowls of wrath (REV.16) are seven distinct events:

  1. The rapture (REV.12:1)
  2. The woman flees into the wilderness (REV.12:6)
  3. Satan and demons thrown out of Heaven (REV. 12:9)
  4. The One World Government takes power on Earth (REV. 13:1) instituting a compulsory false religion (REV. 13:12)
  5. Mark of the beast instituted (REV. 13:16-17)
  6. 144,000 in Heaven (REV. 14:1)
  7. The final harvest (REV. 14:14)

As can be clearly seen, some of these events are sweetness to those involved; others are the bitterest of the bitter. However Yah’s Way is perfect and He works all things together for good to them that love Him (ROM. 8:28).

All seven of the events happen almost simultaneously or within a very short time. On the FINAL SEVEN YEAR timeline we are now in mid-SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION. TAKE CAREFUL NOTE: THERE HAS BEEN NO RAPTURE YET, NOR HAVE MULTITUDES OF CHRISTIANS SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED INTO THE SKY.


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