Angels and Demons

The books of DANIEL, ZECHARYAH, and REVELATION are amazing pictures of the spiritual realm, which is why in places they are hard to understand. Unless you are looking at them from Heaven itself.

DANIEL 10:10-13 is a case in point. Daniel prays and fasts for three weeks, at the end of which Gabriel the archangel is sent to him. The messenger angel informs Daniel that his prayer had been answered on the very FIRST day. Due to a hold-up in the heavenlies however, Gabriel had not been able to reach Daniel for TWENTY-ONE DAYS. A prince of the kingdom of Persia had stopped Gabriel, necessitating Michael, another archangel having to come to help Gabriel get through the spiritual blockade.

This prince of Persia was a demon in charge of a principality of lesser demons over Persia in that era. In every era of history it has been the same, even today. Every person, every organisation, every town, city, state, and nation has demons coming against them. Michael the archangel and the angels under him watch over YHWH’s people, the Christians (DAN. 12:1). In Daniel’s day Michael looked after the Jewish people, and at times, still does in order to fulfil YHWH’s purposes. But because they do not accept Yahshua as Saviour, as with any unbeliever, this care is now limited. Prayer, spiritual warfare, and holiness on the other hand, greatly limit demonic input into our lives.

Let me illustrate. On the morning of the day I typed this post I had seven chickens. As I typed it that night I had only two. During my current trial I have endeavoured to do an extreme clean-up of my life. I learned from a book about healing he that walketh righteously…stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil (IS. 33:15). Upon reading this I took every violent DVD and video game I could find out of my house, and forbid my son from buying any more. Then I cleansed the house by prayer. I’ll get into this more one day.

Meanwhile my other son came home for holidays. Before I properly explained to him the new rule, he had bought some forbidden Xbox games. As I was about to sit down to pray on the day in question before blogging, the dog next door appeared in our yard and in about five minutes had killed five of my chickens. My neighbour came to the rescue and was very sorry, offering to pay for them. We discovered the surviving two in a thicket. Their names are Faith and Charity, so I was reminded of I CORINTHIANS 13:13: And now abideth faith, hope, and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity (or love in some Bibles). I knew from this that Father had His hand on this so I was not angry or sad.

As I walked up from the henhouse that afternoon, I wondered why that had happened. Arriving at the house, I asked Jed if he was playing a violent Xbox game. Yes, he was. When I explained to him, he understood the importance of my spiritual house cleaning. We put the game and all his knives he uses on his station out of the house under the lock and key of a binding prayer. That’s a glimpse into the spiritual realm. The enemy uses sin to attack us and mess up our lives.

There are three heavens: the first is the sky that we see with our eyes, on into outer space. The second heaven, according to author Howard Pittman who went there, is the realm where demons dwell and encompasses Hell in the centre of the earth. Angels and Yahshua go there too at times. The third Heaven is where YHWH, angels, and the dead in Messiah dwell. Many living people, including the apostle Paul, have also visited there in the spirit (II COR. 12:2).

There’s a few other stories I can tell like the one above. They are all true. One night last year, a certain man got drunk. His wife in bed in their bedroom heard him writing on the door of another bedroom he was using at the time before he too retired for the night. This man was in the habit doing strange things, then when he sobered up during the night he would quickly rise up out of bed and rectify the situation before morning brought extreme embarrassment. Same thing this night. At about midnight, the long-suffering wife hears her husband trying to wash the writing off the door. Morning, after the man had gone to work, reveals  the door still not very clean, so she tries to clean it herself without success. He had used permanent marker. However, whatever had been cleaned off could not be deciphered.

Next night, the wife hears her husband whimpering and moaning in his sleep, obviously having a bad dream. He is snoring so badly he sounds like he is dying. This goes on for several nights until, out of concern, she finally broaches the subject with him. …monsters, he says, are chasing him, trying to kill him…killing everybody…he can’t see them, they are supernatural.

Finally their son makes the observation the husband’s nightmares are probably because he drew witchcraft symbols all over the door, and wrote an invitation for demons to come into the room. The astute and ever-loving wife tells her man he can’t get rid of the things by just washing the door. He is scared stiff of dying in his sleep by this stage. She tells him she will get rid of them for him if he obliges. He is only too happy to do so. The lady of the house takes a bottle of oil, anoints her husband’s worried brow with it, then does the same to the door and room, commanding all the demons out in the name of Yahshua Messiah. That’s right. No more nightmares or monsters chasing him. Peaceful nights’ sleep. After a while he comes back to their bed to sleep, probably for the protection from ‘monsters’ she affords them both. In reality it is the Holy Spirit inside her protecting them. And angels all around.

Another story. My friend tells me when she first got married many years ago, she would go out walking while her husband was at work and pray for about two hours. One night as she lay in bed asleep, Satan himself came. He dragged her spirit body out and up to the ceiling, then threw her against the walls all along the hallway in their home. All the while he is saying to her, “How dare you pray so much, I’ll kill you.” When the devil got her to the laundry, she finally managed to call out, “Jesus, help me!” In the wink of an eye the devil left and she was thrust back into her body. Immediately she sat up and screamed for her husband who was in fact asleep next to her. He awoke wondering what had happened. He hadn’t seen or heard a thing.

These stories illustrate the very real kingdom of darkness, the second heaven.

A last story. My children and I were living in Melbourne for two weeks in 1999 with a group of Christians. One evening I was sewing in the sitting room of one of the houses with another of the ladies. Our children were all asleep down the hallway. All the others were at the other house watching a movie. It transpired that this movie had Satan and demons in it, but YHWH or God was not mentioned. They were foolishly watching it for ‘training’ purposes.

Sue was on the phone talking to her brother, and I was sitting on the floor. Suddenly every door in the house BLEW open with a whoosh! For no explicable reason. Except that I knew why. All the men were at the other house leaving us two ladies and our children without covering or protection. And the enemy was able to do this because they had given Satan legal right by watching a demonic movie. I knew that through every door demons walked into the house. I quickly got up and closed all the doors. Sue’s baby daughter was in the bedroom at the very end of the house. Neither she or the other children were disturbed.

I had to iron something in the laundry at the end of the hallway and had to really psych myself into going down there. Fear gripped me. Today I would just tell the fear to get lost in Yahshua’s name. But back then I wasn’t such a prayer warrior. For someone who had just lived on the street with three little children for a year, I was a scaredy cat.

Someone at the other house rang us to come pick the guys up who lived at our house – Sue’s husband, and a young man who was a new believer named Marcus. I drove around and walked to the back door. Marcus was in the back yard nervously smoking a cigarette. His hair was literally standing on end. He had recently come out of an immoral and occultic lifestyle. The movie had affected him badly. He was in extreme fear. I don’t know if he was ever properly delivered.

There’s a passage in DANIEL 7:9-10 that describes the incredible sight of YHWH’s throne with 101,000,000 angels around it. If He has that many, always remember we have a few too. Nothing can hurt us without His permission. If you are reading this and are not a Christian, I can only wonder how you are getting through life without YHWH in it. I might suggest you ask Him into it as soon as possible. The price you pay is your sins. Not a bad price for the saving of your soul.


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