A Journey into the Book of REVELATION

Today I learned from the Holy Spirit there are two kinds of faith. One could be called manipulative faith, and the other is resting-patiently-in-YHWH faith. Manipulative faith is when we do something in our own strength to try to ‘bring on’ whatever it is we are waiting in faith for. It may be sinful, or it may not. Abraham’s faith in the matter of waiting for a son and heir was manipulative faith. At his wife’s urging, he went in to Hagar who conceived Ishmael. To me it seems he committed the sins of adultery, polygamy, impatience, disbelief, and listening to Sarah before he listened to YHWH. Everyone involved suffered from this mistake.

Or manipulative faith could be as simple as Yoseph in prison who asked the butler to remember him to Pharoah after interpreting the dreams. There was nothing sinful in this. But neither of these strategies worked. I also learned today most of what I had thought was faith in my own life has in fact been manipulative faith. When I don’t get whatever it is I’ve been ‘standing in faith for’ after what I deem to be a suitable period of time, I become angry, or resentful, or distrusting of Father, speaking to Him like He is a child who hasn’t done his chores. As if that too will ‘move His hand’.

Sometimes Father directs us to do something as we are in the faith mode, like the Israelites walking around Yericho. Doing this is obedience, and good. But it’s often hard to know if it is from Him or our own emotions. How frustrating it is to simply await Father’s time and hand. As if He cannot do by Himself whatever we are hoping for.

Anyway, let us venture into the last book of the Bible, because there are mysteries to be opened in it. I love mysteries. Sometimes, like a dog with a bone, we try to get every morsel of meat off it, then have to bury it for a while because Father refuses to reveal any more. It’s not His time. But I believe the time to open REVELATION’s mysteries, if not already upon us, is fast approaching. Like with Daniel (12:4, 7, 9). He was told by the archangel to seal the words of the visions until the time of the end. And when He shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all the things sealed in the vision shall be finished.  That pretty well tells us the revelations of DANIEL were finished when Israel was dispersed among the nations in 70 AD.

The mistake many commentators make about the book of REVELATION is to take sections and put them at a time in history they do not belong. Unlike DANIEL, most of the events in REVELATION have not yet come to pass. We are currently at the opening of the fifth seal (REV. 6:9). The whole book is in chronological order, unless multiple events occur simultaneously. Only then are they described one after another.

Between the fourth seal, which we found–if you agree with me–to be World War II ( see post The Four Horseman of REVELATION), and the sixth seal or polar shift known as the Great Tribulation (see post Heavens Depart as a Scroll), is a period of rest. The martyrs under the altar were told to rest yet for a little season (REV. 6:11).

During a recent Church Bible study, Father showed me this period we are now in is like the transition in childbirth. The first four seals–World War I, Communism, the Great Depression, and World War II–were the beginning of sorrows (IS. 13:8, 26:17; MATT. 24:8; MARK 13:8) or the first stage of a woman labouring to give birth. She has contractions. Then just before second stage when the baby comes down the birth canal and is born, is a short interval during which everything literally stops. I experienced it remarkably with my second son, Gabriel. No pain, no contractions. For about 5-10 minutes. A breathing space to recover for the really hard work of giving birth.

The Bible says in ISAYAH 66:7-9 that during this interval the modern nation of Israel will be brought forth in one day. We know this happened in 1948 in the Arab-Israeli War. This ia also a reference to YHWH’s holy nation of priests who must at some time ‘be born out of her’, the apostate church. And then shall the end–of our era–come, culminating with the final SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION.

The apostle John received the REVELATION from an angel who took him into the spiritual realm: in the spirit (REV. 1:10). It is in this state John sees and hears his Saviour. After being given the messages for the churches, his spirit is taken in a vision to the Third Heaven to witness future events. The apostle is also given glimpses into the second heaven, the domain of Satan and the demons.

John writes: I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice… Many attribute this Lord’s day business to John receiving this vision on a Sunday, considered to be the new Sabbath, because that is when Yahshua is alleged to have risen from the dead. This cannot be substantiated by Scripture anywhere. What Scripture does attest is that John was in the spirit at the time of the great and terrible day of YHWH – our day. The word ‘on’ is mistranslated here, and should be ‘in’, meaning a fixed position in place, time, or state. Thirty times in the Old Testament is the future time of Almighty YHWH’s judgment called the day of the Lord (YHWH). That the voice is behind John signifies the things of the churches are in the past from the historical perspective at which he is then standing in the Lord’s day.

Having said the above, we are now going to grab those keys of death and hell Yahshua holds in verse 18, and jump right over the first six churches or Church Ages, to our current one of Laodicea. We need those keys, which lock up the hosts of Hell or open the doors of darkness (JOB 38:17), because at least one is the key of knowledge that the lawyers of Yahshua’s days on Earth hid from the people (LUKE 11:52). This was the pure and true understanding of the Scriptures, hidden when YHWH’s Laws given through Moses and the prophets were changed to incorporate man’s rules and regulations. The Pharisees did that, but later so did the Roman and Catholic Church.

I just started reading a Christian book called Come Out of Her My People by C.J.Koster. In his very first chapter, I was interested to discover Mr Koster calls those who keep Christmas sun-worshippers. If you have read my post Coca Cola and the Santa Claus Suit you will already know why. The pagan celebration of Christmas falls on 25 December or the midwinter solstice, the time the ancients considered to be the rebirth of the sun. All the paraphernalia associated with Christmas has its roots in this festival. We don’t blame unbelievers for their ignorance, but should Bible-believing Christians be so?

And so we come down the steps of history to our ‘nation of judgment’ which is what Laodicea means. As it is 1:04 am, I’ll adjourn and attempt to open Laodicea’s closed door (REV. 3:20) tomorrow. Do you think we’ll let us in?


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