HAARPing on about It

A couple of years ago I went to hear Christian writer and speaker Chuck Missler, with another big name speaker, Walid Shoebat. At question time someone asked them about HAARP. The question went unanswered because neither man had ever heard of it. Last night when I put just the word HAARP into Google it came up as 13,300,000 results. Now if you have read my entire blog you will know I am lagging behind in the computer literacy stakes. But, doesn’t that mean 13,300,000 sites on Google alone? And how many other search engines are there? So I was somewhat shocked that two big name speakers in the Christian world had not heard of HAARP.

I first found out about HAARP–High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program–and electromagnetic energy about seven years ago from a book in my local library. Now whenever there’s an earthquake, tidal wave, or various other phenomena, into my inbox comes a wave of HAARP paraphernalia as if they are beaming it in from Alaska itself. Actually there’s a HAARP base in Australia too, at Exmouth in Western Australia. I’ve seen it. But I didn’t know much about it then. Wish I had. I’d have asked if they did tours. (For my ‘very interested’ three homeschoolers, supervised by their ‘nonchalent-hardly-knows-anything’ mother.)

With 13,300,000 sites about HAARP on Google alone there’s probably not much more I could write about it! However a short summary may suffice. It is believed electromagnetic energy may have been responsible for:

  • a huge fireball over Perth in 1995 that woke 50,000 people in that city at 2 am but barely got a mention in the local press;
  • the massive earthquake that devastated the city of Kobe in Japan in 1995;
  • the Oklahoma City ‘bombing’. Allegedly, it was found the electronic wiring in cars and offices was burnt out for a distance of about two kilometres around the epicentre of the ‘blast’, not to mention that something resembling lightning bolts was witnessed coming out of the top of the building in question as the blast took place;
  • the earthquake in China just prior to the Beijing Olympic Games, explaining why the Chinese were so antagonistic towards Americans during the Games;
  • the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan;
  • numerous other earthquakes and weather phenomena such as hurricanes.

Weather control and electromagnetic energy are now being used as weapons of mass destruction. This type of energy, according to my research, has successfully

  • triggered avalanches and landslides
  • awakened volcanoes
  • caused earthquakes and tidal waves
  • harnessed lightning bolts
  • guided hurricanes and cyclones
  • melted icecaps causing floods
  • generated fog, hail, and rain
  • interrupted radio communications
  • brought down airplanes and missiles by burning out their electronics
  • mind-controlled areas of population
  • destroyed buildings and cities
  • started fires.

It is my belief they can also

  • find underground facilities
  • remote control aircraft and missiles
  • program nanotechnology robots in vaccinations and microchips
  • modify the weather
  • destroy the earth’s ozone shield, letting in radiation from outer space.

Does this not sound familiar to the Book of REVELATION? Are we waiting for them to perfect their secret technology so the Illuminati can deliberately or accidentally push a button to set in motion the Great Tribulation? Or will they have so destroyed and destabilized the earth it awaits only a little push from the Almighty to rock and reel in pain?

Meanwhile, through the use of electromagnetic energy as a psychological weapon of mass fear induction, recalcitrant world leaders and governments are bullied and blackmailed into submitting to the whims of the New World Order.


About daughter of the Most High

Unveiling end-time truth and mysteries.
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2 Responses to HAARPing on about It

  1. Mitchell says:

    Well Deb, like me, you too have been very busy. Have read all your posts (with interest) but have not had time to leave any comments. As you have not inter-woven any of your ‘personal’ experiences of late I was just wondering whether your ‘prodigals’ have returned and how your babies (your little miracles) are going? Also, I wanted to wish you and your family ‘Happy Holidays’ and best wishes for 2013. MW

    • debramieth says:

      Dear Mitchell
      Thank you for honouring me with all your reading. I always liked being called Deb. Funnily enough I read back through all my posts yesterday too, just to check I am not repeating myself. Before that I reread all my old journals and found some interesting things I’d forgotten. Though my prodigals have not returned yet, I had a word from Father in 2008 from YEREMYAH 31 that all my children would come back to me, including the ones not yet born. I have prayed for years that even my wider family would be reconciled. Also that my daughter’s father would forgive me–as I had forgiven him–so we could be friends again. I met him on the kibbutz in Israel and we were together for 7 years. Well, that prayer has been answered in the last few weeks and he has been able to talk to Ranyhyn about me. My own father is nearing the end of his life and I think that will bring many of us together.
      There have been amazing things happening in Philip’s life also. I sent him a printed copy of my book and he has said by phone it changed his life.
      I found another word said to me in March this year that I had forgotten. Father, I believe, VERY CLEARLY said, “Fulfil your promise to Me and I will bring him (my Hunk) back to you.” Back in 2006 I told Father I would give Him an hour a night on the book but shelved it for 3 years a few months later when I met the Hunk. The culmination of the writing of the book is doing this blog–an hour a night. Some really important bits are still to come. I haven’t seen anywhere on the Internet stuff I’m going to be dealing with. In fact it is frightening to me (for them) how deceived some writers are.
      It was always the desire of my heart to have my husband alone at the birth of my babies. When I was 43 weeks, the night my friends came for a false labour, I had that morning been reading ISAYAH 53 about the suffering servant. It was the Scripture given to me in Bible College to tell me we would be ‘3 days and nights under the earth’. ISAYAH 54 was also given to me. Anyway I asked Father that I could ‘suffer twice as much for my husband’. After a couple of days all the contractions stopped. But I still have kicks, movements and other signs of pregnancy. Amazing but true. I’ve only come this far by YHWH’s grace alone. Along the way I’ve dealt with so many fears, and am determined not to deny my Saviour as Healer and Creator no matter what happens. Job said: ‘Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.’ I figure if He can make a virgin pregnant, He can keep me pregnant for as long as He likes. Or maybe the Hunk was right and I’m just plain nuts! I’m ready and thankful for anything. I know Father twice changed my heart towards Philip from loathing to being in love again. One time it was in an INSTANT. He can do that with the Hunk too. My own heart has been changed incredibly in the last three months.
      So that is where we are on the timeline. As soon as anything changes I’ll post it. You also have a wonderful end to 2012 and beginning of 2013. As the song says: Something good is going to happen! Life is, after all, a neverending victory celebration.

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