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AMAZINGLY, WORLD SURVIVES MAYA APOCALYPSE was the headline tonight when I just now logged on to the Internet. That’s right, yesterday was 21 December. We saw it all on 2012 the movie. And my post yesterday? Heavens Depart As a Scroll, all about the polar shift. Not one to believe in coincidences, it is eerie to the point of supernatural because I didn’t know that. Oh, I suppose it was at the back of my mind somewhere, and I think my son mentioned it. But I had the sequence of these posts planned for weeks, with no definite idea which night that particular one would be written.

Imagine you are a Christian (if you aren’t, or start from here if you are). It’s maybe AD 2020 or so. You are expecting Yahshua to come in a blaze of glorious light(ning) and zap you into Heaven with billions of other Christians, dead and alive. I’m not disputing this won’t happen. But I do disagree with the numbers. You are sitting down to Sunday lunch after church with your family, maybe a few Christian friends. Suddenly everything starts lurching.

“What was that?” You all look at each other in shock, running outside so the ceiling doesn’t fall on you. For the next ten days you wear yourself out avoiding fallen trees; power lines; buildings–depending where you are–juggernauting trains, cranes, and automobiles; tidal waves, until hard-pressed and famished, in distress, and gloom of anguish, possibly naked and injured, you become enraged and curse your king and YHWH (IS. 8:21-22)  who did this to you! How dare He! Life was so COMFORTABLE (unless you are a Christian in some places in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, or communist countries). Why did He have to spoil it all? “And where is He anyway?” you wonder. He promised to rapture us to Heaven. Nobody told you about this. Nobody warned you. Where IS this in the Bible?

Some who call themselves Christian and look for Yahshua’s coming are not really, but continue on the easy downward path. When things get tough or martyrdom faces them, they turn again like Job’s wife and curse YHWH rather than submitting to His final test of their love for Him.

The angel speaking in REVELATION 7:14 calls the shaking of the earth great tribulation which is why I do so too. The final seven years ushered in by this Great Tribulation are the SEVEN YEARS OF TRIBULATION. The Church fails to understand these are different, one being an apocalyptic event, and the other a period of time.

If you are a Christian reading my words now, let me ask you: how often have you read in the Bible the Scriptures quoted in my yesterday’s post? (Please do go back and read them if you haven’t, or this post may not make sense.) Many times no doubt. They have in fact been read by millions during many centuries, even millenia, in hundreds of languages. Do the writers express themselves in a mysterious obscure fashion? They clearly describe meteorological and geological phenomena. Yet because of a peculiar spiritual blindness, these passages are believed to be poetic, spiritual, metaphysical or something else. Like the Law is widely accepted as ‘done away with’, Satan shuts our eyes to them. The worst part is we want them shut. The truth is too shocking, too frightening to contemplate.

To those whose eyes are wide open, Scripture reveals that YHWH’s judgment will start at the sanctuary, meaning bishops, priest, ministers, pastors, and teachers will be judged first. Historically it was the leaders of the religion of Yahshua’s day who arrested and crucified Him. And it is the leaders of today’s Church who deny Scriptures and refuse to warn YHWH’s people. A popular denomination I attended recently denies healing, deliverance, prophecy, discernment of spirits, the laying on of hands and anointing the sick with oil. One dare not mention angels or demons in these churches for fear of being considered mentally ill.

After the leaders, the judgment will continue down through the Church hierarchy. Simultaneously an Elect will be prepared and marked on their foreheads with YHWH’s name. This mark will protect them and their families from YHWH’s great wrath. And, behold, six men came from the way of the higher gate…every man a slaughter weapon in his hand: and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writer’s inkhorn by his side: and they went in (to the sanctuary or temple)… And He called to the man clothed with linen, which had the writer’s inkhorn (probably an angel)…YHWH said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Yerushalem (the Church), and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof (EZE. 9:2-4).

This is confirmed in REVELATION 7:3, that before the onslaught, the Elect are chosen out of the Church: Saying, Hurt not the (physical) earth, neither the sea (of mankind), nor the trees (nations), till we have sealed the servants of our Father in their foreheads.

Returning to EZEKIAL (9:5-6), we find the five other angels with slaughter or destroying weapons in their hands commanded by YHWH to: Go ye after him (the one with the inkhorn) through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity: Slay utterly old and young, both maids and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at My sanctuary (where the priests hung out in OT times). Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house (the elders and leaders of the Church).

Instead of being a spiritual people worshipping Father in spirit and in truth, today’s carnal Church keeps from YHWH’s people the true knowledge of Him. Look in the Book of Acts to find what the True Church was like then and should be today.



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