The Four Horsemen of REVELATION

Last post we left the Jews of Europe being driven back to their Promised Land by the hunters of YEREMYAH 16:16. Who then were these hunters? It becomes apparent as we open our minds to knowledge of the Scriptures that these spiritual hunters sat on four horses.

In about 1910, the first seal of REVELATION 6:1 was opened by Yahshua Messiah. One of the cherubim commanded he that sat on a white horse. The rider is a demon that has been chained in Hell, reserved for this time of judgment: For if YHWH spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment (II PETER 2:4). And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day (JUDE 6). We can see from this that the breaking of the seal by Yahshua breaks the binding chains and releases these demons back on the earth.

My friend, who has received the revelation of this, informs me these demons are the angels of GENESIS 6:1-7. They requested of YHWH Almighty to come down to Earth in an attempt to rectify the evil they saw developing there before the great flood. These angels failed–as YHWH knew they would, but having given them free rein anyway–and fell prey to the wiles of the daughters of men. They became more evil than the men they were trying to help, necessitating their being locked up in the deepest abyss of Hell, a place called Tartarus.

In some Bible versions the seraphim angel beast that guards YHWH’s throne is quoted as saying, “Come and see,” which is incorrect. In the Greek the literal translation reads only, “Come,” as in, “Come out.”

This demon is instructed by YHWH to wage war and influence world leaders–a bow; and a crown was given unto him. Notice the demon had no arrows for the bow, meaning he had no power unto himself. It brought about the conditions necessary to plunge the earth into World War I. After meeting this requirement the demon remains free in the world to continue its activities within the limitations ordained by YHWH, or allowed by us, His people. At the end of the final seven years of tribulation, these demons will be returned to their previously chained state in Hell.

The next demon sits on a red horse (REV. 6:4). He is given power to take peace from the earth, by man killing man with a great sword. This clearly is communism by which has run the blood of millions upon millions since its inception in 1917. The demon was released about 1915, remaining even now and continuing to spread its influence and blood lust. How many of those dead have been Christians sacrificed to the god of communism?

The demon on the black horse (REV. 6:5-6) holds a pair of scales. Released in the 1920s, it was given authority to cause the Great Depression, hunger, sickness, droughts, famines, and other economic calamities that continue to afflict every nation. The demon is forbidden to hurt the oil and the wine: the rich and powerful such as bankers and world leaders who manipulate events to bring about these conditions, according to YHWH’s purposes. Little do these people, mostly servants of Satan, know who is really pulling their strings!

These people, known as the Illuminati or by other names, own the governments, food stocks, financial institutions, educational institutions, drug companies, hospitals and medical schools, the media and publishing houses, secret societies and movements, big business, oil cartels, religious establishments, etc, etc, etc. It is for this reason imperative that the True Church, the Elect of YHWH, separate themselves from these worldly institutions and get to a position where they are reliant solely on the Almighty Father’s power and provision. These demons of judgment unleashed on the world are to bring the Christian Church to repentance. Until that time, and indeed AT THIS TIME, spiritual Israel or the Church remains in the captivity of Babylon–the false church–and the world.

There is a spiritual oil and wine, or spiritually rich and powerful–the Elect, and YHWH will see that nothing harms them. But while they are yet in the world they remain subject to the same judgments and calamities inflicted on natural man. These Elect only attain that status when they extricate themselves, with Father’s help and leading, from the worldly satanic systems and false Babylonian church.

The last demon rides a pale horse. There are two demons: Death, and Hell followed with him (REV. 6:7-8). He had power over a quarter of the earth to kill with sword (war), hunger, and death. Released in the early 1930s, they brought about the Second World War as well as worldwide moral and spiritual decline. It was the selfsame nation of Germany that fostered the greatest reformation the world had ever known, and the greatest deformation at the hands of those considered our allies. It took two demons from the middle of the earth to subdue and dispel the former glory of that nation under Luther to its desolation at the end of World War II.

We can see that the events brought about by these demons did indeed return the Jews to their former land. For shortly after the conclusion of World War II, during which the hunters had done their savage work in Europe and the Holocaust, Israel became a nation again.

DANIEL 7:17 shows us what the beast of the earth were that killed the people in World War II, and the many wars following, remembering the dead of the Holocaust, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki just for a start: These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth (Hell). These destructive influences from these beasts remain to this day: wars, droughts, economic chaos including the near bankruptcy of most of the great nations, weapons of mass destruction, near genocide of whole races, and evil adulterous governments.

This important time in Biblical prophecy has come and gone without the denominational church being the least aware of it. What other fulfilled prophecies have been missed? What other sealed mysteries and scrolls have been opened with the Church’s eyes being blind to them? It is frightening how much we can fail to see with wide open eyes. Not unlike those in the days of Noah who probably mocked him for building a boat when it had never rained before, let alone flooded. Are you deceived into thinking you could not possibly miss the  boat? Or are you a mocker of those trying to build a boat to save their fellow-man in the coming days of darkness?


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  1. debramieth says:

    Hi Casaemail
    Right now. I just had a few days rest while my son was down for holidays. He left before dawn this morning on his 2 day drive back to the cattle station on which he works. He is in this post. If you have read only about the Four Horseman, there’s lots more that may interest you. It’s best to read them as I posted them and from the beginning back in September 2012.

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