The Three Questions

This post concerns three questions in MATTHEW 24, MARK 13, and LUKE 21, asked of Yahshua by his disciples as they left the temple after He vented at the Pharisees and lamented over Yerushalem. The disciples admired the temple stones and drew Yahshua’s attention to them. Yahshua assured them all but none of those very stones would be thrown down. He spoke about the destruction of Yudah (Judaea) and Yerushalem at the hands of the Romans forty years later.

The group go to sit on the Mount of Olives where the three questions are asked. They are:

  1. When shall these things (the destruction of the temple) be (happen)?
  2. What shall be the sign of His (next) coming?
  3. What will be the sign or signs of the end of the age (MATT. 24:3) when all these things (events) are about to take place (LUKE 21:7) and will be fulfilled (MARK 13:4)?

The disciples understandably but erroneously believed the events about which they were asking were going to happen shortly and all at the same time, at least within their lifetimes. This is shown by Mark and Luke’s phrasing of the questions – they ask only two with the second and third question in one. The 2,000 intervening years between Yahshua’s first and second advents were unseen by all the New Testament apostles. It was kept a mystery so the Church would always be ready. Meanwhile our King and Saviour had 2,000 years in which to find a Bride. And 2,000 years to redeem the whole earth before setting up His Kingdom.

I am blessed to have attended a Bible College, which enabled me to understand how today’s Church thinks and what it believes, allowing for differences in denominational doctrines. It is doubtful if even those who study the Bible know there are three questions here. Nor comprehend the answers Yahshua gives.

It reminds me of a YouTube video a friend emailed me today called Sacred Geometry DNA Changes Mollecular (sic) Atom Consciousness. The name is almost a post in itself! Anyway, it discusses how it was found the atom is composed of mostly air with electrons whizzing around in it, using vibrational frequencies. They consider these frequencies to be the Word of YHWH: Yahshua Messiah. And I agree. The point being made is that we really know so little of how the universe works. It also talks about the advanced technologies of the ancients (the people before the flood) being used today by our controllers, the Illuminati, but we don’t have a clue these technologies exist. Most do not even know ABOUT THESE CONTROLLERS, or that we are being controlled.

Last evening my son was viewing a new computer war game on the Internet. He was showing it to me and found it funny, people being killed, explosions, warcraft being destroyed–yes, I know, it’s JUST a game! I commented (BEFORE receiving the YouTube today) that we live in a world like The Matrix movie. Our life is a series of controlled entertainments, and we are unaware we are in an induced womb being fed EVERYTHING. I asked Gabriel why he doesn’t become involved in some of the many real life battles going on. For example, he could pray for the Egyptian Coptic Christians whose new Pharoah-like president has instituted Sharia Law in that country. That war game scenario above, as if it was not real enough for them before, will be a fact of life if this continues. My country’s Prime Minister would not vote with a resolution in the UN to oppose this Egyptian undertaking. Why? So she would not lose the votes of Muslims in our country at the upcoming election.

Returning to the three questions. Before answering, Yahshua warns His listeners to take heed or listen carefully, for if we know the signs, we will not be deceived. All we really have to know is our King’s prophetic teachings to recognize the great day and His imminent return.

FIRST QUESTION When will the temple be thrown down? (Starts MATTHEW 24:4)

The Church thinks He is answering question number two about His appearing, but He is not. A discerning student can know this because Yahshua is talking about what will happen BEFORE the destruction (of the temple, which we know was in AD 70). He describes false prophets, wars, famines, epidemics, earthquakes… Then tells them not to be troubled, because the end (of the temple) is not yet (MATT. 24:6). Following will be extreme persecution for the Church, beatings, testifying before kings and rulers, and the Gospel to be preached throughout the entire world. Yes, between when He spoke in AD 30, and AD 70, the disciples travelled to every NATION ON EARTH and shared the Good News of our Messiah and His salvation. The story about this is MIRACULOUS and I will recount it in upcoming post.

During this forty initial years of the building of the fledgling Church, as was done to Messiah Himself, martyrdom of His followers started. The first was Stephen in Yerushalem. As we know from ACTS, Paul had a hand in that, later becoming one of Messiah’s most staunch apostles. Doesn’t YHWH work all things together for good? James, the brother of Yahshua, was another martyr during this period.

Next, in LUKE (21:20), the Roman army surrounds Yerushalem. It is AD 70. Over in MATTHEW (24:10-12) Yahshua refers to events inside the walls of that city. Only those that shall endure unto the end shall be saved. Those whose love shall wax cold shall not. It is a matter of history that the army of Cestius Gallus first surrounded Yerushalem, then withdrew, allowing the Christians within to flee for their lives. They knew their King’s warnings and were ready. Later the Roman legions under Titus returned to quell the Jewish uprising, and destroyed the entire country including Yerushalem.

The reason Yahshua started answering this first question by warning them about false messiahs was to show them His return would not precede the fall of Yerushalem.

At this point in MATTHEW 24:15 is an event prophesied that is of the utmost importance to understand, because it is believed by many Christians today to occur in our future. By believing it they will be still awaiting Yahshua’s return after He has come and gone. It is about the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet which will stand in the holy place. Much of the Church that studies prophetic Scripture today believes this to be an image placed in a to-be-erected Jewish temple in Yerushalem by the beast or false prophet. This idea has come from Hell itself, and deceives that part of the Church.

In DANIEL 9:27 the overspreading of abominations mak(ing) desolate is the Roman legions surrounding Yerushalem before destroying or desolating that city. The holy place is the Holy Land. Two other abominations of desolations in Yudaea’s history were also armies surrounding Yerushalem: Antiochus in DANIEL 11:31, and that of Cestius Gallus in AD 66 already mentioned.

The simple test of Scripture, to let it interpret itself, gives evidence of this. For Yahshua clearly explains what the abomination that maketh desolate is: And when ye shall see Yerushalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. Then let them which are in Yudea flee to the mountains…(LUKE 21:20).

A further clue that this event occurs in AD 70 is in LUKE 21:24. After Yerushalem’s fall it shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. After AD 70 the Gentiles that trod Yerushalem’s streets were Romans, Christians, Saracens, Turks, and Palestinians. This Gentile era ceased in 1948 when Jews regained Israel as their homeland. This first question was wholly to do with THAT temple that has not been in existence for 1,942 years.

Having covered that first question, the second and third are more relevant and probably interesting to us today, for they will concern the population of the whole earth in coming days.


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