YHWH Sent Fiery Serpents Among the People

It is written in LUKE 3:7 that John the Baptist said to the multitudes that came forth to be baptized of him, “O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance…” John was not saying this to the religious leaders whom Yahshua later called vipers. They would not be baptized by John. They thought they were clean enough already. It was to the multitudes, the common people.

John ministered in the spirit of Eliyahu (Elijah). It is alluded this Eliyahu will come again in someone alive today to again proclaim Yahshua’s next great coming (MATT. 11:17, MARK 9:12) As such, it is reasonable to assume John was then and is even now speaking to us, calling us too vipers, sinners.

The event in the title verse above, NUMBERS 21:6, occurred when Israel was in the wilderness and had spoken against YHWH and Moses in complaint, doubt, and rebellion. Many people died, it says. It is eerie that the medical establishment today uses snakes on a knife as its symbol, reminiscent of the one lifted up in the wilderness to heal the Israelites from the snake bites. But it is known this serpent on a knife isn’t the one Moses made. In order to practice medicine today a doctor must take the Hippocratic Oath, to: Apollo, the ‘god’ of destruction, medicine, and masculine beauty; to Aesculapius, Apollo’s son, the ‘god’ of medicine; and to all the ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ of the Greek pantheon. The staff entwined by two serpents rising up to the wings of an eagle or phoenix is the caduceus of Mercury, the ‘god’ of commerce, cunning, fraud, and eloquence. He is also the messenger of the other ‘gods’. Is it any wonder doctors today will often give a ‘bad report’, something we don’t want to hear, to their patients? The ‘god’ of what was it? Commerce, FRAUD, CUNNING, and ELOQUENCE. Going to a doctor IS a business transaction. I can’t imagine doctors will really like me after this, but I have actually met some really NICE ones, who don’t defraud their patients. One saved my life once. He came around to my place to tell me to get to hospital immediately (or I was going to be brain dead in a couple more days). Maybe he didn’t get me there in time.

Last Wednesday, I was walking across some wooden stepping ‘stones’ from my house to the car port when my foot stopped in midair. A poisonous brown snake lay sleeping, sunning itself between the wooden blocks one foot was on and the next my other foot was intending to step on. I made a hasty retreat. As my son and I were deciding how to kill it, the wretched thing woke up and slithered away into the nearby foliage.

I am no stranger to snakes. We have caught several pythons in various places, bagged them, and taken them far away for safe release. Because pythons are relatively harmless, I always saw this as a statement of Yahshua having won the victory already. But a poisonous snake. In our front yard. And it got away!

Snakes, especially poisonous ones, are ALWAYS a warning from the Most High. And Christians should ALWAYS take note. Accidents, sicknesses, disasters, any negative event in our lives, are the same. I know about Paul’s thorn in the flesh, Job, and the man born blind. They seldom apply in these situations. I will get to them at a later date.

A couple of years ago my uncle was having a series of incidents wherein he injured his right leg. We dated the many injuries as having started at a certain time some years previously. Then on a visit to him, my boys came running upstairs where we were having tea, to report a brown snake under the house. We couldn’t leave it there as he had dogs, cattle, and horses. So we cornered the thing and killed it. Uncle K found another one in his paddock soon after this. At this point I started thinking it must be a curse. Now despite my witness, my uncle is not a Christian, but we put our heads together and came up with the fact the accidents started happening after his father, my grandfather, died.

Uncle K, at that time did a lot of whingeing about certain members of his wider family who had hurt him very much. In addition, I knew the curse was related to a woman. How did I know this? Because it was always my uncle’s left leg that was injured. If you have an injury or a sickness that is related to only one side of your body, if it is the right side, it will almost always be a sin to do with a male, maybe yourself if you are a man. And vice versa for a woman. For Yahshua sits on the right hand side of YHWH (COL. 3:1). That’s the side of authority: the man’s side. The left side is the half of a married couple, who are one flesh or one person, that pertains to the woman or wife. As the left hand is usually the weaker, so is a woman the weaker vessel (I PET. 3:7). This also is how I worked out why I broke my left arm so often in my life until I broke the curse of rejection and inferiority over me from my mother (Schizophrenia and the Double-Minded Man).

We knew it couldn’t be about Uncle K’s wife, my aunt, as she had died. And anyway, he had adored her. The most serious of my uncle’s aggravations was directed towards another aunt of mine, his sister-in-law. But when her husband, and Uncle K’s brother, died, everything changed. They hadn’t been able to get right with each other because of this pointless family feud, so Uncle K was convicted. I convinced him to forgive this sister-in-law, which he confessed immediately and resolutely. I prayed a prayer to break this curse, and to this day there have been no more snakes seen on his property, nor injuries to his leg or anywhere on his body.

Returning to MY snake, I was left wondering what it meant. The day before I had been convicted of something I had written in a letter to someone the day prior to that. I had not lied, but without intending to I had left out a crucial fact which, when read, would deceive the recipient of the letter. Despite asking Father for forgiveness for this, I knew by the day after the snake it was not enough. I had to tell the person, which I did by text right then. It had been an important letter, that was very late in being sent. Worth a poisonous brown snake across my path obviously. Do you see the significance? A snake across my path. So I couldn’t go on with my walk until the snake was dealt with. If we fail to deal properly with the sins in our lives, our situation will grow worse. Blessings will be withheld. Remember Satan before the throne petitioning YHWH to allow Him to do us harm (Which Accused Them Before YHWH Day and Night).


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