Pray Without Ceasing

I was just listening to my local Christian radio station. They were reporting on how they send teams out to schools to share Yahshua with the students, even in the Outback. I rejoiced at that, but realised the Gospel we preach today is for children and new Christians, which is right. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age (HEB. 5:14). If anyone has been a Christian for more than three years, they should be eating meat, tearing it off the bone and devouring it with the water of the Word.

One of my posts got a LIKE from a Christian team who help people pray for finances to come into their ministry . One of their posts mentioned that when one of them started praying more, things started to happen. I will admit, I don’t pray enough. So let’s talk about prayer.

The truth is, we hate prayer. Not that we feel actual hatred. Just that it takes effort, time, does not often appear immediately beneficial, or there may simply be nothing in it for us. For instance, I’ve been praying for my husband now since we met almost SEVEN years ago. In all that time I’ve seen little, if any, discernible difference in him. In fact, he got worse. When we were together I would sometimes go out at night to kneel against the lounge to pray. I’d fall asleep that way. Then when I started feeling worthless, I’d put a pillow on the floor and sleep right in the dirt of the carpet. Always praying. Usually crying. He would come and rescue me sometimes, pulling me back to bed. At those times I’d feel most loved by him, drawing me up out of the dirt, even though I felt like he put me there. Anyway, I know prayer works. I’ve had lots of answers to it. Didn’t Philip come back to YHWH after fifteen years? All that time I prayed for him.

One of the most dramatic answers to prayer I’ve seen, apart from Jed’s recovery from a smashed skull (Faith Without Works Is Dead), was at an accident I came across. There were two cars involved at a traffic light. In one car a girl was obviously injured, but her friend had become hysterical and was outside screaming abuse at all and sundry so no one was brave enough to get past her. I was in my car some distance away, but I prayed straight away by binding up the forces of evil and asking Father’s will be done in the name of Yahshua Messiah. INSTANTLY, like with Jed, the hysterical girl collapsed down and started weeping. Onlookers rushed to her and her injured friend in the car.

I read recently that a person can pray fifty years for something without an answer until they come offensively–instead of defensively–against the devil, by commanding back the powers of darkness, binding them up, and standing up in our full role as spiritual warriors.

Before we lived on the street that year, I didn’t know that was going to be Father’s plan. I just stopped government benefits and started living by faith. No money was coming in so I had to sell things. The very FIRST possession that went was our lovely little TV set Ranyhyn had won in an art competition. It had been presented to her by the Lord Mayor. Father said, “The programs on the TV are a gateway for demons to pour into your house.” I’m sure one of those demons is the one that whispers to us, “I don’t have anything important to do right now, I need a rest, so I’ll watch a bit of TV.”

Undergoing my present trial, I recalled that. And realised since then I have disobeyed a number of times when we have had TV sets. When we moved to our present house, somehow we managed to have FOUR! Then thy stopped working when the digital system came in. I got rid of two, keeping a couple for DVDs and videos. Just to emphasize the point of my repentance in this, the aerial was pulled down when a new fence was put in a few weeks ago. Apparently a wire holding it up was connected to the old fence. Despite notifying the landlord about it, the aerial is still down out there. And since then the video player has stopped working too! Not only that but when I had it on my heart to stop locking our door (Ye Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour), the lock on the security door suddenly would no longer work. Now that I’ve stopped locking the door, it has started working again.

The point I’m making (about the TVs) is that we pray a lot less when we are distracted by such things as television. How many of us are willing to throw it out and pray instead? Wouldn’t that cause a sudden BANG in the spiritual dimension? If every Christian threw out their television set right now and started praying during TV time? Better be careful, these words may make you accountable, or convicted.

Christians are supposed to be a holy priesthood, a chosen generation, a peculiar people, to show forth YHWH’s praises (I PET. 2:9), kings and queens unto Him (REV. 1:5). The governments, parliaments, and royal houses of the world believe they rule. But in truth, the sons and daughters–princes and princesses–of the Kingdom of their Father YHWH do, or should. Imagine if YHWH’s true prophets told us His will, then all of YHWH’s true people, the Church, joined spiritual hands worldwide, and prayed to command His will be fulfilled. Pray first to know Father’s will, then COMMAND it to be done. Imagine a planet of Christians praying without ceasing, as Paul directs (I THESS. 5:17). Pray, people. Pray as you drive, cook, sew, mow the lawn, and tend the garden, when you wake in the night as David did (PSA. 55:17, 119:62, 119:147) until you fall asleep again. As you wait in a queue. During television ads, or, as you throw that TV out. As you read the paper, pray for the people and situations in the articles. As emergency vehicles rush past with sirens wailing, pray YHWH’s will be done.

As I was writing this I had a vision of a mountain actually standing up, pulling up its skirts, and hurling itself into the sea.

Vanessa of blog liked my post Love Never Fails. Thanks, Vanessa. I read some of her posts. In one she recounts her trip to Bangkok and EXPERIENCING the utter hopelessness of a man without legs dragging himself along the dirty street.

In my own travels I’ve SEEN people like this. After reading Vanessa’s story I couldn’t stop thinking about them and all the poor destitute souls like them. So I started praying. First I THANKED Father for my two BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY LEGS, ARMS, EYES, EARS. I do that often. He could have made ME one of these people. I wouldn’t have known the difference. I thanked Him for my little health problems: a sore tooth; heart palpitations when I drink caffeine, so I don’t; a mild fungal thing in my toenails I’ve had for twelve years now; nothing really. Then I started praying for that man and the others. Will he ever hear the Gospel of hope, love, redemption, transformation, restoration? I prayed so. I prayed someone with a mustard seed of hope will one day lay hands on him and see his legs grow back. All missing body parts are in warehouses in Heaven awaiting their owners claiming them back, I read in a book by a Christian boy who went there and saw them. That man’s legs are there too awaiting that prayer of reclamation. Would you join me in prayer for him and the others?

And I really need to ask: Are there churches in Bangkok? Are there Christians? Are there any Christians travelling to Bangkok who may see him? I don’t think he could be mistaken. Is there anyone who could go there, ask Father to bring him to you or you to him, just to lay hands on him? Anyone who will say as those fathers said in the movie Courageous: “I will.” If you are embarrassed, I don’t think he would even understand your language. Just find out Yahshua’s name in Thai first so you can tell him Who did this marvelous thing to him. While you are at it you could have a wonderful time in Bangkok – laying hands on all the other disabled beggars. I would go, I’ve got a passport and the money, I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand–Asia is the only continent (apart from Antarctica) on which I haven’t spent much time travelling–but I don’t think they let very pregnant women on planes.


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